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Animal Full Moon Passages

Many members of my animal family have chosen to depart from their bodies during the full moon. The following article, published in Species Link Issue 72, Autumn 2008, addresses a question about animal full moon passages.

Our animal communication group discussed how lost animals and animals passing over frequently seem connected to full moons. I have noticed more animals killed on the road after a full moon than at any other time, regardless of the state I have been in or the time of year. Something else also surprises me. Many times, I notice in one day a few of the same species who died on the road, such as several raccoons, cats, opossums, and even porcupines. What do animals have to say about the connection or reason behind these events? Morgine Jurdan

April Prager
I lost a cat on a full moon many years ago. Full moons are about completion, and new moons are about new beginnings.
If you follow the cycles of the moon, weather patterns, ocean tides, and other natural rhythms around you, you may feel the ebb and flow of changes in your body during those cycles. Animals are very in tune with Nature and leave when the time is right. They may feel complete with their lives when there is a full moon.

Energy Activation
Shirley Scott
Many animals feel shifts in the planets and environment more than people do. There are several reasons why more animals get lost or die when there is a full moon.

1. More animals are out at night on or near full moons because they can see better in the moonlight, and more energy activates in full moons. Animals can feel this energy and are more likely to get hit on the road or have a predator spot them.
2. Many species feel the energy from a full moon as a restless energy.
3. More people are out on full moon nights for the same reasons as the animals. This makes it dangerous on the highways for many animals.

You may see several of the same species on the road because there might be a high concentration of that animal in your area. I have noticed when I see one dead raccoon, my mind will be aware of it, and then I seem to pick out every raccoon killed on the highway.

Raccoon on log

Howling at the Moon
Tim Link
The longer the days, the more we all go out and explore. During a full moon, illumination is enhanced. Thus, animals explore a little more and further than they typically would. We see them more because of the light of the full moon and the fact that we recognize that there is a full moon.

Many scientific studies surrounding this topic fail to come to any conclusion. Animals tell me they use the bright moon light to explore and hunt longer and in areas they usually don’t go.

Paloma Baertschi-Herrera
Luna, my female rabbit friend, once told me there is no better time to leave a body than during a full moon.
During a full moon, energies are at their highest. A being can jump onto this energy flow and be transported anywhere she needs to go.

Luna left her body on a full moon in April 2007. It looked as if her body had not even noticed her spirit had left. Luna was sitting with her head up and her front legs tucked under her body like rabbits often sit. I was impressed since the other dead rabbits I had seen had all four legs stretched away from their body.

Easy Exit
Stephanie L. Brown, PhD
Many pagan or Earth-based belief systems, such as Native American, Wiccan, and Druid, believe that a
full moon is when the wall between physical and spiritual reality is the thinnest. This makes it easier for souls to transition from one reality into the next. In my years of experience and observation in veterinary medicine, I have seen that many animals close to transitioning from their bodies wait for the full moon or new moon to exit.

Wildlife Messages
Kim Shotola
I live about thirty miles south of downtown Houston in a farming community with many wildlife species. I have never seen a pattern in the number of animals killed or the same species in correlation to a full moon.

I believe that when a species of animal has a message for you, you will see that animal several times in a short time. The same species you see repeatedly in one day may have a message for you.

For some people, depending on their location and lifestyle, the only way to see these animals would be if they have died. For instance, raccoons, opossums, and porcupines are not active during the day, so it is rare for people to see them during the day. Many cats prefer the dark hours, too.

If it happens again, I would research what message that species may have for you, perhaps by looking at the animal medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

Note from Penelope: You can also ask animals directly what they wish to tell you or what you need to learn from them.

The Pull
Anne Angelo, L.C.S.W.
I did a shamanic journey to ask about lost animals and the full moon. Fox greeted me and ate berries off a leafy bush in a wooded area. He indicated to me that these berries would kill him. I asked why he showed me this. He turned to the full moon behind him in the night sky. Fox told me that
those near their time of transition are pulled to do so by the full moon more than at any other time.

He explained to me that the light from the full moon is the purest light. He said this is the most powerful time to transition for a few reasons. He showed me a white beam of light emanating from the moon and reaching down onto his back. He showed me some dark specks and said that the specks cannot interfere at this time. Fox stated that the specks represent interference energy. This energy is not negative or positive, but rather just interferences. At full moon, there is much less chance of interferences occurring. Therefore, it is the purest and easiest time to make the transition.

Fox also stated that we all feel pulled to be out of our uncomfortable bodies during a full moon. Therefore, for animals that are nearing transition, it is likely they will do so during the full moon.

Regarding the number of missing animals increasing during the full moon, Fox indicates that the uncomfortable body feelings we experience at the time of the full moon draw animals out of their homes and into more expansive areas.

I asked in a non-shamanic animal communication for any animal to come forward to talk about members of the same species transitioning simultaneously. Puppy came forward. Puppy explained to me that certain breeds come in as physical beings on the Earth as a group.
They do this to focus on a particular issue that needs healing and doing so as a collective directs a much stronger energy to bring about change. He laughed and said they were on a similar “road” (as in road-kill). He made sure that I included this pun as I wrote, and laughed.

I asked for an example of an issue that a group may come here to address. Puppy explained that dogs have done this recently to raise human awareness of abuse issues. They have drawn attention to where human beings need to look at their abuse of each other and towards animals. Dogs are often considered family members, and this evokes sympathy from people, which draws people to look at abuse in families as being a problem that they need to address.

I asked why it would seem that these animals transition at the same time. Puppy explains that
when a group transitions, it provides an energetic clearing for the next collective of animals to do their work on this planet. At that designated time, this new group of animals will come together to do their work here. Fox mentions to me that it is a particular lineage of a specific breed that comes together at any given time, and that is why an entire breed does not transition all at once.

For more on animal perspectives on death and dying, see my book,
Animals In Spirit.

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