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Special 1/2 price package of all 3 of Penelope's books and DVD "Wild Animals Speak"

Historic Live Audio Recordings
Hear the wisdom and clarity of a recognized master in the field
Click here for these rare MP3 recordings of live tele-seminars


Which book, CD, or video is right for you?
What should you study first to learn animal communication?

Here’s our recommended program. 

Start with the classic, foundation book, Animal Talk and then progress to When Animals Speak. This will ground you in the basics, including "how to" techniques, and go on to more depth in the subject. For comprehensive knowledge and help with animal dying and death, read the Animals in Spirit book.

The Telepathic Journey: Opening to the Whole live audio recording gives you a guide on what to expect as you progress on the journey in animal communication to encourage you through the challenges and the leaps forward.

Then get the Animal Communication Mastery Series  - a must for animal communicator training.

All of Penelope's books and recordings can be read or listened to many times as you progress. They are densely packed with practical, insight-inspiring information that can be absorbed in layers as you go over the material.

If you cannot do a Basic Course in-person or online with an animal communication instructor or wish to have a preview or review of the fundamentals, then get the How to Communicate with Animals Basic Course CD set.

The live lecture Animal Healing Power CD and DVD - Telepathic Communication with Animals give you an overview and many examples to understand the subject. These tools enlighten people on what the subject is about and help families, friends, and other animal lovers to understand and begin to open their own animal communication connection. Some people use these resources as lecture tools for club meetings and other gatherings.

The DVD - Wild Animals Speak goes into depth on awakening our telepathic connection with wild animals so we can walk in oneness with them. It covers some basic and advanced principles of true telepathic communication.

Animal Spirit Call CD aligns with the Advanced I Course, the Deepening and reveals more about the shamanic spirit connection of animal communication. See the course page for a description of this course.

Evolutionary Leaps with Our Animal Friends, How to Tell if Animal Communication is Real, and other live talks available as MP3 recordings transmit profound spiritual teachings and boost our evolutionary potential as we align ourselves with our fellow animals of all species during the powerful changes of our time.

Many professional animal communicators have all of the publications and listen/read/view them many times through the years for further knowledge and inspiration.

Wishing you a wonderful journey in the field of communication with all species/all life!
Penelope Smith

Penelope Smith is the Grandmother of Animal Communication. Long before it was in vogue to be an animal communicator Penelope was courageous enough to let the world know that, “Yes, animals do speak!” She trained animal communicators all over the globe for decades.

What is most precious about Penelope’s work is that she is the practice of compassion for all beings in motion. Penelope is gifted with a very big soul ability to accept all beings in love. She is able to come from a place of zero agenda and just get who animals and people are. Instead of fixing, she is listening. Instead of debating, she perceives. She is able to master the skill of witnessing as animals do. As you learn more about her work you can begin to gain this skill yourself.

I truly believe that when we can all do this world peace will be the norm.

What is also very impressive about Penelope and her work is she never stands above anyone. She stands as sister side by side with all life. What a great leader!

I tuned into Penelope to embrace her soul and this is what I learned about her. She is a channel of a very, very bright light and she embodies the fairies, the dance, the music, the people, the animals, and the elements. She is the light. She has returned to who she really is and she is sharing this so that others may remember who they are.

From this special person has come many a CD and book; each one a beautiful experience and read for all animal communicators, healers, and people who are awakening or desire to be lovers of life.


animal-talk-how-to-communicate-with-animals-book-Penelope-SmithANIMAL TALK
Interspecies Telepathic Communication
The foundation book on animal communication
 Still going strong after 36 years and many editions!

The book that led the way - Penelope Smith's classic book on how you can learn to directly communicate with animals. Picks up where Dr. Doolittle left off, for anyone who ever wondered what his or her dog/cat/tortoise was thinking. All living creatures have the ability to think, feel, and communicate although most people have forgotten this. No hocus-pocus, no wishful thinking, this book teaches how to open up to the messages that animals around us are sending all the time.

Solve behavior problems. Find out where your animal hurts. Discover animals' likes and dislikes and why they do the things they do. Learn the "language" that will open the door to your animal friends' hearts and minds. Many professional animal communicators around the world use what they learned from this book as a foundation for their work.

Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing - a division of Simon & Schuster ISBN 978-1-58270-214-8, 180 pages. $14.00  (7th edition)
First edition published by Pegasus Publications in 1978   

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What an adventure into the world of animals! I enjoyed Penelope's book immensely and can feel like I am right there reliving the experiences as she shares her personal insights. This was a pleasure to read, easy to follow, and helped me to believe in the depth of connection that is possible with our loving companions. Thanks to Penelope for being willing to share her gifts and journey into this realm. C.S.

I want to thank you for not hiding your light under a bushel. It is because of you I wandered into the wonderful world of animals on a deeper level. I talk to the animals who are around me all the time because of your book. As I dedicate my time to speaking on behalf of the animals, to the people of my church, understanding their world better because of what you have shared can only increase my ability to speak for them. Thank you so much, again, for choosing to move your life in this direction. It has blessed all of us who know you, or of you. L.S.

I have read Animal Talk in one sitting, for it was impossible to put it down. Thank you for sharing your history with our fellow animals and for your easy-to-understand tips on communicating with them. It is because your style is so natural, it would encourage humans to foster a deeper relationship with our fellow beings. D.G.


When-Animals-Speak-book-Penelope-SmithWHEN ANIMALS SPEAK
Techniques for Bonding with Animal Companions

Deep, life-changing revelations communicated directly from the animals. Discover who animals and other forms of life really are; how they understand themselves and others; how they feel about humans and life on Earth; how they choose their paths in life and death; the depth of their spiritual understanding and purposes; and how they can teach, heal, and guide us back to wholeness as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. Regain the language natively understood by all species. Laugh as you experience other species' refreshing and sometimes startling points of view about living in this world, humans, and you.

Foreword by Michael J. Roads, author of Talking with Nature.
Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing - a division of Simon & Schuster ISBN 978-1-58270-235-3, 352 pages. $22.99    (4th edition)
      First (1993) edition titled Animals: Our Return to Wholeness

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Thank you for letting me rediscover the ability to talk to animals. I have always known there was something I was supposed to do, to know, and now I know. It was like opening a window and letting the air into my heart.

I have dozens and dozens of books in the fields of Spirituality, New Age and Eastern Religion, and this book is one of the most inspiring, deeply moving, and life changing in my collection. I have read things in this book that I have not found anywhere else. Penelope's experiences of animal communication rings true to my heart. Her abilities and experiences have had a profound impact on my world view and have inspired me greatly. Reality is far vaster and far more magical than we have been taught to believe. While others may find this possibility threatening, I find it liberating and a way of connecting with my soul's truth. E.G.

I have been reading your book When Animals Speak.  Each time I sit down with it (I'm savoring it, so it's taking me a while) my vibration level gets so high... I feel at peace with the world and all its beings. C.M.



Animals in SpiritAnimals-in-Spirit-animal-death-book-Penelope-Smith


How do we say goodbye when it’s time for our beloved animal companions to pass? Where do they go when they leave Earth, and how do we ease the loss and help them transition to the other side?

In her newest book, Penelope shows how to explore and transform the often traumatic experience of losing a cherished animal into a positive, uplifting experience for animals as well as their human friends. With true stories and insights from people and their animals about dying, death, and beyond, readers will learn how to release feelings of loss and separation and instead stay connected to their animal friends in spirit.

Informative and comforting, Animals in Spirit shares the process of dying from animals’ viewpoints. You will learn:

All people who care for animals must face their companions’ deaths; Animals in Spirit is a powerful and practical guide that shows us how to help animals make their transition while strengthening ourselves by feeling their presence deeper in our hearts as we learn to accept and understand the full experience.

Based on the audiotape, Animal Death: A Spiritual Journey, published by Pegasus Publications, 1991.

Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing - a division of Simon & Schuster ISBN 978-1-58270-177-6, 192 pages $14.00   

at our AnimalTalk Store

This book made me laugh, cry, and rejoice at the variety and depth of animal wisdom concerning death.  It opened my heart to deeper places of love and trust that love never dies, and that the energy of the connection with our animal friends is eternal.

Despite dealing with death, this is not a sad and depressing book at all, in fact it is quite uplifting and makes your heart feel warm.  P.H.

I cannot begin to tell you how deeply healing your book has been to me and to others I have begun to share the loving wisdom within.  I will share with my friend once she can be calm enough to begin a peaceful walk through grief over the loss of her husband. M.C.

Your book helped me understand the animals perspective on life and its transitions more clearly and helped me to process a lot of my pain. When I read your account of losing Pasha in another of your books, it was like you were speaking directly to me and conveying everything I felt. I could identify with every word. Words will never express my gratitude to you for taking the time to write down all of your learnings.  K.C.

I had been tending to my elderly, sick Irish Setter, Cinnamon, for several months. Having experienced the loss of furry family members in the past, I dreaded the inevitable time when Cinni would have to leave this earth--either naturally or with a vet's assistance. It was a constant struggle for me, which possibly translated into an unnecessary struggle for Cinnamon.  I purchased your book, Animals in Spirit and it has opened up a world of understanding, faith, and joy. Though my Christian background doesn’t promote reincarnation or the spirit of animals, my personal belief, since childhood, has embraced the unique energy within each living thing and the possibility of reincarnation. Your book helped validate a few events with pets that have left Earth and pets that are still physically here.  I made the fateful appointment today to assist our Cinni transition from the physical plane. Though many tears have been shed in the last few months, your book reminded me that I should invest my time and energy in enveloping Cinni with love. Much love and words of comfort and gratitude were shared with her. I reminded her of how much we all love her, what a great job she had done, that she would always be with us, and that she could come visit any time.  There were no 'good-byes' only 'see you soon!' We kept Cinni constant company and made sure she was warmly enveloped in her blankets and showered with kisses and gentle caresses. The vet was gracious to allow us to spend as much time with her as possible. Her departure was peaceful, quick, and (I never thought I'd be saying this!) uplifting. Though I expected to cry (and continue crying for days), I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and joy...a joy that can only be described as pure, honest, and unselfish. Of course I miss her, yet I feel that as if I have been able to move directly to the "acceptance" phase of the grieving process in a rather healthy way. The understanding I gained as a result of reading your book helps me rejoice in Cinni's departure instead of wallowing in tears, which would make her transition much more challenging for her. I am grateful knowing that she will always be a part of my life, that we will soon meet again, and that she may even one day be back to teach me new things. Penelope, I am grateful that you have shared your insight and stories through your book. I cannot adequately describe how helpful your book has been during this challenging time. My hope is that others will also use your book to help find peace and comfort during their time of loss and grief. A.R.


Animal Communication Mastery Series 


Break through the layers of cultural conditioning that separate you from total connection and communication with animals. See, hear, smell, touch, taste, feel, and experience the world through other beings’ perspectives. Understand animals to depths unimagined. Learn how to help resolve animal behavior and emotional issues, illness, and pain and deepen mutual understanding and cooperation.

This series of six compact disc recordings on four major topics covers the theory and practice of directly communicating mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart with other species. Filled with timeless and many-layered wisdom, you can listen to these recordings again and again for growth in understanding and skill. Your animal friends may want to listen along with you.

The wealth of knowledge and insight on these recordings has helped many animal communicators begin their careers and improve their professional practice.

Anima Mundi Incorporated ISBN 978-0-936552-18-7, 6 CD set, 6 hours. $75

(Earlier edition published as the audio cassette album, The Interspecies Telepathic Connection Tape Series Pegasus Publications ISBN 0-936552-12-3, 4 audiotapes, 6 hours. Out of print as full album; individual audiotapes #1, 2, 3  are still available through e-mailing penelope@animaltalk.net )

1.    How to Communicate with Animals Practice simple, basic steps extended from the techniques in the classic book, Animal Talk. (Not as comprehensive as the exercises and pointers in the Basic Course CD set) (1 hour)

2.    Animal Intelligence and Awareness How intelligent are animals? Is Homo sapiens the only species that is self-aware? Find out about animals' comprehension, reasoning, and awareness based on actual communication and observable responses from animals. (1 hour)

3.    Understanding Animals' Viewpoints Get the "inside story" on how animals view humans and the world around them. Numerous experiences reveal animals' purposes, sense of humor, deep feelings, and spiritual insights. Release blocks to your full connection with other species. (2 hours)

4.    Healing and Counseling with Animals Learn straightforward methods to help animals through emotional trauma, fear, injury, illness, and dying (not a substitute for veterinary assistance but ways to promote healing). Bodywork and counseling in-person and at a distance. Contacting animals who have died. Entities. Insight into Penelope’s seasoned approach to counseling with animals. (2 hours)


Thank you, Penelope, for for the beautiful recordings that you made on animal spirituality which ultimately led me into my wonderful conversation with my cat, Regal. It was a profound experience which has had a transforming impact on my being. I have always had a respect and regard for animals but could be casual as I encountered them, say for example, walking down the street. Now when I encounter an animal as I walk around the neighborhood, it is like a sweet magnetic force within, a recognition of their intelligence, feelings, and spiritual nature. And, in turn, I make some kind of warm contact. I am so much more aware of the beauty and individuality in all animals and feel a deep reverence in their presence. L.F.

The Animal Communication Mastery Series was the key to unlocking a door which opened to a world I had long ago hidden away.  At a time in my life when I wasn’t sure what I was going to do or where I was headed, I sat down to listen to the CD series and found myself unable to put it aside. Hearing Penelope's stories and examples reminded me of a part of myself that I had shut off many years before, when I somehow felt that what I was experiencing wasn’t “normal”. Penelope helped me to see that not only was it acceptable to experience these things but that world was still alive and well within me and just bursting to be set free. Listening to the CD series, gave me the opening I needed in my life, to give myself permission to open the door once again. Once opened, my world expanded beyond measure with the peace, love, and joy from the animal and nature kingdom. Listening to and experiencing this CD series changed my life forever and led me on the path to becoming a professional animal communicator myself, and to share this natural ability with others. D.H.

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How to Communicate with Animals

Now you can practice at home the time-honored “How to Communicate with Animals” course developed by Penelope Smith! 

Reawaken your telepathic communion with all of life and experience the joy of understanding other species, from dogs to whales to butterflies.

Penelope began teaching how to communicate with animals in the 1970’s. Since that time she has tested, expanded, and refined the methods found in the Basic Course, teaching thousands of students all over the world to rediscover and develop their telepathic connection with other species. Many animal communicators around the world have also apprenticed with Penelope to teach this course.
         In this recording and accompanying booklet, Penelope clearly guides you through the topics, exercises, and practical guidance found in a live Basic Course. It is intended for those who cannot attend a course in-person with an instructor, and is also effective for continued practice of the materials after attending a Basic Course. It is recommended that you read Animal Talk before you begin.  

Anima Mundi Incorporated  ISBN 978-0-936552-20-0,  2 CD set, 2 hours 11 minutes plus course booklet. $55   

Order at our AnimalTalk Store

I am so thrilled to have the Basic Course CDs.  I took the basic course with you years ago and have not practiced at all to my potential.  Now, I can work harder and keep myself refreshed on communicating with the animals.  Thank you so, so much for producing this.  It’s beautiful and helpful and I am so very grateful  C.B.


Receive clear, inspiring information on who animals really are. Learn how you can help heal animals through direct communication with them and how animals can assist you in your journey of self-discovery.

Understanding exactly what our animal companions think and feel enhances all healing approaches and results in a reverence for all life. A moving, historical talk not to be missed.

Recorded live at the San Francisco Whole Life Expo. Produced by Penelope Smith. Art Direction and Production: Lauraine Bacon/The Rainbow Company; Illustrations: Capucine

          Animals as healers and teachers                       

2          How animal communication works                                  

3          Penelope’s animal communication history                       

4          Counseling and healing with animals                               

5          Animal meditation and global awareness                         

6          Healings and greatest lessons from animals                    

7          Questions/answers about animal communication             

Anima Mundi Incorporated ISBN 978-0-936552-19-4, CD, 45 minutes $11
Formerly available as the audiotape: The Healing Power of Animal Communication Pegasus Publications ISBN 0-936552-17-4, 45 minutes. (out of print)


I think the most effective recordings are the live lectures. Everything dovetails so perfectly. They have the perfect blend of seriousness and wit and magnetic force, with impeccable timing. B.F.

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 ANIMAL SPIRIT CALL CD produced by Penelope Smith

Animal-Spirit-Call-interspecies-communication-shamanic-drum-circle-Penelope-SmithA powerful embrace of our ancestral roots honoring kinship with all life. Chant, dance, drum, and sing with animal powers and ancient healing spirits.

Over the years, students of our Advanced Interspecies Communication Courses have requested a recording for remembrance and further practice of the drumming and chanting we do to gather our energy and call in the spirits. The form of this Spirit Power Circle came from my guiding spirits and through knowledge of the Native American Medicine Wheel. The Student Power Song came as I drummed with students to call in the spirits of all the directions. It has now been sung in circles around the world.

The Ancient Grandmothers, our wise female ancestors from many cultures, conduct us deeper into our true source of divine power within. Powerful, playful, and loving characters, they have added their blessings to this recording with some transformational healing songs.

1. Entry into the Spirit Power Circle: Cleanse body, heart, mind and spirit as you listen to the heartbeat drumming and chanting     
2. Connecting to Mother Earth and all her creatures                                                                            
3-8.Calling the Spirits of all the Directions with drumming, rattling, and the Student Power Song     
3. East (Eagle Power, Fire Element, Spring Season, Spiritual Body)                                         
4. South (Coyote Power, Water Element, Summer Season, Emotional Body)                           

5. West (Bear Power, Earth Element, Autumn Season, Physical Body)                                    
6. North (White Buffalo Power, Air Element, Winter Season, Mental Body)                       
7. Above (Father Sky and all that is above)                                                                           
8. Below (Mother Earth and all that she holds)                                                                      
9. Dancing all the Directions within us with our power animal guides in a clockwise direction                   
10. Connecting to all in the Spirit Power Circle and beyond: feeling our gathered spirit power and the intentions in our hearts; joining intentions in the center of the circle; gathering the energy of our circle between our hands; directing energy into our body or out to the world; walking out of the circle and into the world to the heartbeat drumming                                                                                                   
11. Ancient Grandmothers Blessing for the Earth and all her children                                                 
12. Ancient Grandmothers Healing for the Individual Soul                                                                   
13. Ocarina call of the Ancient Ones                                                                                                  
14. Shamanic journey drumming                          

 Anima Mundi Incorporated UPC 603888 112225, CD, 70 minutes $16.00                                                   

Order at our AnimalTalk Store                         

I remember the drumming as I arrived each morning for the Advanced Courses. The energy of the Spirit Power Circle and the Student Power Song was magical. The Ancient Grandmothers Healing Songs help me go to that beautiful place inside myself. Thank you for the gift of this incredible CD, I now have the tool to recreate that energy for myself, my family, and friends.


Historic Live Audio Recordings Now Available
Hear the wisdom and clarity of a recognized master in the field

Click here for these rare MP3 recordings of live tele-seminars


How-to-Communicate-with-Animals-video-Penelope-Smith   VIDEO  Classic DVD

Introduction and overview of the subject. Eye-opening for skeptics!

Penelope Smith demonstrates ways of increasing our understanding and harmony
with other species and makes clear why it is fundamentally important to heighten
our awareness of other animals' spiritual nature and to expand our abilities to fully
with them.

We witness consultations and interviews with people and their animal companions
who have benefited from Penelope's communication, counseling, and healing work.
In scenes of courses, we get a taste of techniques that help people regain their power
to telepathically communicate
with other species.

Kelly Hart/Hartworks, DVD, 46 minutes ISBN 0-916289-11-7 $29.95

How enduring the video program has been! Sure speaks to people. We know a little boy who watched it 30 times. R.H.

It was that video that began all  that I am expressing in the world. It was that video that guided me to my deep soul reunion and journey home to the one sacred love with my cat! It was that video that had me call you and then you sent me to an animal communicator who opened the door. L.M.

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Wild-Animals-Speak-animal-communication-video-Penelope-SmithWild Animals Speak was filmed during a rare wildlife communication retreat facilitated by Penelope Smith at Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary in Idaho with the Teton mountain peaks in the background.

It is the combination of Penelope Smith's lifetime work of communicating telepathically with other species and the ability of the animals to make their voices heard and their wisdom and powerful energy felt. In this retreat, Penelope helps the human participants release the mindsets that limit their ability to listen and walk in understanding with other species. Fostering heart to heart, mind to mind, and soul to soul connection with animals brings people into a refreshing relationship with wild animals as fellow intelligent beings.

Basic principles of telepathic communication are used to enable people to experience thoughts, feelings, and energetic transmissions from coyotes, foxes, bears, a cougar, bison, and other Earthfire residents. In this holy ground of true meeting, witness how the animals respond favorably, magic happens, and human perspectives are deeply shifted. You will be moved into a receptive state of communion as you watch this DVD.

Film directed by Anthony Birkholz New edition of DVD published by Beyond Words Publishing $24.95 ASIN: B006Z9XHB4



See an excerpt of at


Earthfire-Institute-Susan-Eirich-wolf-communicationEarthfire Institute provides a lifelong home for rescued wild animals who are not capable of living in the wild. While the animals retain their essential wildness, they are comfortable with humans, so their innate curiosity and desire for relationship can flourish. The animals then become partners in an intimate experience of the interdependency between humans and all of nature. The experience creates a deep transformative sense of the connection between humans and the larger community of life. The Institute’s mission is to awaken ecological advocacy through human connection to the rescued wildlife of Earthfire. Connect at www.earthfireinstitute.org.

Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D.
founded Earthfire to serve as a sanctuary, and to share the wonder of wild animals with her fellow humans. Passionate about nature, she is known as an inspiring teacher and writer, helping others to enrich their own relationship to life. Susan has taught at universities around the world, always working to see through the eyes of others. Her degrees in biology, psychology and education add solid background to her work.   
Susan and Patch


Earthfire-Institute-bear-communication-Jean-SimpsonJean Simpson co-founder of Earthfire Institute has a unique ability to work with wild animals, based on an in-depth and mutual understanding earned through decades of intense observation and interaction. He facilitates safe and magical meetings between humans and Earthfire animals and enriches retreats with his visceral comprehension of the animals he loves
Jean and Major Bear

Part of the DVD proceeds will help support the wild animals of Earthfire.





It's easy to order at the AnimalTalk Store where discounts on some items are available.




Species Link  The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication

If you love animals and are open to the possibility of communicating with other species, if you desire to learn as much as you can about communication with animals or if you are a practitioner in this field, SPECIES LINK is vital for you!
    Read true stories of the amazing results of communicating with animals plus prose and poetry transcribed directly from our non-human friends. You'll find tested methods to learn and teach interspecies telepathic communication, books and resources, the latest breakthroughs, questions answered by seasoned communicators, a directory of animal communicators for services and support, plus readers' stories, poems, art, book reviews, and letters. Species Link is a forum and network to share experiences, helpful hints, insights, humor, growth along the path, the joy of deep understanding and heightened awareness with all beings.

Join the growing community of beginning to advanced animal communicators by subscribing to the only magazine dedicated to the subject. See sample articles below. Published quarterly since 1990.  Founding Editor, Penelope Smith (no longer publishes, edits, or writes for the journal).

See sample articles at Species Link



Penelope Smith's books have been published in the languages of the following countries: United States, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, China, Israel, Japan, Portugal. Only the English versions can be ordered here.

Publications in German    Order these CDs on www.reichel-verlag.de 



 Order these books on www.reichel-verlag.de        


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