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Resource Links

Holistic Animal Services

for Animal Friends
and Family of All Species

Animal Rescue Site Click daily to help feed rescued animals. Free.

Veterinary Resources

24 hour Poison Control Hotline
Call 785-532-5679
For animal guardians and veterinarians from Kansas State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. This FREE service has been available since 1969. A veterinarian and professor in toxicology and pathology oversees the hotline. Have any product labels available. The vet might need to know milligrams and generic names.

Find an emergency vet in your area (U.S.)

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
For a directory of holistic veterinarians 

Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
Vets who trained under Dr. Richard Pitcairn in homeopathic care and other natural health care information

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, Inc.

American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture

American Association of Housecall and Mobile Veterinarians

American Veterinary Dental College

Physical therapy for pets

Holistic animal health care article archive and e-mail updates by Dr. Karen Becker

Extensive digital library of learning resources for veterinary professionals and people with an interest in animal welfare

Animal Behavior & Training

Tellington TTouch positive approach to training, behavior, and overall well-being by internationally recognized animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones. Dogs, horses, cats, humans and other animals.

Certified Dog Training with positive reinforcement rather than dominance methods.!directory/map

Certified Behaviorists for dogs, cats…

Suzanne Clothier: Relationship Centered Training (TM) working with animals professionally since 1977 with a background that includes obedience, agility, puppy testing, breeding, Search and Rescue, conformation, instructing, kennel management and canine midwifery.

Patricia McConnell PhD, Zoologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, (CAAB) is known worldwide as an expert on canine and feline behavior and dog training, and for her engaging and knowledgeable dog training books, DVDs and seminars.

Pam Johnson Bennett cat behaviorist with excellent resources on solving issues including in multi-cat households

Jackson Galaxy cat behaviorist with holistic resources and information.

How to Help Dogs with Separation Issues Overview of separation stress and the various causes and common signs plus a list of veterinarian recommended tips to reduce and ease separation stress-related incidents.

Animal Care

The Ultimate Guide to Adopting a Dog
How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for your Family
Guide to What Dog Breed I Should Get

Children and Animal Safety: Fostering a Healthy Relationship With Animals From a Young Age

Caring for Elderly and Disabled Pets including mobility, common health issues, diet, exercise, and home modifications
A guide to care for senior or special needs pets:

What Pet Owners Need to Know About Homebuying
, including features of a pet-friendly home and neighborhood.

A Guide to Pet-proofing Your Home for a Foster Rescue Animal
Getting Your Home Ready for Your New Rescue Dog
What to Do in the first 24 hours after bringing a puppy home
Puppies: The First Four Weeks

Unique and affordable backyard ideas for dogs. Modifications you can make in your backyard for your dogs to enjoy, like special digging areas and DIY obstacle courses.
Dog-Friendly Landscaping Guide

Smart Technology Toolkit for Managing Pet Health and Wellness to find the best smart technology for the health and wellness of your animal companions. Wearable technology like GPS collars, smart food dispensers, litter boxes, and more.

DNA Tests for Dogs and Cats

Dog Grooming Guide

How to Protect Your Pets from Fleas, Ticks, and Other Pests
Bugs on Dogs and Cats

How To Live Happily With Your Pets When You Have Pet Allergies

Ultimate Pet Friendly Housing Guide: How to Find a Rental with Your Pet
Renting an apartment? Advice on everything you should include in a pet resume with an interactive guide to build your own
A Landlord and Tenant’s Guide to Pet Screenings: How to Create a Pet Resume
How to Successfully Rent an Apartment with a Pet
Establishing pet-friendly office policies

How to Encourage your Cat to Drink More by Royal Veterinary College nurse who specializes in feline nursing and sees a lot of dehydrated cats

Homemade grain-free dog treat recipes

Animal Safety

First-Aid For Dogs: Prepare For The Unexpected  

Comprehensive guide on why you should microchip your pet

Pet Disaster Preparedness Guide

Tips for pet proofing your home and yard
Keeping Pets Safe in Your Home: Room by room advice and many helpful links
Pet Safety: Leaving your dog or cat home alone
Contractor's Guide to Pet Safety on Construction Sites
Keeping your pet safe and happy during the holidays

Household cleaning products that are harmful to pets and easy natural recipes for cleaning home and pets.
Guide to removing pet stains, smells and odors, including homemade, pet-safe products.

How to handle fleas with natural remedies — no harmful poisons needed
Eco-friendly pest control methods to banish critters safely with pet health in mind.

10 most common ways dogs are accidentally poisoned
Pets and Marijuana Poisoning
Poisonous Plants for Cats

Keeping Pets Cool on Hot Days

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Safety for Children and Pets

The Pet Owner’s Guide to Air Quality and Pet Health Symptoms of respiratory distress in dogs, cats, birds, and horses. Ways you can improve air quality to create a safer environment for your animals.

Animal Death

Animals in Spirit a practical guide that shows us how to help animals make their transition while strengthening ourselves by feeling their presence deeper in our hearts as we learn to accept and understand the full experience. Learn how to connect and communicate with your animal friends after they have gone on.

Understanding Pet Loss Grief and Recovering
How To Grieve a Pet's Death in a Healthy Way
Mourning the Loss of Your Dog (or Other Pets)
Coping with Grief: What is Normal and What is Complicated Grief
Helping Kids Deal with the Loss of a Pet;
How Long After the Death of My Dog Should I Wait to Get Another Dog?

Rainbow Bridge Website Helping grieve animal losses and extend care and compassion to our missing and sick animal companions.
Loving Ideas to Honor a Beloved Pet Who Has Passed Away
Ways to Honor Your Dog's Memory
A Guide to Logistics and Legalities for Memorializing Your Pets
Pet Prayer Flags to commemorate our connection with animal friends who have gone on 
Thoughtful pet loss sympathy gifts
Loss of Pets Ecards

Animal Expenses, Aid and Insurance

What it costs to have a cat or dog and how to budget for expenses
Cost-helping database, specifically and helping find costs of procedures, professional services and much more. People have shared their costs on our interactive map, making it easier to find that "fair price." 

A detailed guide on how to find help and care for your pets when you are hospitalized

Waggle, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to keeping companion animals and their families together. We strive to ensure that the lives of family pets are not cut short because pet guardians lack the necessary funds to cover the cost of vital veterinary treatment, whether for an emergency or ongoing care.

The RedRover organization’s mission is to “help animals in crisis and protect and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance, and education.” At the RedRover site, you can find a comprehensive list of state programs that provide financial assistance to pet owners. There’s also a list of national organizations that may be helpful, depending on your needs, as well as programs that provide assistance according to your pet’s medical condition (e.g., cancer, diabetes, mobility issues), breed, or need (e.g., pet food, low-cost spay/neuter resources, other financial assistance).
There’s also the
RedRover Relief Urgent Care program that provides small financial grants for urgent veterinary care.

The Pet Fund a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that “provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals in the United States who need veterinary care.”

State veterinary medical associations This list is provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and includes contact information for each state’s veterinary medical association, which should be able to provide pet parents with information about local financial assistance programs.

Best Friends Animal Society: Financial Aid for Pets website offers a comprehensive list of resources for pet parents in need, including links to state specific programs, breed- and disease-specific resources, resources for those with assistance animals, and for animals of senior citizens, people with disabilities, and people who are seriously ill.

A Guide To Understanding Homeowners Insurance And Pets
Pets And Homeowners Insurance: A Guide For Pet Parents tips for pet owners to avoid damage, different coverage types, and possible liabilities
Guide to homeowner's insurance for dog owners, including blacklisted breeds
Why renters need pet insurance. The difference between renters insurance and pet healthcare insurance.
The Best Pet Insurance Companies;
Is Pet Insurance Worth It? How Does Pet Insurance Work And Should I Get It?
Pet Insurance Review for Seniors
Obtaining pet insurance when your pet has pre-existing conditions

Animal Therapy

Children and Dogs
Animal Assistance in Addiction Therapy and Prevention

Benefits of Pets During Addiction Recovery

Animal-assisted therapy for substance abuse. Benefits and how to find a provider.
Pet Friendly Drug Rehab Centers

Comprehensive guide on the benefits of therapy dogs, from providing emotional support to enhancing social interactions and improving physical health.
More Than Emotional Support Animals The history of animals in therapy and examples of current day animal assisted therapies. How support animals improve recovery from substance use disorders.
Understanding Animal-Assisted Interventions and Veterinary Social Work explains what animal-assisted therapy is, and how it's used by veterinary social workers to help clients build communication strategies, self-esteem, and coping skills for grief and loss.
Pets and animal therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder families.

Benefits of Pets for Kids – The Essential Guide The many benefits of animals for children, including what it takes to have a pet, how to take care of pets, and pets for special needs children.
The Impact of Pets in Childhood Development includes pets and neurodiverse children and advice on getting a family pet

Why Fish Make Great Pets for Kids.

Sleeping with your fur-baby can reduce depression, ease insomnia and even lower your blood pressure
How to tell if your pet is impacting your sleeping habits positively or negatively


Traveling With Pets: Tips For a Stress-Free Trip
Safe Driving While Traveling with Pets
Keep your dog safe and happy in your car
Guide to keep pets safe in the car and how to prepare for an auto emergency
Pets and hot cars: what you need to know
How to Fly and Travel with your Dog
5 Tips for Traveling with Cats

RVing with Pets: Tips for Pet-Friendly Campgrounds, Travel Preparation, and On-the-Road Pet Care

Different Laws For Bringing Pets In To Countries Around The World

Ways to keep your pet safe and comfortable before, during and after a move
Guide to Moving with Pets
Guide for moving and caring for anxious pets


A complete array of holistic animal food and other supplies
Organic products for animals. Effective oral care water and food additive and dental gel, healing skin salves, shampoos, insect spray, ear cleaner.
CBD Oil For Dogs: What You Need To Know
Cat Perches A wide variety of cat furniture with sturdy construction and no toxic chemical smells.

Animal Health Care Careers

Holistic health careers
How to Become a Vet Assistant outlines the key responsibilities of a vet assistant and how this role is different from a vet tech. The required skills for this career and information on average salary and the top states for employment opportunities.
Vet Tech programs and jobs.
Veterinary students all of the necessary steps from the education, internship and exam processes to licensure and maintaining your Vet Tech/Veterinarian credentials within your respective state.  
Getting Into Veterinary School from the perspective of many who have done it
Open Colleges Animal Care Courses Australia's leading online educator An infographic on what lies ahead if you pursue a career in animal care
Insights from veterinary nurses and other career information


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Animal Wellness Magazine cover with dog
Animal Wellness Magazine devoted to natural & holistic health for animals.

Naturally Happy Dogs video magazine logo

The online Dog Video Magazine

The Ultimate Guide to Movies for Dog Lovers "Does the dog die?" can warn you what to expect from a movie, but what if you want to find a film where the dog lives happily ever after? This article talks about the history of dogs in film, and has a list of suggestions for dog lovers who want a heartwarming experience without having to worry if the dog lives. It includes suggestions ranging from the most iconic dogs in film to family friendly movies for kids.

Animal Welfare Organizations

World Animal Net logoThe world's largest network of animal protection societies with over 2,000 affiliates in more than 100 countries working to improve the status and welfare of animals.

Mountain lion and man
Earthfire Institute A non-profit organization dedicated to fostering appreciation of all living things fundamental to their preservation. A refuge for rescued wild animals of many species who act as a bridge to humankind to reconnect with the sacredness of the wild.                                                      
Pacific Primate Sanctuary, Inc. A nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the protection, preservation, and propagation of threatened, endangered, or distressed primates. Monkeys come from research labs, the pet trade, and some have been confiscated from smugglers by federal agencies. The Sanctuary is run by volunteers and relies on contributions from the public to continue its life saving work. 

Defenders of Wildlife Wildlife updates and environmental network. An easy way to keep informed and support animal and environmental issues.

Earth Island Institute In-depth information on environmental protection.  

Helping the green economy for people and the planet.

Green Living Guide. Help the planet and all its inhabitants by following these inexpensive ways to go green.

Global tree meditations and celebrations to unite our fellow tree lovers to help awaken and deepen harmonious, respectful connections to our tree kin. Our website is full of tree-mendous resources, books, organizations and courses.

Spirit Animals Astrology

How humans can upgrade the English language to become as resonant with natural harmonies as birdsong and cricket choirs—and to 'convey a higher frequency of consciousness in our communications and inspire a greater frequency of kindness in our interactions’

A Network for Grateful Living A worldwide community of gratefulness, including all of life on Earth. Inspiring thoughts for each day.

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