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Holistic Animal Services

Veterinary Resources

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
For a directory of holistic veterinarians 

Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
Vets who trained under Dr. Richard Pitcairn in homeopathic care and other natural health care information

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, Inc.

American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture

American Association of Housecall and Mobile Veterinarians

American Veterinary Dental College

Physical therapy for pets

Holistic animal health care article archive and e-mail updates by Dr. Karen Becker

Animal Care

How to handle fleas with natural remedies — no harmful poisons needed

Ultimate Pet Friendly Housing Guide: How to Find a Rental with Your Pet

Renting an apartment? Advice on everything you should include in a pet resume with an interactive guide to build your own

A Landlord and Tenant’s Guide to Pet Screenings: How to Create a Pet Resume

How to Successfully Rent an Apartment with a Pet

Getting Your Home Ready for Your New Rescue Dog

A Guide to Finding the Right Dog. Questions to ask before you adopt

Finding the Dog Breed for You

DNA Tests for Dogs and Cats

MyDogLikes dog health and wellness; behavior and training tips.

Benefits of Pets for Kids – The Essential Guide A comprehensive resource on the many benefits of animals for children, including what it takes to have a pet, how to take care of pets, and pets for special needs children.

Animal Assistance in Addiction Therapy and Prevention

Benefits of Pets During Addiction Recovery

Guide for people looking to recover from their addiction through pet adoption

More Than Emotional Support Animals The history of animals in therapy and examples of current day animal assisted therapies. How support animals improve recovery from substance use disorders.

Establishing pet-friendly office policies

Reviews, tips, and information to take care of hamsters, guinea pigs, and chinchillas

Sleep health for your pets
How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?
How Much Sleep Do Cats Need?
Do All Animals Need to Sleep?

Sleep health and wellness for your dog

Sleeping with your fur-baby can reduce depression, ease insomnia and even lower your blood pressure

How to tell if your pet is impacting your sleeping habits positively or negatively

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Sleeping with your Dog

How to Encourage your Cat to Drink More by Royal Veterinary College nurse who specializes in feline nursing and sees a lot of dehydrated cats

Homemade grain-free dog treat recipes

Guide to making a delicious, healthy cake for your dog on her special day. Highlights the best flour for your dog's diet, healthy topping and frosting, and original recipes

Animal Safety

First-Aid For Dogs: Prepare For The Unexpected  

Comprehensive guide on why you should microchip your pet

Pet Disaster Preparedness Guide

Pet owner disaster safety guide with general preparedness tips, how to plan/pack for disasters, tips for taking shelter at home, evacuation safety, and pet safety considerations after a disaster

Pet safety guide written by industry experts, includes chapters on common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners.

Pet Safety: Leaving your dog or cat home alone

Keeping your pet safe and happy during the holidays

Household cleaning products that are harmful to pets and easy natural recipes for cleaning home and pets.

10 most common ways dogs are accidentally poisoned

Tips for pet proofing your home and yard

Keeping Pets Safe in Your Home: Room by room advice and many helpful links

Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants

Poisonous Plants for Cats

Dog Walking Safety Tips

Keeping Pets Cool on Hot Days

The Harmful Effects of Smoking Around Pets

Dangers of smoking and vaping around pets

Pets and Marijuana Poisoning

Animal Death

Animals in Spirit - a practical guide that shows us how to help animals make their transition while strengthening ourselves by feeling their presence deeper in our hearts as we learn to accept and understand the full experience. Learn how to connect and communicate with your animal friends after they have gone on.

Understanding Pet Loss Grief and Recovering

Helping Kids Deal with the Loss of a Pet

What to Do When A Family Pet Dies

How Pets Mourn the Loss of a Companion

9 Loving Ideas to Honor a Beloved Pet Who Has Passed Away

A Guide to Logistics and Legalities for Memorializing Your Pets

Pet Prayer Flags
to commemorate our connection with animal friends who have gone on 

Thoughtful pet loss sympathy gifts

Loss of Pets Ecards

Create your own e-card with Canva, a simple, drag-and-drop, design software that’s completely online and free to use

How Long After the Death of My Dog Should I Wait to Get Another Dog?

Aid and Insurance

What it costs to have a cat or dog companion and how to budget for expenses

The lifetime cost of having a dog

Cost-helping database, specifically and helping find costs of procedures, professional services and much more. Countless people have shared their costs on our interactive map, making it easier to find that "fair price." 

The Simple Dollar’s guide to financial aid for pets. A state by state guide that provides a list of the resources and organizations that are offering financial assistance for pet owners in need.

A detailed guide on how to find help and care for your pets when you are hospitalized

To help animal guardians navigate the pet insurance industry, we consulted with vets and pet care experts about what's essential to a pet insurance policy. We explored policy details, compared coverage options, and even tested each provider's customer service to see if they provide peace of mind.

Information and resources on health insurance for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets

Best Pet Insurance based on in-depth reviews

Guide to homeowner's insurance for dog owners, including blacklisted breeds

Why renters need pet insurance. The difference between renters insurance and pet healthcare insurance.

Pet Insurance Review for Seniors

Animal-assisted therapy for substance abuse. Benefits and how to find a provider.


We travel the USA compiling guides to dog friendly towns, parks and events.

How to keep your dog safe in the car

Keep your dog safe and happy in your car

Pets and hot cars: what you need to know

Complete Guide to Traveling with Dogs

Travel with your dog, planning for domestic and international travel, by car, bus, train, plane, and cruises

5 Tips for Traveling with Cats

Guide to flying with pets provides updated information on pet travel restrictions for every airline, including emotional support and service animals. Also:
  • Pet friendly airport and relief locations
  • Pet health requirements for each state
  • Travel rewards and programs offered for flying with your pet

Guide to plane travel with your dog

Ways to keep your pet safe and comfortable before, during and after a move.

A resource guide that includes the state importation regulations for the most common household pets
. State-by-state interactive map to view the specific veterinary health certificates, permits and vaccinations required to move pets to a new state.


MyDogLikes comprehensive dog product reviews, buying guide, and coupons.

Online resource for tips, advice, products and guides.

A complete array of holistic animal food and other supplies

Organic products for animals. Effective oral care water and food additive and dental gel, healing skin salves, shampoos, insect spray, ear cleaner.

Dog Owner's Guide to CBD How it works, what conditions can it help, which products are most likely to be pet-safe.

CBD Oil For Dogs: What You Need To Know

Fancy Cat Perches A wide variety of cat furniture with sturdy construction and no toxic chemical smells. Cat playgrounds for small and big cats.

Animal Health Care Careers

Holistic health careers:

Interested in becoming a
Veterinary Technician? Find a comprehensive list of vet tech programs in the U.S. at The online resource dedicated to prospective and current veterinary medicine professionals.

Veterinary students
find all of the necessary steps, from the education, internship and exam processes to licensure and maintaining your Vet Tech/Veterinarian credentials within your respective state. 
Veterinary Careers Essentials Guide to veterinary careers and programs.

Getting Into Veterinary School from the perspective of many who have done it

Open Colleges Animal Care Courses Australia's leading online educator (An infographic which shows what lies ahead if you pursue a career in animal care) (Animal care advice from Industry Professionals)

CourseFinder bringing together online and distance education courses from the biggest and best Australian universities, TAFEs and private colleges. Animal care courses at:


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Animal Wellness Magazine cover with dog

Animal Wellness Magazine devoted to natural & holistic health for animals.

Naturally Happy Dogs video magazine logo
The online Dog Video Magazine

Animal Liberty  Writings on the sacredness of animals. Charter of Animal Liberation.

Animal Welfare Organizations

Earthfire Institute A non-profit organization dedicated to fostering appreciation of all living things fundamental to their preservation. A refuge for rescued wild animals of many species who act as a bridge to humankind to reconnect with the sacredness of the wild.                                                         
Juas and babies  - tamarin monkeys at Pacific Primate Sanctuary
Pacific Primate Santuary, Inc. A nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and propagation of threatened, endangered, or distressed primates. Monkeys come from research labs, the pet trade, and some have been confiscated from smugglers by federal agencies. The Sanctuary is run by volunteers and relies on contributions from the public to continue its life saving work.  
Juas and babies

The Elephant Sanctuary  The nation's only natural-habitat refuge where sick, old, and needy elephants can walk the Earth in peace and dignity. The 800 acre sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee provides education about these endangered elephants.

Defenders of Wildlife Wildlife updates and environmental network. An easy way to keep informed and support animal and environmental issues.

Earth Island Institute In-depth information on environmental protection.  

Helping the green economy for people and the planet.

Green Living Guide. Help the planet and all its inhabitants by following these inexpensive ways to go green.

Spiritual Growth
It is always possible to discover more deeply what the force is, what the grace is, that moves your life. In fact, it is essential to acknowledge that, and to open to direct experience in the discovery of that. Then you have the actual choice of surrendering your thoughts and emotions, your habits and concepts, surrendering it all to the grace of the power that is calling you home.     Gangaji

A Network for Grateful Living A worldwide community of gratefulness, including all of life on Earth. Inspiring thoughts for each day.
ShamanPortal banner

Steps To Enlightenment A book written by Sharmai Amber with Keith Amber who together co-host Mastering Ourselves Radio which airs 6 days a week and is dedicated to spiritual growth.

Prepare to delight in the helpfulness of this wonderfully well-written, practical, and thorough guide through the pitfalls on the spiritual journey. The real-life examples give exquisite clarity to the pointers on how to progress to self-mastery on our true soul path. Penelope Smith

link to
Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born
by Robert Schwartz Ten true stories of people who planned physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. The book presents the actual conversations people had with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones when together they planned the challenges they would experience in their upcoming lifetimes.
How humans can upgrade the English language
to become as resonant with natural harmonies as birdsong and cricket choirs—and to 'convey a higher frequency of consciousness in our communications and inspire a greater frequency of kindness in our interactions’