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Chicken Soul

Chickens have been part of my animal family since 1985.

I’ll never forget when I got my first four chickens and released them from their carrying cages. These full-grown hens had never had their feet on the earth before. Their wonderment about the soil, plants, and other sights of the countryside from their securely fenced run was palpable. They looked around in every direction and made soft chicken “oooh” sounds.

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Animals and Unresolved Issues

I was speaking to a puppy, Tutu, who had transitioned recently. She was living on the street with her family and was in and out of homes when her mother was neutered, then again when she had Parvo. She was adopted for a few days and abandoned. She was upset when I connected with her, and wanted closure as to why she was not allowed to just be by the feeder and that she could never really belong and felt unwanted. This was my first experience for an animal seeking closure and I was not sure if it was me projecting. When I spoke with other experienced communicators, everyone said it was my projection or the animal mirroring the need for closure of the human. But I still feel in my heart that it was the animal. Would you have an insight into an animal's soul journey? Could they like us also need closure? Could they too have unresolved issues?

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