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Dragonfly Vision

An article in the June 2024 Sierra magazine talked about how dragonflies "hunt the insects humans hate—mosquitoes and gnats, deerflies and wasps—and their 95 percent success rate makes them nature’s most lethal predators….They can fly backward and sideways, dip up and down with ease, hover in place, and reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour. With their compound eyes, odonates process 200 images per second—over three times more than humans do—which produces a slow-motion effect that allows them to hyperfocus on prey.”

I marveled at this description of dragonfly abilities. It intrigued me enough that I decided to find out more from the masters themselves. I connected with dragonflies to get their viewpoint and feel how they sense and navigate the world.

dragonfly on branch
As I felt encompassed by the field of dragonflyness, I sensed how huge my head was. I didn’t focus on looking through my eyes but through my whole head and the space beyond it in a large field of awareness. The dragonfly body was my rudder or anchor through which I maintained presence in the physical world. While neurons were firing inside my brain and facilitating my movement, I, as a navigator of dragonfly world, was aware of how everything around me fit into the scheme of things and how I belonged in a unified field with myself and others.

When my body needed to merge with another insect body for nourishment, I merely saw our relationship in the whole scheme of things. That set into motion all that was necessary for my body and other bodies to help each other function well.

To human eyes, my motion and maneuverability appeared lightning-fast. Human researchers related my ability to my compound eyes and how they processed images. However, I operated in the stillness and wholeness of life. All was peaceful and quiet, no matter what I did.

I was united viscerally with those I ate when our molecules merged and interchanged as our energy forms co-mingled. It was not as it appeared to human eyes—a skillful motion of predator catching prey. It was an instant sharing of forms forged by agreement in time immemorial. I was aware of the dance and perfection of it all.

As I continued my oneness with Dragonfly, s/he explained her perception compared to humans for further understanding of dragonfly nature.

Humans might relate to my being and motion as what athletes call being in the Zone. Only I am always in the Zone. It is the nature of my being and how I view the world. We are traveling in a unified field of being and action. There is no judgment or morals about it. It simply is what works for the benefit of life as configured on Earth. Harmony, precision, and grace fill my movement. No one kills or is killed, as humans call it. We dance together in joy and peace as our energies shift and nourish each other.

Humans tend to focus on bodies and have a lot of ideas about what is good or bad. We don’t do that as dragonflies. We are interdimensional beings who can travel to other realms in less than the blink of an eye by our intention. We co-exist with beings of unseen (by human) realms, such as the nature spirits.

We never die as humans think of it. In time, our body energies wind down, and the dragonfly form deconstructs. The body, no longer coherent, expands into other forms as all bodies do.

As dragonflies taught me about their nature, I realized that they are talking about all of us when we are aware of ourselves as spiritual beings with multidimensional capacities.
Focusing too fixedly through our particular senses, as humans often do, causes a distorted view of our nature, the nature of other beings, and the nature of life itself. The dragonflies’ normal perception and state of being was that of what humans might call an enlightened master.

I learned that dragonflies have emotions, pleasant and painful sensations, and survival urges like humans do. However,
they allow their physical nature to join their spiritual nature in a dance of harmony. They do not have the angst or suffering that humans often fall into when attached to their emotions or sensations. I could feel the dragonfly’s deep pleasure in being and willingness to shift and change without clinging to form.

There’s always so much to learn when we deeply communicate with other beings, especially those who appear different than us. Thank you, Dragonfly Master.

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