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The Baby Quail Who Was Left Behind

Because of using my ability to communicate with animals, I am now godmother to a baby quail. Here’s how it happened.

A quail decided to lay her eggs in my large cherry tomato planter where the climbing vines provide shelter and moisture. I had also erected a sun shade tent around the plant supports to shield the tomatoes from being scorched by our searing summer desert sun. A perfect place to have a nest.

I first discovered the nest when I was watering the tomato plants through the opening in the sun shade tent and momma quail flapped up in a tizzy and flew out. Being careful not to water her nine eggs, I also let her know when it was safe to return. She returned later and then did not move as I went about my gardening work each day.

I let momma quail know when I needed to check on the tomatoes, and she usually decided to leave for a while. Later, I noticed she took a break off the nest in the hottest part of the late afternoon, so I took that opportunity to tend my tomato plants to avoid disturbing her.

Weeks passed and finally there were newly-hatched babies in the planter. I was concerned when they seemed not to be able to make it over the barrier I had put around the planter to keep rabbits out. When I took the barrier down, mom and dad quail flew to a tree and raised a ruckus. The thumb-sized babies scattered out of the planter and hid. I moved out of the area, so the parents could feel safe to gather their babies.

And Then There Was One
About a half hour later, I looked into the planter to see broken egg shells and one baby quail left behind. S/he cheeped and frantically scurried away when she saw me. I quickly moved away, sending a message to mom and dad quail that one of their little ones was left behind. I went back in about ten minutes to find the lone baby quail hunkered down among the rocks by the planter. I moved away again, sending another message to the parents, hoping they would come back to retrieve their baby.

I then saw a sentry male quail calling in alarm on top of my meditation tower and let him know there was a baby quail left behind. I left again in hopes the baby would be reunited with his family.

Later, I checked and the baby was gone. Then I saw mom and dad with a group of thumb-sized quail babies and I was relieved. However, I soon discovered that the left-behind baby had another fate in store than being reunited with his original family.

A childless quail couple had been passing through my garden among the many other parents who had many young ones scratching the earth around them. Now, the couple had one thumb-sized baby. What a thrill to see them together! The doting parents were so proud of their adopted baby. I understood that they returned to show me that the one-left-behind was safe and well-cared for.

Later, the original family with newly-hatched babies came by again and I wondered if the two sets of parents and babies would unite and form one covey. No, it’s been a few days and I still see the two family groups separately.

To my delight, the formerly childless quail couple with their one baby come by often and show me how happy they all are. They even stayed close to let me take photos of them.

I am grateful my communication broadcast to the quail about the left-behind baby worked. I now feel like the little quail’s godmother.

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