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Learning from Poisonous Plants

I am a caretaker for a colony of seventeen feral cats and seven indoor/outdoor cats. An abundance of poison ivy grows on my property and the cats lie on these plants. I got a severe rash last year on the inside of my calves and on my neck. One of my indoor/outdoor cats, Nutberger, who likes to walk between my legs to get me to pick her up and hold her over my shoulder, gave me the poison ivy rash. I had to go through two courses of steroids, one course of antibiotics, and two tubes of Zanfel (skin wash that binds with urushiol, the oil in poison ivy that causes the itch) to get relief last summer. I gave Nutberger a bath to get the oil off her. This year I got it on my forearm and used the Zanfel right away and that kept it under control.

I know you can talk to plants as well as animals, but a plant can’t uproot and move somewhere else as a solution. Perhaps the cats could lie somewhere else but poison ivy is all around their feeding station. I don’t necessarily want to kill the poison ivy but I don’t want to be badly affected by its oil. Do you have any ideas?

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Honoring Early Animal Communicators: Elizabeth Severino

This series highlights the inspiring breakthroughs of early animal communicators, who began their professional careers over thirty years ago. This article is derived from the “Featured Animal Communicator” column in Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, Issue 64, Autumn 2006. You may well be as amazed at Elizabeth Severino’s accomplishments as I am.

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