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Animal Communicator Directory

Potential clients, please note:
This directory was compiled by Penelope Smith to help provide consultations and education about communication with animals. This does not mean that Penelope personally recommends and can guarantee or monitor the quality of work of each person in this directory. Practitioners have paid to list here after meeting certain requirements, including abiding by the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators. Each communicator has a different educational background and amount of experience in this field. You may find the approach of some communicators to be more compatible with you than others. Review animal communicators' websites, query practitioners about their services, ask for recommendations from their other clients, and use your own judgment on who can help you. Before consulting with a person in this directory, you may wish to read in the right hand column on this page: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Animal Communicator. If you have a complaint about an animal communicator's service, I recommend that you take it up with the animal communicator to resolve. They will handle it according to their individually established client agreements and service disclosures. If you send your complaint to me, I will forward it to the animal communicator to resolve. I will also forward any praise you send for animal communicators' services. Harmony among all species! (Page updated March 2023)

Animal communicators are listed by location in this order: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, India, China, Australia
States or Provinces within a country are listed in alphabetical order.



Penelope Smith and Jerry (cat)
Penelope Smith  New River, AZ; Founding Animal Communicator, called “Grandmother of Interspecies Communication”

“Everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and although it is long lost for many people, it can be regained for the benefit of all beings on Earth.”

: Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit
Audio: Animal Communication Mastery Series, Basic Course, Animal Healing Power, Animal Spirit Call Tele-seminars: Animal Communication Roots & Application; How to Know if Telepathic Communication with Animals is Real and more 
Telepathic Communication with Animals, Wild Animals Speak. Not available for private consultations.

Webinar interview doing live animal consultations:

Dana Miller Coburn
Dana Miller Coburn
Specializing in Lost/Missing Animals and Animals in Spirit
Difficult Behavior Issues, Distance Energy Work
What Animals Tell Us®
Tucson, AZ/ Los Angeles, CA
520. 578. 0328
626. 536. 7001
Experienced, compassionate and highly sensitive to energy. Specializes in Lost and Missing Animals, Animals in Spirit and end of life issues. Specific training for psychic/sensory detection of missing animals. Follow up work is available for missing pets since their circumstances may evolve over time. Behavior specialist for unique problems of cats and dogs. Distance energy work included where/if applicable. Sessions are personalized using combined skills tailored to need. High personal integrity and professional ethics. Teaches psychic development and accepts private students.

Woman kneeling next to donkey
Virginia "Ginny" Jablonski
Heart of the Horse, Prescott, AZ
(909) 708-6175

Ginny is an Intuitive Animal Communicator who specializes in working with traumatized animals or animals who exhibit aberrant behavior that is not breed specific. She is dedicated to helping both humans and animals understand how prior traumas are affecting their current relationships. 

Ginny is committed to promoting the evolution of conscious interspecies relationships through improved communication and understanding. She works both from a distance and in-person. 

For more details about Ginny, her education, services, and hundreds of client testimonials, please refer to her website below.

Sage Lewis and dog
Sage Lewis Prescott, AZ (612) 817-4473;
Better Pets. Better People. Better Planet.™

Animal Communication (Living/End of Life/Deceased)

Animal Hospice Consulting
Creature Comfort Choir -“We sing for animals in need." Sacred songs emailed or texted worldwide.
Tellington TTouch® Training (Pet Behavior/Wellness)
Life Coaching (Individuals/Couples)
Shamanic Healing (People/Animals)
Intuitive Readings (Living/Deceased People)
Ceremony Facilitation (People/Animals)
“My passion is guiding all creatures to find and embrace their true essence and to live a fulfilling life of love, joy and passion.”
Phone/Skype sessions worldwide. (First 10 minutes free for new clients!) In-person sessions and workshops also available.

Donna Lozito sitting with camel on mountain
Donna Lozito, CCH Prescott, AZ   917-414-9253
Donna brings wisdom and experience communicating with animals since 1994. She offers remote consultations for both people and animals. She holds a national certification in homeopathic medicine.
As one of the first in her field to introduce this topic to children, Donna published Sweet Dreams: The Talking Horse from Brooklyn (available on Amazon). This children’s book explores the importance of understanding how animals think and feel, cultivating a sense of respect for all of life.
Proudly featured in:
  • The Sally Jessie Raphael Show
  • Animal Planet
  • The Howard Stern Show
  • and others
 Visit to learn more.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Maia Kincaid with 2 Greyhounds
Maia Kincaid, Ph.D. Sedona, AZ
The Sedona International School for Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication.
Animal Communication books, classes and consultations since 1997. Featured in film:
Being With Animals
Proudly launching new animal communication professionals worldwide, through intensive training and Certification in Animal Communication, Veterinary Animal Communication and Nature Communication.

Maia Kincaid Ph.D. 

Debbie Johnstone Cave Creek, AZ (480) 444-2341; Intuitive and telepathic consultations/energy healing for all species of animals, both alive and in-spirit. Online, phone, in-person.

Woman holding cat
Kazuko Tao Healdsburg, CA;
Animal communication and energy healing.
With over 30 years of experience, I provide an in-depth look at an animal’s perspective of life, history, and relationship with his/her human friend in understanding the root causes of animal’s behavioral issues and illnesses. The goal is to discover the true meaning of the bonds that exist between the animal and the human companion – the first step into the healing of the hearts for both. 
I communicate with all species living and in spirit. The consultations are by Zoom or Skype and a recording of the session is made available to the client.

Woman smiling with Siberian husky dog
Suzan Vaughn San Luis Obispo, CA (805) 540-9520;
Suzan is an animal communicator and people psychic counselor with 30+ years experience. Consultations offered by phone, email, zoom or in-person.
Author of "Dispatches from the Ark: Pages from a Pet Psychic's Notebook," Suzan holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Communication. Trained in telepathy, T-Touch, intuitive, and Pranic healing, she is an advanced student of Penelope Smith. Animal behavioral issues, people psychic counseling, distance healing, human/animal harmony, and messages from your animal friends. Available for phone sessions and local in-person consultations when feasible. Consultation from $64.
Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
Please visit my website at
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Woman holding parrot in hand
Stephanie L. Brown, Ph.D.  
P. O. Box 2081, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
310-318-PETS (7387)
Stephanie specializes in “Soul to Soul” communication. She is a licensed veterinary technician with a doctorate in Metaphysics; therefore, she can assist you to find the answers from your furry/feathered friend. With over 30 years of experience spanning from Lions to Lizards she will utilize her diverse experience and education to help you attain insight and understanding of the situation you are facing. She will work as a team member with you, your veterinarian, trainer or groomer to find the core information from your pet.
Consultations: personal, phone and internet; lectures and workshops.  
Specialties: death/dying, past life, behavior, pack dynamics, exotics.

Brigitte Noel
Brigitte Noel, M.Ms., All-Ears Animal Communication, San Diego, CA 92103, (619) 295-5504 
Listening with the ear of the heart: Where our companion animals can reveal the “why” in a behavior”— most often the missing piece to the puzzle. Our animals’ emotional wellbeing is as vital as their physical health. Each animal and situation is unique.
Since 1995, Brigitte offers intuitive animal behavior consulting for animals and their people. She suggests creative, practical, solutions to eliminate mutual misunderstandings and to restore clarity, balance and wellbeing.
Brigitte consults in person in her home office in San Diego, CA and offers phone consults nationwide and international. French spoken.
Custom blend Flower Essences.

Lynn Loftin
Lynn Loftin San Carlos, CA, San Francisco Bay area (650) 631-1268;
Compassionate interspecies communication and energetic support. Serve as interpreter for people and their animal companions. Advanced student of Teresa Wagner, Penelope Smith, Nobuyo Ishida, and Carla Meeske. B.S. in Zoology (biology with emphasis on ecology and animal behavior in the animals' natural habitat). Private practice since 2010.

- Animal Communication for all issues
- Hospice support for ill and aging animals and their families
- Grief support
- Energetic healing: shamanic, chakra balancing, Flower Essences
- Lectures and workshops

Consultations by phone, email, Skype, in-person, etc.

Leiah Bowden Animal Communicator 2017
Leiah Bowden
Attuned to Higher Soul Frequencies
Rohnert Park, CA
(518) 374-4388

Leiah combines her unique perception of the multidimensional energy in and around beings with her reception of animals’ emotions and thoughts as images, sounds, and as narrative in the animals’ own words. Specialties: helping rehabilitate animals through learning about their desires; long-distance energy work; journeys in non-ordinary reality to help animals reconnect with their vital life energy; animals who may be dying and who have passed over.  Working from a photo reduces environmental interference, time, and money, but in-person sessions are possible. Creates Lightspeak SoulJourney Energy Portraits of animals and people.

Kristen Houser with 2 horses
Fauna Speak - Kristen Houser Central Coast California 

Fauna Speak offerings include animal communication, a variety of workshops/events each month, mentorship, animal medicine, a monthly ‘Whale and Dolphin Circle’ and a community of animal kinship. Kristen works with animals and their humans worldwide. She has a heart for fostering soulful connection between people and their companion animals through detailed, enriching communication. She enjoys collaborating and learning from all societies on earth: flora, fauna, mineral and interrealm alike. Her offerings center on the idea that engaging the wildness within and around us brings us into balance with ourselves, each other and our world. 
Instagram: @faunaspeak

Woman smiling with cat in front of face.
Teresa Wagner Carmel, CA (831) 236-4080; Facebook Whales: Facebook Animal Communication and Grief Support: 

Animal communication consultations, grief counseling, classes and mentoring. Specialist in healing trauma and grief support. Private practice since 1989. M.S. in Counseling Psychology. Author of Legacies of Love; Founder of the Animal Loss and Grief Support certification program. CD series and on demand webinars on animal communication, healing grief and whales:

My work is based on the assumption that we are soul peers with the animals of the earth, and that in seeking to understand and communicate with them, we learn who they really are and treat them accordingly, which they so mightily deserve. 

Stacy Krafczyk Animal Communicator Directory
Stacy Krafczyk San Diego, CA

Stacy Krafczyk is an Internationally-known Animal Communicator Specialist, Intuitive Advisor for people, Teacher, Speaker, Medium and Reiki Master Teacher helping thousands of animals over her 12 year career.

Stacy’s passion is working with both people and animals on a physical, emotional, & spiritual level to help create an overall sense of well being and healing.

Stacy’s work has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, blogspot radio shows, Animal Advocate TV and countless facilities throughout Wisconsin.

Register for Stacy’s workshops and classes through her website. She also offers phone consultations, in-person sessions, barn visits, private and group readings.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Woman sitting with gold dog on her lap
Kara Udziela
Code: AnimalTalk for 10% off first session
Sessions via Zoom, FaceTime, phone.

I help
clients transform their animal relationships, using a mixture of animal communication, practical animal knowledge, and metaphysical practices like Emotional Freedom Technique and chakra clearing.

Sessions include communication and three practical tips to enhance connection. Animal
clients show a stronger bond with people and other animals.


Social Media: Facebook group weekly chats:
Established 2012
Training: CWALU, EFT, multiple energy healing modalities, animal behavior.

Common issues:
•Behavior or Health
•Deceased Pets
•End of Life
•Lost Pets

Diana DelMonte with French bulldog
Diana DelMonte Los Angeles, CA
Over 20 years experience.

Services: Lost Animals, incorporating Remote Viewing (training with David Morehouse) and Dowsing for direction, distance.
Behavior Problems with psychic body-scans, emotional assessments, chakra work.
End of Life and In-Spirit.
Healing—from Andean shaman tradition of Peru, Energetic Healing, Reiki, EFT—for people too.

Training: Zoom workshops with certification
Recorded courses: (free ebooks included)
Kundalini Yoga classes:

Books & Spirit Animal Oracle:

Diana has taken Nyudo Tokudo—zen monk vows and is vegan for 28 years.

Woman with hat smiling at horse reaching for her
Sandy Rakowitz San Luis Obispo, CA (434) 996-3595;

Specializing in creating empowering, transforming experiences for sensitive souls. Helping cultivate connections after death, and through grief.

Animal Communication
Heart, Mind, Body, Soul Journey Healing
For All Animals and People
All Ages and Life Stages

Growing up I found a wild, magic freedom with horses discovering an unspoken, intuitive language of trust, safety and rapport. This opened into a connection of Oneness.

Combined with extensive in-depth training and professional experiences since 1989, I’ve been guiding, teaching and sharing ways of tapping into profound connections with animals, people, nature and Source. Let’s work together in my 1:1 sessions, groups, programs or retreats.

Woman in black sweater standing in sun smiling
Barbara Mariano, Sacramento, CA

“I step into their “paws.”

A gifted Intuitive since childhood, Barbara shares her eighty plus years of life experience through her work with humans and animals since 1983. She uses several healing modalities including Reiki and Loving Heart Energy to help you and your animal(s) return to wholeness and happiness.

Her gentle loving approach helps her clients feel a sense of safety and security even through difficult times. She offers private sessions, coaching and mentoring for ongoing support for yourself and your pet.

Barbara Janelle 4951 La Ramada Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (805 967-1717 Consultations, lectures and workshops. Tellington TTouch. Therapeutic Touch. Celebrating Our Animals' Lives (grief counseling). See website for articles.
Lisa Larson M.A., Carlsbad, CA (760) 444-0811 Compassionate, ethical. Specialization: animals in spirit; behavioral/emotional problems. Worldwide phone/webcam consultations, distant healing, Reiki, classes/tutoring. Reasonable rates.

Elizabeth Lee, MA Spiritual Psychology Loving, heart-centered support through private sessions, on-line courses, and mentoring since 2012. Certified Reiki Master

Christine Sang Los Angeles, CA (646) 373-6935 and New York, NY Practical, spiritual, loving connection. Behavioral, physical, emotional, new family members. Assisting dying, passed-over. All species. Compassionate professional solutions since 2005.
Carla Simmons, Ph.D. Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (916) 631-7535; Compassionate assistance with all issues, including death, dying, and the Afterlife. Medical intuition. Flower essences, energy work, workshops.


Sky Heartsong
Sky Heartsong Longmont, CO & Wales, UK or

Since 1999, I have communicated with animals of all species, living or in Spirit, for clients in 48 states and other countries. Sessions are done live by phone or Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. You can talk to more than one animal per session. We can work with animals on behavior issues, mystery illnesses, end of life issues and more. Animals have opinions about everything in their lives.  Understanding how they feel emotionally and physically will deepen your relationship. You can also let your animals know about upcoming events and changes that will affect them.

Remember: They All Have Something To Say!

Woman kneeling in grass with 2 small dogs
Toria Thompson Boulder/Denver, Colorado Area, 303-746-3161

My aspiration is to facilitate deeper understanding and connection between the human and more than human world. One of my specialities is facilitating peace after transition (death, missing, or rehomed animal) when closure is needed. I also support humans and their animal companions to create "divine solutions" to behaviors that are obstructing harmonious living. During our session, I will offer an energy healing to your pet so they can deeply relax and feel held and supported.

Consultations available by phone or video. Recordings available upon request. 100% money back guarantee if you did not receive anything valuable from our session.


Cathy Malkin and Keeshond dog, Yogi
Cathy Malkin Westport, CT 925-519-4260 Animal Muse Communication and Reiki.
All Species Welcome

20+ years experience. Animal Communication Sessions internationally by phone/video and locally. Talk with your animal to receive answers in "real-time" about all aspects of their life: behavioral, physical, emotional, spiritual. I communicate with animals who are alive, have transitioned, or reincarnated. Senior/Hospice Support. Pet Loss Grief Counseling. Masters Counseling/Education.

15+ years Animal Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. Distant Reiki treatments internationally and locally.

Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, Animal-Guided Meditation classes. Private/group Mentoring, lectures, special events. Humane Educator, blogger, writer, and podcaster.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Elaine DeCarlo Stratford, CT (203) 722-7075; Communication with all animals, living, deceased. Specialized in Lost Pets and Crossed Over. Reiki Medical intuitive. Telephone and e-mail consultations. 

Nedda Wittels 9 Knollwood Circle, Simsbury, CT  06070 (860) 651-5771, Receive compassionate, supportive, heart-centered assistance for you and your animal companions. Plan of action. Energy Healing. Phone or Zoom. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Woman with smiling face and figures of dog, cat, horse
Loli Jane Animal Communication and Healing, Pompano Beach, FL

Loli Jane is a Certified Professional Animal Communicator with The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication & Pranic Healer, with the Institute of Asian Studies. She is thrilled to be serving animals and their humans as an “interspecies communicator” with issues involving: behavioral, health, end of life, already passed, lost animals; past lives; and mirroring. 

Loli has worked with the Honolulu Zoo, Wild Heart Sanctuary, Pacific Primate Sanctuary, and the Wildlife Waystation doing animal communication, volunteering or providing Pranic Healing, a non-touch distance healing technique to balance emotions and remove pain, injury, illness, disease, stress, trauma, while cleansing & energizing chakras. 

Woman smiling with dog leaning on her shoulder
Lisa Shaw, animal communicator and Reiki Master has 30 years experience. She helps identify an animal's emotional and physical needs, solving mysteries and restoring balance. These revelations alone are often the most potent healing tools. Our animals want to be heard.

She assists with end of life issues, and as a medium, connects with animals in the afterlife, providing reassurance and easing our grief. She has been successful in locating lost animals. Sessions are enlightening, healing, and often fun.

Her book, 
Illumination: Life Lessons from our Animal Companions, is available on Kindle. Learn more at Reach Lisa at 754-249-9242

Michele Bustamante Tiyoweh Communications, Melbourne Beach, FL (919) 403-8243 Consultations, workshops; Reiki M/T, TAT® Certified Pro; All species. All cases considered. Assisting to re-member our deep life connections. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Betty Lewis, RVT, Dr.A.N. Jacksonville, FL (978) 578-7247; Animal Communicator/Holistic Consultant; Worldwide phone consultations, energy healing. Author of Animals Speak! Since 1981.


Man on grass with dog
Tim Link P.O. Box 2068, Cumming, GA 30028 (404) 422-6355;
Specializing in Lost Pets and Map Dowsing
Tim Link is an animal communicator, Reiki energy healer for animals, author of Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale and Talking with Dogs and Cats and a nationally syndicated radio show host on Pet Life Radio and iHeart Radio.
Private Services: Animal communication with all animal types, living or deceased; missing animals (including map dowsing); remote Reiki energy healing for animals; communication with animals that have transitioned; grief support associated with pet loss.
Tele-Workshops Offered: Animal Communication, Lost Animals, Finding Your Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Chakra Clearing, Energy Healing for Animals and more.

Woman seated with 2 dogs
Philippa Kingsley 470 Franklin Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342
Tel: 404 255 4760  Cell: 404 667 3926.;
Rescue Pets and Behavioral Issues / The Grieving Process
Philippa Kingsley is an animal communicator, author of Rising Above Grief for People and Pets (a true story of Love, Caring and Sharing), certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing practitioner, Angelic Guidance, Past Life Healer, Reiki Practitioner.
Specializing in rescue animals that have been adopted and have behavioral issues, she uses VortexHealing® to release all issues which are stored in the cellular system.
Transition from the physical body of a beloved animal companion is an emotional earthquake. Helping you with illness, loss and the grieving process, including communication with your beloved pet. 


Pamela Wingedwolf Au Kaneohe, Hawaii (808) 781-9752; Offering compassionate communications with all species, in body or in spirit.  


Carol Schultz
Carol Schultz P.O. Box 577, Pekin, IL 61555 (815) 531-2850 or (309) 346-0245
Animal Communications and Intuitive Healing for over 15 years

Carol provides compassionate and insightful Consultations, along with Creator-based Energy Balancing, for all animal species.  Assistance with emotional, behavioral, health, harmony, end-of-life, grief support, and connections with animals in spirit.  Professional phone sessions, barn visits, and special events.  Optional MP3 recordings.  Gift certificates.  Lectures, Basic/Advanced workshops.

Carol’s desire to assist animals and their human companions comes from an unexpected telepathic connection many years ago that she experienced with her feline companion, Panda. 

Carol will help to enhance mutual understanding, deepen your bond, and expand your relationship, with your animal companion.  
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Karen Craft
Karen Craft Ames, IA; (515) 233-2308
Animal communicator and shamanic practitioner Karen Craft, author of The Cosmic Purr, offers in-depth phone consultations to connect you with your beloved animal friends, both those living and in spirit.
Karen has worked as an intuitive mediator between humans and animals for over 12 years, helping hundreds of people gain a closer, more spiritual connection with their companion animals and Nature.
Behavior issues, energy balancing and distance healing, emotional aid for puppy mill survivors and abused/neglected animals, compassionate support for animals in transition. All species and multi-animal families welcome; reasonable rates.

Sondy Kaska P.O. Box 41, Iowa City, IA 52244-0041 (319) 354-7428 Phone and in-person consultations. Physical, emotional, behavioral, end of life transitions, animals in spirit. Reiki. Energy Healing. Flower Essences.


Ann M. Baumbach 6660 Licking Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076 (859) 781-5546 Phone consults with all animals living and deceased. Home and barn visits. Flower essence practitioner. Reiki Master.


Woman in white suit seated with dog
 Linda Clayton Great Barrington, MA 01230
phone: (413) 528-5501
With over 20 years of experience, Linda has been connecting telepathically with pets. Working with such issues as separation, anxiety, pooping and peeing, end of life consultations, emotional issues and transitions, Linda helps the human companions have a closer connection with their pets.

Work is done at a distance, by phone and email. A transcription is emailed over after the reading. Written up in newspaper and on the radio, Linda gives insight, comfort and understanding to our deep loving relationships with our pets. On call for emergencies.

Author of Book:
Look Who’s Talking: A Personal Journey Into Animal Communications.

Woman smiling sitting on chair with tabby cat
Alexandra Ottaway PO Box 1147, Northampton MA 01061-1147 (413) 301-3007; 
I believe pets do speak to us and that pet telepathy and mediumship create wonderful conditions for healing. 
These activities also remind us of our love for pets and other dear ones.
Please email if you would like to do a session by phone, Skype, Face-Time or in-person. I've studied with two great Animal Communicators, Joanna Beth Seere and Dawn Allen.

I will read your pets for free if they are rescues.

Woman holding a cat next to quilt of cat
Dawn Allen Westfield, MA (413) 562-2227;

Full-time professional animal communicator since 1998. Phone consultations available specializing in behavior and health issues. All species welcome.

Easy online booking for everyone! Once you become an established client you will have access to priority booking.

Also offering colorful, whimsical pet portraits. Check out my website to see examples of my work.

The Art of Meditating with Cats, The Art of Meditating with Dogs, Animal Whispers: A four-week course in Animal Communication
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Brenda Cunliffe 59 Main Road, Westhampton, MA 01027-9679 (413) 527-1631; Compassionate communication for all species to enhance a loving bond. Consultations for all situations: phone, e-mail. Gift certificates


Nancy Marsh with dog
Nancy Marsh P.O. Box 199, Drummond Island, MI 49726  (906) 493-5664
Services for Animal Lovers and their Animals.
Nancy is an advanced spiritual teacher and intuitive consultant, offering Animal Communications and Healing, Personal Coaching and Mentoring for Intuitive and Spiritual development.
Nancy’s passion is serving you and your animals’ return to balance, wellbeing and expansion into greater happiness.
Nancy’s gifts of deep compassion and wisdom are combined with her comprehensive background and training as a Professional Animal Communicator, Holistic healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic practitioner, and psychotherapist.
Emergency appointments, Lost Animals, Deceased animal consults welcomed.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Woman standing next to horse
Judy Liu Ramsey Ann Arbor, MI 734-665-3202; 

My background includes social work counselor, craniosacral therapist, shamanic practitioner, and professional animal communicator. It is my privilege to facilitate a conversation between you and your animals. I consider it sacred work and take a holistic, client-centered approach to problem solving and communication.

Services: Compassionate interspecies communication and counseling by phone including behavioral issues, trauma, adoption, major life changes, or assistance explaining medical procedures. Grief counseling, end of life issues and communication with transitioned animals. Flower essences consultation and treatment, as well as shamanic healing for animals. Three levels of animal communication classes offered. 
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Woman smiling with dog
Susan Rhem-Westhoff Soul To Soul Animal Connections
Spring Lake, MI;

Connecting with animals of all species is my passion. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to communicate, problem solve and hold healing space in the form of Reiki with animals and their pet parents. I specialize in animals in spirit, end of life transitions and am a certified animal Reiki practitioner.
Cultivating understanding/Harmony - it is important for me to represent the animal’s viewpoint
Animals in spirit
End of life/Transitioning
Fear & abandonment issues
Grieving pet after loss of loved one
Behavioral issues


Woman with white horse in field
Kim Shotola Livingston, MT (713) 822-4382
Kim is a professional communicator, instructor, author and speaker. We offer animal communication teleclasses, workshops and consultations. Small classes provide ideal learning environment. Join students from all over the world who’ve learned to talk with animals in just ONE day. Students join our Animal Heart & Soul Communication Community at no charge. Advanced students attend monthly complimentary call and access recordings.

Take your skills deeper with our
Animal Heart & Soul Professional Communicator, Spirit World Ambassador/Mediumship, Extraterrestrial Ambassador and Animal Wellness Coach Certification programs.

Offering consciousness expansion
Heart & Soul Learning Center, Sacred Horse Experiences and Call of the Wolf Retreats.

Kristina Wium - woman with horse near fence
Kristina Wium Missoula, MT; 406-546-1448 Animal Wellness Therapies

For over 20 years, Kristina has been working as a professional horsewoman, Interspecies Relationship Counselor, Canine and Equine Bodyworker and Wisdom of the Horse Workshop leader.

Kristina specializes in being an open and clear intuitive channel supporting healthy interspecies relationships. Through open communication with our animal companions we can uncover underlying issues that contribute to physical disease, behavioral issues and emotional imbalance ~ ultimately finding healing.

Through Kristina’s expert guidance, animals and their people are able to open the channels that allow healing, love, energy and awareness to flow.

Please reach out with any questions!
Phone consultations available worldwide.


Diane O’Callahan, M.Ed. Animal Answers, 88 South Road, North Hampton, NH 03862 (603) 964-7387 Cell (603) 770-6625; Intuitive and telepathic conversations to receive answers from animals passed/present for counseling/healing, behavioral, spiritual and emotional/health concerns.


Anne Angelo with dog and 2 cats
Anne Angelo Webb L.C.S.W. Morristown, NJ (973) 588-1991;
Communication between you and your pet via phone or in-person. 

Basic, advanced & business distance courses & private coaching

Energy Work & Essential Oils Consultations 
Nationally board certified small animal massage & acupressure practitioner (NBCAAM)
The Animal Intuitive Show - YouTube, Facebook & major Podcast channels
Free Animal Communication Meditation & Essential Oils E-Book on website

Having a background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with specialized experience in trauma, grief and stress means that clients often indicate that I connect with them and their animals in a special way. 
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Nancy Windheart
Nancy Windheart Santa Fe, NM  (505) 428-9171 Professional animal communicator, teacher, Reiki Master, intuitive coach, and mentor.
Nancy offers professional training programs, workshops, and classes online and in-person in animal communication, animal Reiki, and spirituality.
Free Animal Communication Toolkit and Classes available on the website.
Training Programs: Animal Communication Academy, Reiki Academy (Reiki and Animal Reiki)
Trips and Retreats: Women’s wilderness journeys with a focus on interspecies communication and spiritual practice
Services: Animal communication consultations via phone/Skype (includes mp3 recording), mentoring for students and practitioners, personal intuitive sessions, Reiki 
Professional memberships in the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Universal Life Church, and Yoga Alliance (RYT-200)
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Susan Squittieri and dog
Susan J. Squittieri dba Two Bear Healing Arts, Valley Cottage, NY (845) 512-8389
Ms. Squittieri has made such a difference in the lives of animals and their humans.  With over 15 years' experience teaching others how to be of service through Animal Communication and Reiki, Susan has brought about positive change for improved health and relations.
Her long distance and in-person sessions provide healing support during your animals most challenging situation. Susan is compassionate, practical, and dedicated to her soul work.

Contact Susan for: resolving food, health, and behavioral issues, understanding family dynamics, quality of life, lost animals, assistance in Illness, injury, or end of life, supporting rescued animals, afterlife communication, and veterinarian support.  

Kristin Hadley Thompson and horse
Kristin Hadley, MS Newfane, NY

Professional animal communicator, teacher, mentor and coach. 
Offering consultations, personal coaching/mentoring, teleclasses and webinars, independent study courses, and in-person classes.

Heart 2 Heart with Animals is the premier school for learning animal communication certification as a professional in the field, or for your own life enrichment through developing deeper communication with animals and nature. 
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Golden Retriever with head on man's face
Animal Communication with David Louis - Departed Earth 24Jan23

I’ve been in practice since 2000. I've developed a number of techniques for healing anxiety, trauma and the release of painful emotions in animals. My work with dying animals has led to deeper relationships between them and their people during the process of death and dying, and brought healing closure to human companions. I’ve also worked extensively with animals in spirit. In my healing process I call upon the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.
I have clients all over the world, and throughout the United States.

FB: Animal Communication with David Louis
12 Peck Rd, Wynantskill, NY 12198 (518) 892-9161
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Catherine Ferguson (201) 433-7955; Consultations in-person or by phone, for living and deceased, lectures, workshops, flower essences, Reiki Master.
Dawn Hayman 3364 State Route 12, Clinton, NY 13323 (315) 737-9339
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)
Rae Ramsey 420 East 64th Street, W5E, New York, NY 10065 (212) 752-4019 Phone Consultations: all life issues, dying process, grief counseling, animals in spirit, reincarnation, energy balancing. Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)



Rain Hummingbird and dog
Rain Hummingbird, Asheville NC (828) 337-4886; 
Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Workshops, Teleclasses, Mentoring. Soul Journeys and Intuitive Counseling for people.
Rain is a professional animal communicator dedicated to helping people deepen their connection and understanding of their animal companions. She offers phone/Skype consultations nationally and internationally for all species, also deceased. Providing insightful and compassionate services to assist you and your animals in understanding and resolving concerns with behavior, relationships, emotional, health and transitions. Specializing in human/animal spiritual connections.
This work is my joy and passion and I look forward to being of service to you and your animal companions.

Woman with horse's face over shoulder
Diane Samsel Tryon, NC (828) 859-5912;
I have been in practice 16 years offering phone and in person sessions. Client issues range from horses training for upper level dressage tests to animals who has been scared away by a neighbor's dog.  Sessions begin with a chat with your animal friend to determine personality (I need to know I've got the right friend!) and then I will ask them how they’re feeling in their body.
Areas of focus: Lost animals/injured or hard to diagnose animals/animals in spirit.
Workshops, Seminars, fund raisers and private tutoring available.  Information on events, pricing and availability visit:

Woman seated on grass with golden retriever puppy
Carol Gurney and The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication A 501 (c) (3) Non-profit Corporation
Consultations and Education 922 Kanuga Road, Henderson, NC 828-595-2285;

Offering consultations by Carol Gurney and Institute Certified Associates for physical, behavioral, lost animal and end of life. Carol specializes in Animals as Our Mirrors and Past Lives consultations.

Carol's teachings are available through online video conferencing, teleconferences, digital videos, cds: "Beginner's Guide to AC", "Exercises & Meditations", "Past Lives", "Animals as Mirrors", "Lost Animals", "End of Life" and Carol's book "The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals".

Since 1986 Carol has taught worldwide. "I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity to share this work and see lives changed for so many people and animals."

Bebe Daniel
Charlotte, NC (704) 488-1534; Bringing people and animals together. Compassionate phone consultations. Any animal alive or no longer in body. All issues.


Eileen Leskovec
Cleveland, OH (440) 537-8610; Detailed consultations on behavior, training, health, aging, afterlife, general understanding. All species, living and in spirit; worldwide via email.

Jacquelin Smith 107 E. Stanton Ave., Columbus, OH 43214 (614) 436-8831; Consultations. Behavior, emotional/physical healing, dying/death/spirit contact, soul retrieval, lost animals. Bach flowers. Book, Lectures, Workshops, Apprenticeship program.


Jennifer G. Parks and dog
Jennifer G. Parks
7327 SW Barnes Rd, #308, Portland, OR 97225, 971-404-6683,
Want to know what your pet friend is thinking and feeling? I provide consultations to discover reasons for your pet friend's behaviors and to bring more awareness and understanding into the relationship.
People usually talk to their pet friends yet often wonder whether the animals are receiving their messages and what messages the animals are sending back to them!
By scheduling a consultation with me, I can be a bridge between you and your pet friend to answer questions, find solutions, deliver messages and negotiate behavior changes. Take the guesswork out of things and contact me for an appointment now!

Woman smiling surrounded by flowers
Shirley Scott 59987 River Canyon Rd, Imnaha, OR 97842 (541) 577-3051;
Shirley Scott, animal communicator, human psychic reader and life coach, utilizes her telepathic connection with animals to understand and help correct behavior problems, health concerns, household harmony, emotional and spiritual problems. 
Consultations for both animals and humans.
Shirley works with spirit guides and angels to achieve the highest/best information for all souls. She’s empathic, which helps her feel and explain what an animal is feeling.
Please go to her website and check out her CD's, books and personal classes.  

Heidi Wright and horse
Heidi Wright Critter Connections P.O. Box 482, Malin, Oregon 97632 (530) 640-0686 

Internationally renown Animal Communicator and best selling Author who works with
all species of  animals ranging from dogs to ducks, horses to hawks, and guinea pigs to geese!  
Heidi is currently appearing on hit TV shows in Japan, did a series in South Korea, and has appeared on TV in the USA, on "L.A. Ink" with Kat Von D, and the Dr. Phil show. 

Woman smiling next to dog
Terri O’Hara Eugene, OR 541-484-2020 or 800-515-9064
Terri has offered her animal communication skills for 25+ years, helping over 5,000 households and well over 10,000 animals world-wide. Her intuitive abilities provide clear understandings from your animals' perspectives. Terri has a college degree in Health Sciences enhancing her abilities to assist with health situations. She focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of each animal. She works cooperatively with veterinarians throughout the U.S.
Offerings include: 
-ON DEMAND Classes
-LIVE VIRTUAL Group Sessions
-Private Sessions
-End Of Life Support
-Educational Podcasts & Blog
-In Spirit Connections
-International Retreats, including swimming with wild and free dolphins!

Jennifer G. Parks 7327 SW Barnes Rd, #308, Portland, OR 97225 (971) 404-6683, Animal Communication services to help discover reasons for your pets' behaviors and bring more awareness and understanding into the relationship.


dog and dove
Karen Kober, RN, CCH Dublin, PA (215) 412-7820; 

Serving life! Karen is an international telepathic communicator for people, personal, or animals – heartbeat or in-spirit.  

Offers: compassionate phone sessions, gallery, lectures, workshops, holographic healing, transitional/bereavement. 
Creation Connection Courses: Animal, Earth, Soul, Spirit.  

Background: registered nurse, certified consulting hypnotist, minister, shaman, psychic/medium/medical intuitive, holographic healing.   
Featured: magazines, newspapers, books, radio, television. Karen is the first to teach animal communication in the largest U.S. Pet Expo NE 
Author: Silent Voices  Hidden Wisdom 2017

The web of life connects us as we travel different spiritual pathways to the Divine within us.

Cindy Wenger and cat
Cindy Wenger
Hershey, Pennsylvania 
(717) 566-0922

Cindy has always had a close affinity, love and respect for animals and has been communicating with them all her life.  
She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Unlimited Rainbow Animal Haven, Pennsylvania.
In addition to animal communication, Cindy also completed coursework in Animal Psychology; is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist, Magnified Healing Master, has completed training 
in Healing Touch for Animals, and offers those modalities for helping animals as well. 
Cindy is available for phone consultations with animals living and in spirit (not lost pets at this time), workshops, private events/parties.

Elizabeth Severino with dog
Elizabeth Severino 344 Templar Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 
(856) 582-1700
Elizabeth ("Dr. Liz") is a highly experienced animal communicator, veterinary intuitive, energy healer, and consultant on animal wellness and behavior. Author of the widely-acclaimed book, The Animals' Viewpoint on Dying, Death and Euthanasia, she helps clarify animals' end-of-life feelings and preferences. Elizabeth connects with animals in spirit and assists with reincarnations.  

Elizabeth offers sessions world-wide by telephone and email, and in-person at her home. She facilitates customized workshops on Essential Oils and Pets, QiGong Healing for Pets, Animals and Spiritual Healing, and Reiki for Animals.

Woman kissing cow
Shalini Bosbyshell P.O. Box 215, Elverson, PA 19520 (610) 913-0033;
Phone consultations. All species. All issues/situations. Communication coaching and workshops.

Specializing in equine and canine training issues, interspecies relationships, rehabilitation from emotional/physical trauma, hospice care and end-of-life transition.

By learning how animals perceive pictures/feelings that accompany our words, we can maximize understanding of and empathy for one another.

My background includes many years as a professional horse person and veterinary nurse as well as participation in activities/competition with my dogs. Undergraduate degree in physics/math and graduate coursework in computer science. Other areas of study/training include counseling, massage therapy, and Sanskrit language/literature.

Anita Curtis
P.O. Box 182, Gilbertsville, PA 19525 (610) 327-3820; Consultations by phone. Lectures. Workshops. Books. Gift certificates available. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Danielle Tremblay
Greenville, SC (864) 840-8225; Phone sessions with all species, living or passed. Private 1:1 training, in-person classes, distance learning and online student practice. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Woman in blue dress smiling
Val Heart San Antonio, TX 805-PET-TALK;

"People come to me with their animal problems, then I help the animals with their people problems." 

The Real Dr Doolittle, speaker since 1993. Elite Master Healer for pets & people, Soul Repair, intuitive scanning, BodyTalk.

Solving behavior, training, performance, health problems using The HEART System 

Heart Wisdom School of Animal Communication + Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club - complete online portal with everything you need at your fingertips. 

FREE ebook:  Hidden Secrets to Communicating With Pets 

Professional Communicator Business Mentor Coaching for successful practitioners  
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Jeannie Lindheim
P.O. Box 659, Woodstock, VT 05091 (617) 633-6338; Compassionate practical consultations and problem solving with all species. Behavior, emotional, physical, death/dying and beyond. Reiki. Phone and in-person. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Kate Solisti PO Box 831, Rutland, VT 05702;;. YouTube channel: "Kinship with Animals." Internationally known Communicator since 1992, author of 7 books in 9 languages, Pack Leader of the Harmony Pack, and more.

Julie Soquet 2318 Richmond Rd., Hinesburg, VT 05461 (802) 482-5251; Phone consultations for long distance emotional, spiritual healing, better understanding of animal behavior, communication through and after death experience.


Woman smiling outside
Janet Dobbs Reston, VA  Animal Paradise – Communication and Healing

Janet is an animal communication teacher/practitioner, Reiki teacher/practitioner, trained in the field of Bio-energy; Bach Flower essences, TTouch, small animal massage, acupressure, essential oils for animals and humans, Traditional Japanese Reiki and has degrees in education, Music performance and Broadcasting.

Janet offers courses and training programs in animal communication and Reiki for humans and animals, teleclasses and private coaching/mentoring for students and practitioners. Everyone has their own unique way of receiving telepathic communication. Discover what yours are as you deepen your heart to heart and soul to soul connection with animals and all that is. 
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Holli Shan and horse
Holli Shan Leesburg, VA (703) 447-5374,

Holli is an animal communicator and pet loss grief counselor who has degrees in Speech Communication, and a certification in pet loss grief counseling. She has been practicing animal communication since 2006. Her pet loss grief counseling certification was obtained in June 2020 from the Animal Loss and Grief Support Institute.

All clients are offered a safe, non-judgmental space. Whether the appointment is for animal communication or grief counseling, everyone is treated with compassion, understanding and dignity. Appointments are held by phone, e-mail, or teleconference. She also offers basic instruction in animal communication (in person only).
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Crystal Ashley and horses
Crystal Ashley PO Box 3767, Lacey, WA. 98509 (360) 481-6464;
Crystal Ashley has been an Animal Communicator since 2001, and loves to connect people with their animal companions' thoughts and feelings. She specializes in behavior, health, past circumstances, communicating with animals in spirit, and resolving all kinds of human-animal needs. Her animal "clients" have included horses, cats, lizards, dogs, a stork, frogs, squirrels, llamas, ducks, a male goose and too many more to mention. 
Her website shares lots of experiences to help people shape their animal telepathy questions, as well as many testimonials: Have a look.

Woman leaning over petting dog
Ali Amato Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive (international) Kirkland, WA  (206) 755-8152;

I work with people who are concerned about their pet's unsolved health and behavioral issues; I help their pets achieve happy, healthy, lives. I also help with end-of-life issues, and contact pets who've already passed. I've been practicing professionally for over 20 years. People frequently call me because nothing has previously worked, and they feel frustrated or stuck. They're looking for a fresh approach and peace of mind.

Subspecialties include helping "rescues" recover from anxiety/trauma, and pets acting out psychological issues. I also provide energetic healing treatments and practical information regarding helpful changes clients can make themselves. 

Woman smiling with dog in arms
Morgine Jurdan
Phone, Skype, Zoom 360-686-9886 (landline no texting)

I am an Interspecies Animal Communicator, Teacher, Mentor, Speaker who is passionate about helping create more loving, joyful, fulfilling relationships with our animal friends and deeper connections with Nature. Often giving clients a new perspective about themselves and this precious, magical world we live in! Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I help with Behaviors, Training, Improving Health, End of Life Decisions, Mentoring, Lost Animals, Vacation Communications, Presentations for Groups, Healing and Energy Cleansing.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Lynn Schuster and dog
Lynn Schuster - Animal Spirit Talker   Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 
Telepathic Animal Communicator, Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher.
Specializing in emotional, mental and spiritual issues including behavioral, fear and anxiety, end of life concerns and animals who have transitioned.
Connecting by phone or in-person. Available for personal consultations, speaking  engagements and workshops.

My Mission is to help strengthen the bond between animals and their human families. Creating a safe environment to communicate and advocate the needs and desires for animals and their guardians. Guiding animals and people in creating huge shifts in their lives on a deep soulful and cellular level.

Asia Voight and dog
Asia Voight Wellington, FL and Madison, WI;
Asia Voight is an Internationally-known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor for people, Teacher, Speaker and Author. Throughout an eighteen-year practice, she has assisted over 70,000 animal and human clients.
Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV as well as countless radio shows. Asia is a published author in five books: Pearls of Wisdom with Jack Canfield, Extraordinary YOU, Divine Moments, Miracles Happen with Brian Weiss and 365 Days Of Angel Prayers.
Asia is available for keynote speaking, magazine, radio, and TV interviews. Register for Asia’s classes on her website.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Heidi Grengg P.O. Box 9334, Jackson, WY 83002 (307) 733-8499; Compassionate consultations by phone, correspondence or in-person. All species, all issues welcome.


Keri Davis and dog
Keri Davis BHS, Canmore, Alberta Certified interspecies coach, Holistic Health Science degree, Animal Communicator, Mentor, Teacher and Life student!
Keri’s passion, life journey and education has led her down the road of studying quantum physics - consciousness and all things unseen - where true healing began to unfold between the Animals and their Humans!
My intention and mission is to help YOU recognize & develop this communication within YOU!  Side effect = Balanced, healthier, & happier relationships.  Ask about our FREE mini Coaching session.
Animal Communication
Lost Animals
End of Life
Quantum Healing
Contact: (403) 609-5510


Sue Becker
  272 Grand River Blvd., Kitchener, Ontario N2A 3H4 (519) 896-2600 Behavioral, emotional, spiritual issues and healing. Deceased animals. Registered Practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies and Tellington TTouch. Consultations, lectures, workshops. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Lynda Yelle Ste-Adèle, Québec 450-553-3745; International Animal Communicator, Consultations all situations,Teacher, Coach, Holistic Consultant. Communicatrice animale internationale, Consultations, toutes situations, Formations, Coach, Consultante Holistique.


Daniela Camino,;; Animal communication since 2003, healings (humans and animals), teaching teachers and professional AC in México and Latin America in-person/online. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Woman with long blonde hair smiling
Denise Law  Essex, England UK
"I cannot imagine a life without animals! Over the years I have had the privilege of caring for many different species, including eighteen years with a world breeding program for a rare species of South American monkey." 

Denise is a Professional Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki Practitioner, offering compassionate, insightful communication. She treasures the uniqueness of each animal she communicates with and can convey what your animal companion has to share about their life. From general to more specific questions regarding their well being.

All species welcome! 
Consultations are available via  Skype, phone, WhatsApp. 

Sarah-Jane Farrell +447789859451;; Established 1998, animal communicator, medical intuitive, psychospiritual issues loss, grief/trauma, afterlife  author, speaker, healer, worldwide consultations, online courses, workshops, retreats 

Jane Summers Norfolk, England. UK; Professional Speaker / Lecturer, Tutor & Practitioner specialising in Remote (Distance) Telepathic Animal Communication internationally. Interspecies research sessions. Animals in spirit.

Audrey Jacquin-Ryan, Madra Rua Animal Connections, Ireland and Worldwide; Animal communicator, intuitive and energy healer. Animal communication sessions by email and distance energy healing for animals.


Monika Jaeger Animal Communicator directory
Monika Jaeger Nastätten, Germany (0049) 06772-2614;;
Consultations for behavior, health, and emotional problems. Animal communication Basic and Advanced workshops and train-the-trainer, TTEAM practitioner (certified by Linda Tellington-Jones) for horses and all companion animals.
Consultations via phone or Skype. Workshops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries with a translator.
I have worked with animals about 40 years and been a professional animal communicator since 2000. It's an honor for me to consult with humans and animals concerning any problems and to help restore peace and harmony. We will explore the voice of the animals and discover the ancient wisdom of being connected.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)

Karina Heuzeroth
D-56462 Hoehn, Germany Phone 0049/2661/949462;; Consultations by phone or in-person. Basic and Advanced I animal communication courses in Europe. TTeam-Practitioner. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Franziska Matti Bern, Switzerland Phone 0041 79 358 28 08, Phone consultations, basic and advanced animal communication courses in German and French; also online with Zoom, Reiki master animal healing. (Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Cathy Collin
Athens, Greece Animal Communicator, Psychologist: general consultation (behavior issues, lost animals, dealing with death) E-mail or Skype consultation


Akshaya V Kawle,
Siddhachal Phase 1, Thane West, Maharashtra, India +91-9768147457 (Text messages only);; Consultations and courses. Communication with animals, plants, landscapes (change management, behavior, health, grief). Author: Animal Communication (Available on Amazon)

Thomas Cheng Hong Kong, China; Thomas promotes and teaches animal communication with a focus on Science.  Offers consultations and classes.  Speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
(Trained to teach Penelope Smith's animal communicator course/s)


Christina Burki Animal Communicator directory
Christina Burki Perth, Western Australia
English, German, Dutch

“To connect with animals is my gift! To pass on their messages to the world is my mission.”

Christina combines her unique skills with a deep knowledge in animal communication and gestalt therapy, which provides a truly fruitful unique experience to you and your animal. Since 2009 she communicated with thousands of animal beings internationally, trained the next generation of animal communicators and hosted transformational retreats. Christina supports you in building a deeper connection with animal beings and shares her experience on how to live your life from your inner core.

Trisha McCagh Animal Communicator directory
Trisha Mc Cagh  Perth Western Australia
Skype: trisha.mccagh  

Trisha is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator,  teacher, intuitive counselor, public speaker, and author of "Stories from the Animal Whisperer."

Trisha’s work has been featured on TV broadcasts across 40 countries, guest speaker at the Australian Veterinary Conference and other international conferences, international radio and various magazines, and newspapers around Australia.

Through her consultations and courses she takes people on a journey into a different world, with a new perception of animals and nature.

Trisha is available for private consultations, workshops, keynote speaking, radio and TV interviews.  On-line courses also available.

Man with sheep
George Wright Jindabyne, NSW, Australia

I specialise in distance
Interspecies Communication and I work with people and their animals all over the world (by phone or online).

sensitivity and finely tuned intuition enhance my ability to connect and communicate with your animals, so I provide you with highly accurate and skilled Animal Communication services.

I can also support you and your animal during
difficult emotional times.

I volunteer my services for animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations. I also have ways to work with you if you’re struggling financially. Please contact me for more information.

I’m available to work with lost and missing animals.

Woman with white chicken on shoulder
Nicole Elizabeth
Contact: Email:

I work remotely with animals around the world, living/deceased, specialising in passed pets. I'm an animal medium/communicator and Certified Usui Animal Reiki Practitioner.

I have worked with animals for many years but communicated with them all my life. I work by pure spirit to spirit communication, with no need for any divination tools. My aim is to bridge the gap between animals and owners, which strengthens the bond between the two. I bring through the animal's message, in their words.

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