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Penelope Smith snorkeling in Bahamas
Having joyously facilitated numerous dolphin and whale journeys in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Mexico, and Costa Rica, Penelope Smith, founding pioneer Animal Communication Specialist, has loved enhancing human/dolphin/whale/all species communication and connection. May these dolphin messages and tales help you to float in the magical cetacean energy matrix.

No dolphin or whale journeys are being sponsored by Penelope now.
Dolphins & Whales
Messages and Tales
Dolphins facilitate the weaving of energy matrices of crystalline consciousness over the planet, allowing humans who are vibrationally receptive and spiritually ready to embody deeper infusions of pure love throughout their cellular structure, and experience a holographic deepening of telepathic communication.

Group of Atlantic spotted dolphins Wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins (photos by Tita Dimnik and Dolphin Expeditions)

Excerpts from Dolphin Talk
An Animal Communicator Shares Her Connection
©2000 by Penelope Smith (audiotape now out of print)

In my work in interspecies telepathic communication, I emphasize the unity of all Life, the communion of all beings, no matter the species or form. Many people have made emotionally fulfilling connections with dolphins and whales. Often, in their enthusiasm, people consider these wonderful marine mammals as superior to all other animal species because of the size of their brains, their obvious demonstration of intelligence that humans can relate to, and because of their willingness and ability to communicate with and contact humans in meaningful and joyful ways. I also have felt a longstanding spiritual connection with whales and dolphins, especially whales, the wisdom keepers for the planet.

Having extensive long-distance communications with the dolphins and whales was evidently not enough in the master plan of my existence. My cetacean friends had more in store for my connection with them. They were calling me to come to them in their waters and were gradually overcoming all my resistance.

Over the years I have been asked to help facilitate human/dolphin communication on dolphin swims. I declined for a number of reasons: I have had a tremendous fear of being in deep water. I couldn't even stand water splashed in my face. I was subject to horrendous motion sickness; my uninhibited retching on a boat trip out of San Francisco Bay to the Farallone Islands was heard for miles. My photosensitivity was aggravated by water reflection and precipitated migraine headaches. I was easily sunburned and extremely heat intolerant. So, I felt I would be a drag to have along on a dolphin swim....

Spirit was moving in many ways to prepare me for this journey, dissolving the barriers which kept me from swimming with the dolphins. The dolphins told me I was to trust them and that I would be able to dive into the water and swim if I went on the trip. I had learned how to swim earlier in my life, but I had so much fear and constriction while in the water that I could rarely relax and enjoy it. With the help of the dolphins before and during the trip, I got through the traumas that caused these fears and began an amazing journey.

In Miami, Florida on the afternoon of Friday, June 13, 1997, the dolphins contacted me to relay this message to our group of travelers to start our journey:

We dolphins speak to you of our excitement and joy of your coming
We have called you through the ages
We messengers of light and grace.
No longer does humankind need fear
The cacophonies of mindspeak
We speak in laughter and pointed sound
We bring the wisdom of the deep ones to the surface
Bubbling in our wake
Dancing in your face.

Hear us with your unstructured self
The harmony within that knows all wave motion as itself.
We lead you on an exploration in conscious dimensional travel

You have this encoded in your brain
You have this encoded in your Soul Entity.
With your willingness, we can guide you on your own journey
Into layers and dimensions of beauty and peace most of your kind have yet to see
Follow us in the warm waters of the soul
Let yourself be healed of harmful resonations stored or brought within
Free yourself in the waves
Dance the dance of Life with us
Oh brothers and sisters of the land
Welcome to our ocean home
The blue-green waters reflect your peace within
Leave behind forever the cares of human intellect
Play within the Cosmic Heart
We offer as our gift to lead the way
Gently follow and merge with us in harmony
Gently follow
Gently, gently
Welcome home.

Dolphin boat Bottom Time II Penelope's first dolphin trip in BahamasPenelope's first Dolphin swim on the Bottom Time II in 1997 (Penelope on ladder; dolphins to right of boat)

Long transmissions from the dolphins came through on the journey. This one contained some of the richest soul food.

"Come with us, oh sister. In many ways we are the same. We are not afraid of who we are as spiritual and physical beings. We are one with the ocean and one with ourselves. Join us you who have learned to accept all parts of yourself as holy and good. Join us in our play and lack of fear in our ocean home. We will show you how to express your nature in our water element as you do on land. We will transform your fear into confidence and fun.

"Now let us expand your expression of your vitality into our element. We will show you how. You are fortunate. We cannot go on the land and dance and sing, only in the water. You can do both, though of course we understand that you function best on the land. Yet many of you overcome this to be with us. For this we admire you. Come, let us show you how to dance with us in the sea. We will help you as you have seen in your vision. We have been helping you all along to prepare for this. We moved you with your willingness through the degradation you suffered at the hands of human parents connected with the water of Life. We feel the ocean within you, and we will help you feel at home in the ocean surrounding you. Relax and reach out to us. Now you are ready, and we sing to you. Stretch your arms and your courage in to the Mother of Life, our ocean Queen. We revere and respect all of Life around us. We love our human brethren and invite you to join us in all ways.

Atlantic spotted dolphin
"We respect your gift of communication - how you have always respected and channeled the energy of life in all forms. Now we return the gift by supporting your flight into further freedom for yourself and all beings. We support you in this as we know how you support others in their journey home. In this we are united. So we gladly extend our help where you need it.

"All of us have our weaknesses and our strengths. We need not fear any of them — the highs or the lows. We accept them all and "play" them out. We play our differences in energy and potential, even with high energy, or as humans sometimes say, with aggression. We do not regard our forceful nips and shoves as aggression. It is our way to express the love within us that bursts forth through our bodies in high speed delivery. There are differences in energy expression among us also, and we pair accordingly. Sometimes we pair to contrast the energy and learn to express ourselves in different ways than are usual, harmonizing ourselves with others. Sometimes we pair to match energies and joyfully abandon all care and surrender ourselves to our own freedom together. It is all good. It is the lesson of the pairing. Pair yourself according to your needs, and balance all chords of the symphony within yourself and with others. Give yourself the entire world and all beings as your playground.

"We will take you into some of the regions of the Cosmos within and without (one and the same) that you have not explored fully. We will gladly be your guides in our areas of expertise, and we accept your piloting in areas we have not yet explored in realms that you know so well. We are fellow travelers on the Earth. Let's continue to spread the message together. We are grateful you have heard our voice. We are grateful for your openness to the messages of all of Life. We need those of the land to echo those of the sea and both ways around. There is no separation. We all have our circles, our families, our Love. Let us share it all in playful, joyful harmony.

"And now we invite you to join us in our element and let us free your beautiful, unchained soul in yet another realm. Joyfully we go in prayers of gratitude for all interactions, all opportunities for communion. With us and in us, we invite you into the great Mother, our ocean Queen. Our life is yours. We are One Life eternally flowing. Let courage, grace, strength, sweetness, and all the qualities of your being be enhanced by our mutual giving. Here we come!"

One day the dolphins merged deeply with me, filling the space with incredible energies. A beautiful underwater etheric music mystically echoed through the hull of the boat, which a number of people heard. Traumas were released and healed, and further telepathic deepening continued with the dolphins and human journeyers.

On the 19th the dolphins appeared at sunrise and circled the boat for over an hour with a few people observing them in awe. As they left, the dolphins instructed us all to go into the dolphin-charged waters. We felt rejuvenated, giddy with playful joy, feeling we could stay in the water forever.

Sponge colony Bahamas
Spirals of activated energy
Surround each of us in the water
A gift of the dolphin family
To each of us in kind.

We receive as we respond
In openness and gratitude
A giving of the only gift
Love pouring from the heart.

See the sparkles on the water
A circle for each soul
Counted in the sunrise
To enrich us on our way.

All the dolphins ask
Is a meeting of heart, soul, and mind
Recognized as messengers for all humankind
Human and dolphin - united in a universal pod
Spinning in the whirlpools.

Accelerated growth brings new capacity to love
We are renewed, restored, purified, made whole
In joy and love, we give thanks
And travel on our way.

At our final meeting on land, one of our group asked me to ask the dolphins this very relevant question:

"What information can the dolphins give us about what we can do to assist the ecosystem?"

The answer, transcribed from a taped recording came through me like this:

Baby Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Bahamas
Oh wow, these are the ones that came to us, the group that we got to swim with. It's the baby that is here. The baby is considered a master who has come in - a master dolphin who also carries the whale energy. This is why this baby was allowed to swim free and actually move away from it's mother for a short time in order to grasp the whole human pod as assembled. Then I get a clear picture of me still in the boat, and he said, "We didn't miss the one above who is connected with me." This baby is a master being. I see him encircled by a white light in the blue water. He continues speaking to me:

"All you have to do all around is to let that sweetness, that light, that nourishment of your soul, (that milk that you see is the white light from the soul, that feeds the soul) is to send that light out wherever you go. You can, by your very nature, just as I do, just as all the dolphin brothers and sisters do, be in the water and clear it, and clear it of all things by the same method that I am showing you. By clearing it in the same method which is sending out the milk of the soul. When you send out the milk of the soul, it nourishes all souls. All energies align around it in a pure light. If you send this out enough times and with enough people, the consciousness of people who are unconscious, who are ignorant of their connection to others, changes. They go into the same trance that you felt, and what happens to them is that their love is realigned so they cannot put out anything but the milk of pure love.

"Do not underestimate your own ability to put out that spiritual force. All of you have been charged in the waters of love. I was brought here by my dolphin and whale brothers; the entire pod actually is here to hold me in space so that I could send this all to you. Now feel the energy that comes from your own body no matter what infirmities or what impurities you feel you have. Feel the milk of pure sweetness and love radiating in the vortex all around you. Now as you feel that energy, you will feel yourself dwelling in the ocean of pure love. The ocean of pure love is that which surrounds us at all times and connects us to all life. You will see in this ocean everything that is on this planet and in other realms; there are impurities, there is beauty, there is love. Send the milk that sustains your soul out into that ocean, and as you increase that in magnitude and quantity, the entire quality of the ocean changes, both the physical ocean that you see with your body's eyes, and the ocean of pure love that sustains us and in which we all dwell. This is the secret. All the technological wonders of this world are pale in comparison. This encompasses all those technological details that humans love to wear as part of their minds.

"I charge all of you now in this room, and all of you who have gone on these trips, and especially this group which I was sent to be with, I charge you now with the service, with the solution of sending out the milk of pure love and soul into the ocean. I promise you will see, all things will grow. The whales, as you have said, will return, and the dolphins will multiply in number. The ocean will be sweet to all those who drink it, and the earth itself will mature and expand in this new richness from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the tallest mountain. Never forget these words. It is not these words that I charge you with, I charge you with entering pure love. That is the mission for each of you. It is why I came here to this place and why we now go forth out into the world. You have all been touched and changed. You will never be the same. We love you. We are with you. You are the same as us. We are you. You. You."

The message was spontaneously tape recorded by one of the group, but we were unsure how much of it would be understandable at that distance from me, so I wanted to try and remember it again. I attempted to reconstruct the message the following day. The dolphins came in again and amplified the message with more dynamic material on healing the ecosystem.

"The only thing that will restore the ocean and Earth to purity is the balm, vibration, of pure love. All of you have been touched and changed. You are in the vortex of eternal love encoded in your beings and reactivated by this contact among us.

"It is not the technologies of men that will save the oceans, but the energy of love brought to bear on the situation. Within this love, the proper actions and mechanical devices, minerals, herbs will be created that change the impurities' magnetic alignment so that they are removed from toxic emanation and are realigned as nutrients for the Earth.

"All of you are charged with the mission of spreading the energy of love - like nourishing milk from the mother surrounding you to all beings, to help align their lives with love and union with all beings. (The baby dolphin imaged itself in the water surrounded by a soft white light, like its mother's milk, spreading through the ocean. Then the master baby turned pure white, and I felt us as one being.)

"The vibration and halo of love emanation that you spread will enlighten all beings, so that all act in harmony and peace. This will bring the alignment necessary to restore the purity of the environment, which all the inventions of humans without the love could not do. We are here to help you to remember and return to that oneness that is in your memory, and is your true nature."

Large dolphin pod in Penelope's first dolphin trip 1997 in Bahamas
I felt a total orgasmic oneness in the ocean and with the dolphins, even after coming to land. I opened wide to let the dolphin energy in, and felt myself cradled in the arms of the Great Mother Ocean. I became dolphin, totally united with my brothers and sisters of the sea in all of my cells. My body was being transformed, and I felt a deep satisfaction radiate through me as I opened to deep spiritual healing and balancing. I was taken by the dolphins into my own Being.

After the trip, miracle of miracles!, I could swim, dive, open my eyes underwater and play in the bay near my home. I loved being in the ocean! A whole new life opened for me, and I stood on the sand in amazed gratitude saying, "I love the ocean. I love the ocean. I love the ocean."
Photo: Dolphin group we swam with on our first journey in 1997.

Whale tale excerpts from GOD IS A WHALE
Penelope Smith
Published in Species Link magazine, Issues 30 & 31 Spring and Summer 1998

"One breath of a great whale contains more than the sum of human knowledge."

These brief words were all I could recruit to convey my experience after being in the water with the humpback whales in their nursery/breeding grounds off the Dominican Republic in February 1998. I listened to the infinite knowledge reverberating in their sounds through the water. The information being relayed by the whales about the entire history and workings of the universe was limitless. As they downloaded their records into my receptive cellular structure, I reeled to hold it in my form as a vessel. I could not verbally communicate the vastness of these communications in a hundred years.

In a perpetual state of wonder and gratitude at the interaction of the whole web of life here on Earth, I am profoundly aware of how each species and each being plays a unique role in the community of life. Yet, after being in intimate contact with these majestic cetaceans, I am moved to reveal my feeling that the whales are the greatest expression of God on this planet.

Whales have always held a deep place in my heart. With past life remembrance of being a whale, I resonate with their purpose, wisdom, grace, and grandeur. In their great love and wisdom they are furthering the evolution of the human species and the entire evolutionary journey of life on Earth.

This year’s experience of swimming with the humpback whales was an honor available to few people. Nowhere else in the world are people legally allowed to swim this intimately with them. There are only three boats licensed to be in the whale sanctuary during their breeding season, so only about 500 people in the entire world get to experience this each year.

We began our one-week journey as we entered the deep-water sacred space of the whales far from land. Joan Ocean co-facilitated the journey with me for our fellow travelers, setting the tone with a beautiful meditation while the boat still rested at the dock. These words came to me:

I look into the Infinite Eye
A vortex spirals through eternity
Feeling the deepest peace of soul knowing
I travel through the portals of dimensions timeless
Through whale wisdom
Reintroducing me to all of God’s glory
I rest in my deepest center of creation
and know that all is well.
Humpback whale eye closeup Dominican Republic
From the main large boat, we went out morning and afternoon in two small boats to be among the whales. We were graced with an invitation to be in the water with a mother and baby whale on our first day out. With great care not to disturb these great creatures in their ocean home, we gently slipped into the water and floated quietly to let the whales decide how they wanted to approach us.

I saw a mother and baby humpback whale vertical in the water within thirty feet before me with the light streaming down into the deep waters. When I described my vision, no one else had seen them in this way. In the interdimensional zone of being with them, I received this message after the encounter.

Peace, peace, oh sister of Love
Let your Heart be full of our Love and your Love
And the Love of the Universe for All Beings
You are infused with the eternal knowing
The wisdom of the Whales and all Being

Let your Heart be full
Let your Life be one flow of peace and joy
A new harmony awaits all those who enter
Into the timeless zone with the Eternal Ones
We have come from near and far to be with you
Oh brothers and sisters of the deepest light of Creation

Be One with the Eternal Ocean Mother
and feel time stop
Feel your hearts swell with love and joy —
your true nature revealed

Feel the changes through every particle of Being
We are moving into the eternal time of no time
With you who choose to enter the star world
Claim your true destiny as beings of Light
Endless peace and love flowing is your mark

The soul is ready
Open wide to greet the day
Open wide to the oneness of eternal essence
The God within and through all creation
Flow with the wonder that you are
One synchronous whole permeating joy
and love forever
Rejoice with us.


We floated our bodies above mammoth 80,000-pound humpback mothers and their escort whale companions, with calves that were fifteen to twenty feet in length. Being in their aura and hearing them sing to each other and to us and absorbing the understandings through every cell was an experience of profound beauty.

After being in the water another day with the whales, we listened to their songs through the hydrophone. Waves of feeling raked my soul from stem to stern. Laughing and sobbing, my heart and whole being merged into the Great Whale Mother, and I knew I had come home to my people — those who truly spoke my language and understood me. Heather Harding, a whale naturalist, taped recordings off the hydrophone and wrote about my response in her journal.

We heard what sounded like many humpbacks singing and dolphins clicking and squeaking...I passed the headphones around and delighted in the blissed out facial expression in those listening to the whales. Then Peace (Penelope) put the headphones on. After a short time she started sobbing and sobbing and sobbing, for about twenty minutes as she listened to the whales, clutching the headphones to her ears.

After awhile she spoke between her sobs. I can’t remember her exact words, but my impression of them was that she was coming home inside of herself. For so many years she has felt, seen, heard things that others have not. I felt a profound sense of her aloneness in this as she spitted out, "They are speaking my language, and I understand them and they understand me, everything." She seemed to say that she belonged with them, that she had been one of them and that being human was such torture, not just for her, but for humans in general.

She conveyed to me a sense of the whales’ vastness, VASTNESS, and ability to encompass so much — the universe, everything and more. We as humans seem to be able to encompass so little in comparison and thus we feel so desperately lonely, separated, and unable to integrate what we experience in a place of Universal Acceptance and Unconditional Love. I don’t quite understand why our relatively narrow and limited consciousness leads us to such sorrow and struggle, but I feel that it does. It has something to do with how beautiful it feels to be able to hold, consciously, the VASTNESS, like the whales do. This is why the whales are so beautiful to us. We see our reflection of our VASTNESS, in size, knowing, and capacity to learn and recover from almost decimation and forgive us even then.

I so related to Peace’s homecoming. Can’t we all? We long for it. She has worked and given to so many her gifts of communication with other animals, despite her aloneness, or perhaps because of it. It felt like she had met her family, that family she should have had with humans as well, to love and support her and share VASTNESS and endless teachings with her.

I felt so happy for her, a validation of all that she is and has given. The love that she has been channeling turned around and showered onto her. It was not a bridge between the species in her usual sense, by receiving then relaying. It was more a personal sharing the reception involving her more. I am profoundly honored, moved, and touched by this experience with her. It has brought me a deeper knowing, in a personal way, of the whales.

Snorkeling in underwater shipwreck reef
Resting in the belly of the whale
I am turned inside out
Gently, softly, filled with love forever
Floating in the Great Mother Divine
I am Incarnate on the Earth
Whale Mother beautiful
Holy Oneness in the temple
Water garden from Hawaii to the Bahamas
Pyramiding vortex of the Mother in Point Reyes
Dedication complete
Mission accomplished
Immersion in love.

That night, as I lay down to sleep, a long low tone began, echoing through the hull of the boat — a healing whale sound. The next morning Joan Ocean also said that she heard it. My night was filled with dream visions. I emerged in a place of deep tenderness, accord, and love for myself and all. I was aware and accepting of my frailty and my strength. A deep interdimensional merging was occurring, and I felt unbounded, melted and melded into eternity.

I'm a jelly blob of angel dust
A star fired creature from the far beyond
I am here and I am everywhere
Dimensions meld in new immersion
We are coated with stardust
We are permeated with light tracings
A centrifugal web of motion is set up to seed
The wonder of millennium
A new species is born in us
New species are born again and again
in oceanic ecstasy
We are populated with a new Earth
A new density of life comes forth out of the old
Saturated with starbursts
We are seeded to our cores with new light
Reborn structures melt and intermingle
Crystalline fantasy lights linger and emerge
Souls enter the new millennium
Weeping with gladness
We are here
We are home
I rest in the belly of the Great Mother Whale
All dreams have come true.

After swimming, suspended in the aura of mother, baby, and escort whales, our group was moved beyond imagining. Each encounter in the water with these great beings was unspeakably profound.

Reef fish school snorkeling in Bahamas
Suspended in time and space above the Great Mother
Flying through dimensions
Earth matter transformed
The Great Whale Mother has taken me entirely as her own
I am free of all earthly patterns
Moved into cellular diversity
Crystalline transparency
Moving through the spaces between form structure
Formless form reformed again and again.
I am flying through all form
Freed, transparent
Interdimensional melding complete
Trance dance ecstasy
I have merged with all life
I am One oceanic majesty
I am Whale — keeper of wisdom
I am Whale — multidimensional entity
I am Whale — sister and brother of the Universe
Melding, melting, formless, timeless
I am One.

So much came from the whales, downloaded into the fabric of my being. After our group closure meditation, I felt a rush of emotion and swirling energy spiraling through my body.

Stretched interdimensionally,
My very fabric is being unwoven
Taken bodily through the interdimensional stream
Where all dimensions unite as one fabric
I am no longer here, nor there
I am everywhere
I am in the air flying in hyperspace with the Whales
I am flying through all the dimensions being woven together
I am weaving them all with my own body form
This is beyond the cellular interbonding
This is the interweaving of all particles and waves
Of all structures of all frequencies
Of all things past, present, future, known and unknown
I am moving slowly and faster than lightning
Anemone underwater in BahamasI am gelatinous molding flow
On the inside out and the outside in
I am taken away into the very essence of here and now —
the everything of existence
Seeing all that cannot be seen
Hearing all that cannot be heard
Feeling all that cannot be felt
Accompany me
Let your fabric stretch infinitely
Until all fabrics are of one stitch
No seams to bind or cut the flow
One single fabric of the Universe blending
I hear the one great sound
I am overwhelmed into non-being and all-being
Accompany me, for we make the leap together
We are all together here in the nowhere
Accompany me in your consciousness
For we are one conscious breathing being
The individualities are being melded
Into the one pulsing whole that is the whale consciousness that is God
Accompany me for I still have human fears and heartaches
and I am not alone in the Great All
Accompany me with your breath of consciousness
For we make the shift together
The time is now in the always of the all ways
Fly with me over the great whale Mother and you are there
In me and out me — inside out me
Fly with me into the ecstasy of no thought and all wisdom
The one great mind and no mind at all
Can you hear me?
I have gone to no where
Follow and lead
They are the same now in the one great circle
I sigh and weave — the fabric is whole.


There was so much to assimilate from these passages woven by our whale guides. They are ever with us palpably. The whales have indicated that they are "drumming," sending low tones through the Earth under the oceans that permeate our bodies to awaken our cells to greater consciousness of unity. In late June, after returning from facilitating dolphin swims in the Bahamas, I started to hear low pulsing sounds at night in the peaceful atmosphere of my home atop Inverness Ridge overlooking Point Reyes National Seashore. At first I checked to see if there were some local physical cause, like the hot water heater turning on or the refrigerator humming, but all was quiet. I later realized that I was tuning into the whale sound frequency. My extended senses were picking up their drumming when all around was quiet. This comforting drone reinforces our deep connection with all of life.

When the dawn sets on the mountain
The ocean will sing its own song
The song of the ancient whales
Deep below the sea
Waiting and watching
Till time again begins to churn its melody
Backwards and forwards at the same time
Drumming, drumming, drumming us
all the way home
Till we hear the song of our own hearts
And darkness becomes light
The great whales are waiting and watching
We listen and we hear your song
Our hearts are gladdened and we wend our way home.

 Sunset watched from whale boat Dominican Republic 

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