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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 2—Trusting Your Connection

Improving your telepathic communication with animals enhances your relationship with all of life. It is a spiritual journey that requires the discipline of digging in to practice. By validating your own native ability to telepathically communicate with your fellow animal friends, you also honor the intelligence, willingness, and understanding of the animals you communicate with.

The animals of the Earth are ready and willing to communicate with you. Are you willing to take the steps you need to get to the same place with them?

In that light, here’s a question asked about communicating with groups of animals…

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Communicating with Groups of Animals Part 1—Leaders and Oversouls

Each animal is an individual. You can communicate with them about their lives, desires, thoughts, feelings, and about anything you don’t understand about them or any problem you are having with them.

Sometimes, people have challenges with
groups of animals.That may require a different approach than communicating with only one individual.

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Giving Plants Their Due

For a long time in western society, animals were regarded by many people as automatons with little or no ability to feel, think, decide, or be self aware.

Plants have been denigrated in the same way as non-feeling, unconscious objects.

It is now more extensively acknowledged that plants, too, are conscious, feeling, and thinking, like humans, but expressed uniquely in their different forms. It’s taking humans awhile to be aware of plant sentience and intelligence, just as it did with animals.

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