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Animals that Inspire Fear or Loathing

The ability to communicate with animals may begin with creatures you are comfortable with, such as cats and dogs. In my courses, I have loved to help people stretch their boundaries and become curious about animals outside their comfort zone to gain revelations and experience insightful breakthroughs. It is a very useful exercise to shift feelings about animals, especially those people are afraid of or even hate.

Conversation with a Quahog
Leslie Wallace wrote: I thought you might enjoy hearing about the conversation I had with a quahog that took place during your February 2024 online course. I intended to communicate with a cockroach, but as I deepened into the meditation, what I saw was a large clam-like creature. Then I saw the word “quahog.”

Clam in rocks on a beach

I’d heard that word before but wasn’t certain that that was the name of the being that emerged to communicate with me. I’m using the word ”emerge” deliberately because when I first saw it, the image was a little blurry as if I was looking at it through murky water. Maybe I was!

These are the answers I got to the questions you proposed that we ask a creature we were uncomfortable with.

What Can I Learn From You?

The quahog told me this: stillness, patience, ongoing filtering/sorting, as in sorting out the toxic from the non-toxic, the non-edible from the edible.

What do you Like About Being a Quahog?

That I simply am—simplicity, functionality. I am always taking care of myself. What I need is always right here.

What is your Purpose in Life?

Cleaning, filtering, circulating, purifying, being. I make the water cleaner for others.

How Can I Help You in Any Way?

Learn about me. I am forgotten, invisible, endangered. Stand up for me. I am as old as the Earth itself and have much to teach by example.

Protect me. Help me to be seen. Care about me. Come and visit me sometime if you can, even in an aquarium. Contact with one is contact with us all. Know me.

My Experience of the Quahog

Filtering all the time, strong, patient, almost contemplative
Warm ocean water
Waving ocean flora all around
Peaceful. Quiet environment
Can close up anytime

After the class, I looked up quahog online. What I discovered amazed me. The quahog is a large ocean clam and one of the longest-living creatures on Earth, with a known lifespan of up to 500 years in duration.

Expand your horizons and discover the nature and inherent wisdom in all beings by communicating with animals you feel alienated from or don’t want to be near. It may just boost your telepathic communication with animals to a new level.

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