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Whales: Their Work and Mission

The enormous physical size of whales echoes the enormity of their consciousness and why they are here on Earth.

Researchers have written about whales’ important physical role in maintaining the balance of life and fertility of oceanic animals and plants. They also found that whales are responsible for extracting hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon from the atmosphere to provide cleaner and healthier air for life on the whole planet.

Being in the presence of whales and communicating with them reveals
not only their physical role in the web of life but their vast spiritual awareness and benevolence.

Big Work
I was reminded of the whales’ ongoing work to help us all recently when a person working with whale researchers contacted me with a question.

We are currently doing non-invasive communication research with humpback whales where we are hoping to elicit some sort of response from them. So far this season the whales appear to be unresponsive. I was wondering if you would be willing to check in with them to see what they have to say about that. 

humpback whale head out of water
Tuning in with the humpback whales in your area, here’s what they tell me re their response to contact calls:

We are having to slow-down and zero in our focus on the toxic state of the oceans and planet to do the best we can to mitigate destructive effects with our energy on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). We cannot always be available on a physical level to respond to the communication play (sounds sent by researchers). Our work is vast and wide over many whale groups on the planet. It is what we need to do at this time as our own members are affected and all other species by the changing of the climate and the ongoing pollution.

Keep trying and we will do what we can in “rest” moments to answer your calls, as we know how much you appreciate our communication.

Major Mission
At the end of 1999, Elaine Miller of Animal-the Animal Wellness Magazine asked me to interview various animal species for a millennial message for humankind. I will never forget this moving message from WHALE.

We represent all beings on the Earth in love with all of life here. Our job, our glory, is to hold the entire Earth in the greater love. This greater love comes from deep within the soul, deep within the womb of birth and rebirth repeatedly borne anew into consciousness.

We are the keepers of the consciousness of all life from the beginning, not only in this realm but also in all realms. We hold the history of Earth, and all Earths, all planets, all stars, and all suns within our waters. The greatest gift we give is the gift of greater love. This greater love you call "God." We mean the God of great wisdom expanding infinitely through all times and spaces.

Right now as you read our words, we send the tones of love through the waters and through the Earth to keep the evolution of consciousness on the Earth and all realms moving according to the greater plan. We are not who we appear to be in form. We are great beings whom you admire and feel are full of love, charm, and grace as we move through the waters.

However, we, like you, are much greater than the form. We dwell in all universes, in all realms simultaneously and consciously. This is the great mystery. This is the seed of the great love.

Right now, we are at a time on Earth where the great love is coming into a new form in the heart of all beings that care. We care and among you are many who care. By caring, we mean feeling the sharing of life in all forms, in all dimensions, and in all consciousness.

All life is conscious. Every form of being is conscious. We all have choice to live in the greater consciousness that is love, or to live in the smaller consciousness that divides. This is the choice. The choice now is to move into the greater love that pleases the deepest heart, or to remain in the division that creates the feelings of pain and suffering. This is our choice and we as whales hold the vision, the cradle of the greater consciousness that is divine within all beings.

We ask of you that you remember your own grace. We hold this out to you. We cradle you in the infinite wisdom that is whale, water, air, earth, animal, plant, human, and that is soul embodied.

We ask only that you remember that in this heart of consciousness all things are renewed. All answers are found. Nothing is denied. Nothing is unfulfilled. The deepest heart longings are found. We are satisfied in love.

Love the Greater Love.

(This message was originally printed in Animal-the Animal Wellness Magazine, November 2000 and also published in Species Link Journal, Issue 43 Summer 2001)

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