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Begun October 2005 (page updated May 2017)
Web header art, flower mandala, and clouds by Carole Devereux


ACCAW Vision & Purpose         Origin of ACCAW         Membership - How to Join         Prayer and Healing Circle Requests  
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ACCAW members on animal rescue & welfare


ACCAW Vision and Purpose:

Participation in ACCAW is open for all people who are communicating with animals intentionally in their lives, not only professionally. Our aim as a not-for-profit coalition is to focus our individual and collective power in united intention to increase communication, balance, compassion, understanding, and communion among all beings.

We work together on projects of concern to us that affect animals and the animal/human connection, covering all levels from the highest spiritual overview and prayer/focused intention to physical action. As individuals we can each focus our energy on the aspect that most draws us and our talents. However, all our concerns from animal rescue in all its forms to overall consciousness of unity of life can be addressed as a communion of beings (animal communicators) who are aware of and educate others regarding interspecies communication. Any member or non-member can offer suggestions for projects and healing requests for our group.

In all our projects, we focus on the wholeness of animals (non-human and human alike), honoring the spirit and life of all beings as One 

The acronym for the Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare (ACCAW) sounds like the call of crows and ravens, who pass messages all over the world as broadcasters in the network of avian communication. It also sounds a bit like "echo," which is what we are doing all over the world as we unite ─ echoing our good and powerful intentions for the welfare of all beings.


Origin of ACCAW

This is how Penelope Smith was moved to form ACCAW:

I had a dream on September 25, 2005 that Spirit urged me to act on in relation to all the monumental events of our time that affect all species, human and non-human alike.

In the dream, the animals and planetary guiding spirits were asking me to form the

They repeated this a number of times and made sure I had the title correct.
            In the coalition, we animal communicators would work together on the projects of concern to us that affect animals and the animal/human connection. We would offer suggestions to work on all levels from the highest spiritual overview and prayer/focused intention to physical action. We could each focus our energy on the aspect that most draws us and our talents. Hurricane Katrina and other catastrophic events called for attention at that time. However, all our concerns from animal rescue in all its forms to overall consciousness of unity of life can be addressed as a communion of beings (animal communicators) who are aware of and educate others regarding interspecies communication.

The dolphins and whales are pushing a giant energy wave to help humans to make a leap in evolution toward unity of all life. All the animals are supporting us in walking in conscious connection for the well being of all life on Earth

I sent this notice about the dream of ACCAW to all the animal communicators who are listed in our Species Link and network directory and many people offered suggestions.


These are the projects suggested so far: 

Prayer/focused intention/meditation/healing circles for specific issues or general well-being at arranged times organized through a central webpage on and echoed on duplicate webpages on other websites

ACCAW members internet discussion group

All species wisdom (communications) sharing

Animal Communicators convention

Small groups organized with specific interest/task

Volunteer consultations for people/animals in catastrophes such as hurricanes and in rescue and shelter situations




If you would like to participate as a member of ACCAW, please write to Penelope at mentioning your background in animal communication, how you practice animal communication in your life now, and how you would like to help in alignment with the vision and purpose of ACCAW.




Prayer and Healing Circle Fountain of Energyanimal-prayer-circle

Here is a suggested prayer, chant, song to focus on with all the requests below. It came to me when I united with the dolphins all over the world. When I asked for a prayer from the animals for our ACCAW prayer and healing circle, the animals suggested that we include the dolphin prayer here. Penelope

From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we be united and in peace.

From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we all be enlightened and live in harmony together.

From the heart of the Oceanic Mother, may all beings, all species, all life honor and support each other in peace.

From the heart of Mother Earth, may we awaken to our highest fulfillment in love with all beings.

From the heart of Dolphin, Whale, Ocean, Earth and the deepest heart of our own life, may we live as One.




Requests for prayers and spiritual healing for individuals of any species

To have an individual included in this circle, please send their name, species, (for non-human animals you can also include a brief description and their age) general geographical location, and why you are requesting prayer or spiritual healing to Please put ACCAW prayer circle in the subject line.  (Note: After being on the individual list for over one year, the entry will be deleted unless we are asked to continue it.)


Lolita, Orca captive in cramped quarters in Miami’s Seaquarium for over 30 years. For the enlightenment of the people connected to her and her rehabilitation and release to her oceanic pod in the highest and best for all life. (Jennifer Parks)

Pancho and Layla, 3 1/2 y/o cats in California, were diagnosed at age 2 with kidney dysfunction. Please pray for their healing and the well-being of their people. (Marcia Barclay) 27Oct15



I have a blood condition that makes me clot too well. I have been on blood thinners since '08. I am getting back into my work, which requires a fair amount of sitting. I humbly request prayers for the removal of this condition, (Jennifer Gross) 28Mar16

Angel, 14 y/o dog, adopted with heart issues after being severely neglected. Please pray for her healing. (K.J.) 22Apr16
Please pray for my little black cat, Jack. He is sick and not eating. (Naomi Gillespie) 7May16

Ellie, 5 y 7m/o English Cocker Spaniel, was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma and metastasis in several organs. Prayers for her healing. (Sylvia Knowlton) 25May16

Siddha, cat, Prayers for healing whatever is going on in her body. (Mae Jackson) 22Jun16

A lady, who lives 20 miles from me, was fostering my cat, Mr Mancho aka Chip. She raised her windows while painting and he got out. Please pray for his safe return to me. (Mary Grindstaff) 27Jun16

Quiero pedir por Tony mi gato criollo en Bogota, Colombia. Se perdió en un la casa del bosque hacia el 1 de Mayo de 2016. Quiero poder indicarle el camino de regreso a esta casa, y quiero que sepa que lo espero y lo amo. Si necesita de mi ayuda, aquí estoy para hacer que el regrese. (María Cristina G.) 1Jul16

Missing July 6 from Theodora Drive - gray shorthair cat named Dimitri, answers to Baby. (Sandy) 14Jul16

Ben, 10 month old DSH male Cat, missing from his foster home since 11July. It's an unknown territory for him, and Ben has always been a strictly indoor cat. Prayers and healing for him to stay safe and be found soon. Mumbai, India (Sib Khushi) 19Jul16

Prayers for the healing of my female cat Sissy. She is very ill and I am afraid she is going to die. (Cristina Meccariello) 29Jul16

Prayer for my three cats, Miss Claire, Lola, and new cat Snow White in Atlanta, Georgia, for them to get along well, to stay healthy and for me to know what would make them happy, and for any effects of past trauma to be healed, (Cathy Conrad) 21Jul16

Canelo, 5 month old puppy in California is very ill in the pet hospital. Please pray for a full recovery. 24Jul16

Ferah, 2 y/o rescued feral kitten in Winnetka, California, did not come home to eat as she normally did on 4 July. Prayers to keep her safe and help her find her way home. (Kimberly) 24Jul16

Babe, 8 y/o Yorkshire terrier in Elk County, Pennsylvania, has been very ill for 3 days with an upper respiratory infection. Prayers for his healing. (Katherine Huggler) 5Aug16
I ran over a young feral cat that lives in our neighborhood. Prayers for his/her soul. (Barbara Johnston) 9Aug16

Bramble, our rabbit is depressed after her friend, our dog, died and my daughter went away or college at the same time. Please pray for her well-being.  (Kathy) 18Aug16



Prayers for Bambi my 6 y/o cat to return safely home. She has been missing for 6 days now from Athens, Greece.  (Bill Haitinoglou) 21Aug16

Prayers and blessings for me and my companion cat, Molly. She was stolen 2 years ago by neighbors who won't give her back. She is microchipped so she can be identified but they hide her from the police or anyone that asks questions about her whereabouts. (Tamara) 26Aug16

My cat Fluffy has an injured leg and trouble walking. Please pray that she will be healed. (Jenny James) 7Sep16

Please pray for my cat, Sparticus. He was chased from the yard by a stray cat and has been gone 20 days. Please pray for his safe return to me.  I move in 23 days and I picture him in our new home with his littermate, Izzie.  (Kristie) 13Sep16


Please pray for my cats in India. Two have infections and are taking medicine. I want to extend the cat enclosure which is at my parents' house. Pray for finance needed for the enclosure and regular food and medicine. (Vandana) 3Oct16

Please send prayers and healing for my 15 y/o cat, Misius, in Moda, Istanbul who is battling breast, uterus, and lung cancer. Pray for what's best for her - healing if it's still possible or a quick and gentle transition. (Anna Guner) 22Oct16

Update: Misius passed away. Prayers for her peaceful transition. 23Oct16

Coda, Cairn terrier, has lymphoma. Prayers that she may go into remission and be with my friend, Jamie, for more years. (Mary McDevitt) 27Oct16
Please pray for two disabled brother and sister cats to find a good home with good people. They have been waiting to be adopted for 2 years and cannot stay at the temporary shelter forever. (Anda Barbale) 1Nov16
Little angel, adopted as a senior after neglect and then with great foster parents of 6 months, where she is happy. She has heart failure so her belly bloats despite medication. Can't afford to keep draining her belly. Prayers for her healing.  (Wave Angel) 9Nov16
Pierre, orange tabby, has not been feeling well the last couple of days. Prayers and healing energy for him. (Jacqueline Texier) 10Nov16
My Baby Kitty vanished 10/19/16. Please pray for his safe return.  (Pollen Cooksey) 21Nov16

Jesse, my cockatiel, has been missing for over 10 months. Please pray for his safe return home. (Leanne Kalusik) 26Nov16

Six Vietnamese bears living in solitary and dark concrete pits. Prayers that they be free from suffering(maggie davis) 4Dec16



Please pray for my 15 y/o Jack Russell girl C.C. in San Francisco, California, diagnosed with cancer a year ago and not doing too well. C.C. stands for Close Call. (Laura Stamirowski) 17Dec16

Nellie, 8 y/o black lab is in the hospital with a swollen rear leg. Please pray and send healing energy to her. (Maxeen Vashro Wyatt) 1Jan17
Misto, 7- 8 y/o tabby in Arizona, who has a large mass/tumor on his larynx. They did a tracheostomy this evening. Healing and positive energy is needed for him and his human companions. (Lynne John) 9Jan17

Tiya, 3 y/o female Labrador in Sri Lanka, is suffering from slipped disk. The vet has given her treatments. Please pray for her recovery. (Renuka De silva) 18Jan17  Update 4Feb Tiya's condition is a bit better but she can't stand or eat and has nerve disease. Please pray for my dog, Ginger, also. Update 14Feb  Tiya still can't eat or drink on her own.


Healing prayers for my 5 y/o German shepherd, Klaus, on medication for his hips and cruciate ligaments in his back legs. He has developed an autoimmune disease that requires medication that makes him feel terrible. Prayers to heal him and take away his pain. (Donna Wells) 24Jan17

Babs, pit bull, is having a procedure done today to draw fluid from her lungs and we are asking God to please guide Dr. Whit's hand so that he can withdraw as much fluid off as possible. Also, please pray for her human mama, Stephanie, that God bless her with complete peace and that God bless Babs with complete healing. (Andrew Walters) 25Jan17
Jacob Fate, 16 y/o grey and white cat with green eyes in North Carolina, has a painful melanoma in his right eye. Mast Cell disease is in his body with growths and nonregenerative anemia. Prayers for his healing and well-being. Thank you for this sacred space. We have received love and healing before. (Jennifer Coleman) 12Feb17

Eden, German Shepherd, in California. Prayers for her to change her behavior toward Cassie so they may live in harmony. (Michelle) 23Feb17

Câine, 9 y/o dog in West Romania, Europe, cannot use her back legs since last October due to arthritis in her spine. Please send her healing and for me, too, that I may be able to receive her wisdom. (Claudia) 14Mar17
Kimi, 8 y/o Siberian husky, having surgery to remove lipoma today. Prayers that my veterinarian will successfully remove the tumor and Kimi will have a speedy recovery. (Debra Kundson) 29Mar17

Service animal, bluetongued skink, Ramses, missing since yesterday. Prayers to help bring him safely home. (Dylan Guthrie) 12Apr17

Felix, 9 y/o cat in Faversham, Kent, U.K., is under vet care for a growth in his mouth. Healing prayers for his recovery. (Sheila Sealey) 21Apr17

Peaches, 3 y/o male orange tabby with a white patch on his chest and 4 white socks, went missing from my yard in Dickinson, Texas 11 days ago. Please pray that I find him now in excellent health. (Tina Dominy) 25Apr17





For help when your animals are in transition, to understand animals' viewpoints on dying and death, to be more fully with your animal friend in peace when they are dying, and to stay in connection with them in spirit after death, read Penelope's book, Animals in Spirit. 




ReporteD Results


23Aug16 Prayers for healing of my 6 y/o star tortoise, Caesar in Dombivli, Mumbai, India. He is suffering from a prolapse. (Maddy Mathers)

15Oct16 My pet tortoise, Caesar, is perfectly healthy now. I am so grateful to you and your team for the prayers they offered for my tortoise.


22Jun16 I work in a prison with razor wire encircling it. A feral mom cat is trapped in the razor wire with sliced bleeding paws and legs. Her kitten has been watching her all day, which is strange because we never see the young cats. The Maintenance crew has tried to get her but she only ran and cut herself more, so they retreated. She has been there all day. Prayers to relax her, and see if she can understand how to jump down on her own. I would gladly take the time off from work to get her to the vet hospital. (Kristin)

28Jun16 Thank you so much. She survived and escaped the razor wires!  I was so afraid that panic would cause her to cut herself even more, and I worried about her cutting major vessels. She was very high up, (about 15 to 20 feet). They told me her pads were mostly intact, and she was able to run off to safety. I hope for her continued healing as I am not able to locate her now. The crew ended up using a water spray instead of the truck bucket to reach her to save her from further injury, as she would not allow to be caught. Her family is no longer seen waiting for her in distress, they are all in their safe places. Please communicate my great joy at her release and send her all my love, and that I think of her every day as I walk my long walk through her area.

28Mar16 I have a blood condition that makes me clot too well. I have been on blood thinners since '08. I am getting back into my work, which requires a fair amount of sitting. I humbly request prayers for the removal of this condition, (Jennifer Gross)

31Mar16 Thank you. My lungs started feeling better sometime last night and my legs were much better today.Truly awe inspiring.

4Apr16 My legs are feeling better daily. I now have no fear of taking a long trip the end of this month. Thank you to all who have been praying for me.


19Sep15 Pumpkin Spice, 10 y/o Chihuahua has a large cancerous mammary tumor. My friend is fostering her for the Fallston Animal Rescue Movement (FARM). Surgery might not be possible but we are hoping that something can be done to shrink/remove the tumor. Requesting prayers for healing for the highest good. (Lori Kutlik) 19Sep15  Update 27Sep  A wealthy woman came forward to help Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin had a visit with an oncologist and will be getting the tumor removed tomorrow. Prayers for her well-being. Update 29Sep She made it through surgery fine. The tumor did not have lung involvement, which is the primary mortality determinant, according to the surgeon. She has 35 stitches and several drains and will have continual care. 

11Nov15 Pumpkin Spice is healing wonderfully from her surgery. Her foster fell madly in love with her and will be adopting her. Such a wonderful outcome. The prayer group is powerful.  


12Oct14 Pray for Raju, “The Crying Elephant” who had been captured and cruelly exploited, then rescued and now living at Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India. We hold space for a kind and just decision October 13 and any necessary follow-up to uphold his current status. May Light Workers unite globally to keep Raju free and cared for by loving humans.  (Jacqueline Texier) 12Oct14

28Apr15 Raju is now happily living at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India. The attempted appeal by his cruel former owner was overturned, and Raju remains with kindhearted humans. He eagerly awaits being reunited with his long-time friend and companion, Mohan. We are grateful for all the prayers and spiritual healing!


23Jul14 Memphis, 2 1/2 y/o male Great Dane, lives next door and is on a lead rope day and night. He appears sad and quite thin. His family put him on the rope several weeks ago because he was jumping the fence. (I returned him to the back yard numerous times, and once very late at night, he was on the other side of the neighborhood and seemed not to know his way around). During rainstorms, he has been left outside on the rope and barked for hours. Two small dogs, sweet and healthy, are his yard companions. I do not want to intrude upon my neighbors' privacy and I expressed this when I returned their dog to them. Prayers for his and his family's well being and happiness.

3Sep14 Good news about the Great Dane you so kindly put on the ACCAW Prayer List in July. During the last four days, and for the first time in almost three months, Memphis, the Great Dane, (2 1/2 years of age), has been running-loping around his back yard. My heart leapt out of my chest when I saw him standing tall and huge, just on the other side of my backyard fence, and not curled up in a ball next to the brick wall of the house. He was patiently looking around, the tall Oak tree next to him seeming to love his company!
Molly, (petite collie, who measures no taller than Memphis's anklebone), and Memphis have been sniffing the air and trotting through the grass together. I wrote a short story about "Memphis and Molly's Grand Tour" when I realized they'd gone off exploring the neighborhood for a good long while two days in a row. Molly is a brave and fearless leader, tiny and dignified at once, and the two are great friends. It's relatively safe and quiet in these parts, and I sent out a "halo of safety and protection" for them both. Thank you so much Penelope for the ACCAW Prayer Circle. Trisha Myers Pawhuska, Oklahoma


21Feb14 Please send healing energy to my cat, Edward in Birmingham, England who was attacked by a fox and spent a week at the vet's. He still has throat problems, damaged vocal cords, and a damaged right eye. (Ken Butcher)
23Mar14 I asked for healing for my cat Edward. His right eye had been damaged and he had a covering over most of it. The covering has gone and his eye is normal. He is eating well and racing around the house as usual. Thank you for the healing, and "GOD BLESS." 


16Jan13 Layla, calico kitty, vomiting two days ago, didn't eat yesterday. X-ray showed slight dilation of her small intestine and possible blockage, partial blockage, or severe inflammation. Please send love, healing energy, and prayers for Layla's body and spirit to sustain her and heal her, to relieve inflammation in her intestines, to pass anything that needs to be passed. And for her brother, Pancho, too, to support him; he isn't eating as much in empathy with her.  (Marcia Barclay)

17Jan13 Happy days are here again!  Last night we were sure Layla would have to go in for an ultrasound today, since she didn't eat at all again yesterday. But this morning we were awakened by romping; she flew down the stairs, then ate all her breakfast and some of her brother's! She seems 100% today!  Many thanks to you, Belinda, the cats and the chickens for your loving, healing energies!  And for putting Layla on ACCAW!  It supported her, and me! 


21Jul12 Nikki Nikoya, 7 y/o Italian greyhound vanished July 19. Prayers for her safe return home to her home in Brighton Twp., Michigan. (Melissa Nagel)

Good news. Nikki was found and returned home Thursday, 7/26!


Feb 12 Early January I submitted a prayer request for a ram that has been chained for three years in our village. Nothing legally could be done for him. Opening to both the sheep and his person, there are several of us now who visit every day to feed, water and (some of us anyway) massage the sheep and talk with him. The sheep's human has reacted positively to this judgment-free intervention. It seems he rescued this sheep from being shot and feels good about what he's done. Except for being free and in the company of other sheep, this ram's life has improved considerably.  (maggie davis)


Jan11 Travis, my senior dog, is struggling with weakness in his back legs, having a hard time staying up on all fours. Prayers for his strength and healing. (E. Biscuso)

Feb12 Travis has passed over. Please thank everyone for their prayers. I know it helped him stay with me as long as he could.


16Nov11 11 y/o German shepherd, 7 y/o Husky, 6 y/o Springer spaniel/Saint Bernard mix, blue-eyed pit bull mix and three cats living with a dying animal control officer who has rescued dogs for many years. His 80 y/o wife is caring for the animals the best she can. Prayers for good homes for all the animals and the well-being of everyone in the household. (maggie davis)

13Jan12 Two of the dogs were adopted to wonderful homes. One of the dogs is with a trainer; Many of the cats were adopted. There have been rough bumps in the road. All along I've felt we were all being watched over. Thank you for your prayers, which I know made this so.


11Aug11 Baxter, boxer beagle puppy who is neglected by his people. Prayers that he find the perfect home. (maggie davis)

7Sep11 Baxter now has a wonderful home. Also, soon after I sent in a request for prayer, Baxter's people, though still not wanting to keep Baxter, began to see to him less dutifully and more gladly. Double miracle. Thank you all so very much.


13Jun11 Daisy, 7 y/o white border collie, has diarrhea and not eating though blood tests are normal. Prayers for her healing. (Adrienne Gallant)

1Jul11 Thank you so much for your recent prayers for Daisy. She has made a full and miraculous recovery!


10Jun11 Kaiser, 1 ½ year old German shepherd in Wisconsin has been lost since 5/31/11. Many sightings but he is running scared. Prayers for him to be reunited with his family who are searching for him. (Tillie)

14Jun11 Kaiser was caught and reunited with his family today! Almost two weeks on the run, covered many miles, and managed to cross lots of busy roads but is home safe! How can anyone question the power of prayer?


6Sep10 Charlie, female feral cat in London who has been abused, now lives in my garden. Prayers to help her heal from trauma and learn to trust me so I can help. (Claire Andrews)

15Sep10 I asked you recently to put Charlie the feral cat on your prayer list. I have been feeding her for a year and a half with limited progress due to her having been abused so badly in her young life. She would come in, but only if the door was open and it was very hard to get her to trust.

For the last three days she has come in the house and stayed the night in the bed which has been sitting there for nearly 18 months unused! She is more trusting and trying to teach her boyfriend, George, to trust me, also. She actually brought him to the back door with her tonight, and she allowed me to pet her.

It felt like winning the lottery, especially after people have told me feral cats cannot be tamed. Hopefully this will encourage others to continue to try as these cats have so few people to help them and the bond you develop with them is so special.

So thank you thank you. I hope it works as well for all the other animals and people on the list. Claire Andrews


7/6/10 My neighbor's cat is stuck where it cannot be found but it is being very vocal about trying to let me know where it is. Prayers for this cat to be guided to a safe place. (Audrey Dunn)  7/7/10 I believe the prayers worked. I haven't heard the cat today and I do not get the feeling that anything bad happened to it. It feels peaceful instead of stressful in the area where I could hear the cat yesterday. Thank you again for your help! Audrey Dunn


6/6/10 Fresca, 16 y/o male neutered brown/black tabby cat missing since June 1. Prayer for his well being; keep him safe, warm, fed and bring him home safely. (Mark & Bev Hitchman) 6/11/10 Your prayers must have worked. Fresca has been missing for 10 days, and now he is home. He's a little dirty and tired but definitely fine.  Bev


2/4/10 Peanuts, 18 y/o male cat, has cancerous tumors in his front left paw and lymph node. Biscuits, 14 y/o female cat, has been very distressed since Peanuts fell ill. Prayers for healing support for them. (Manx and Georgie)

5/10/10 Thank you to everybody who sent up prayers for Peanuts and Biscuits. Peanuts passed away yesterday at home with all of us with him. He surpassed the vets expectations surviving for 3 months longer than they expected and in relatively good health, until the last week. He would go out into the garden every day for about ten minutes to lie in the sun and get fresh air and remained determinedly independent to the end. I was doing shamanic journeying with him as well and I truly believe this and the prayers helped him and prevented him from being in any severe pain. Over the last week he slept more and more and finally went last night as I cradled him in my arms wrapped in his blanket. Biscuits was upset but we are giving her lots of cuddles and kisses and she has eaten well this morning so I think she will be okay. Thank all those who sent up prayers to help her through this difficult time for her as I believe they helped her tremendously. Love to all who participate in your circle, they are truly a godsend. Biscuits, Manx & Georgie

5/6/10 Mary Grindstaff's dog, Rascal, is unexpectedly ill from possible cancer. Prayers that he will do well in the surgery today and that the mass can be totally removed or be benign. (Peggy Matte)

5/10/10 Rascal wasn't put to sleep. They got the growth and it hadn't spread. Biopsy found it was an inflamed gastric polyp - not cancer. Thanks for your prayers. Mary Grindstaff

3/5/10 Lola, 4 y/o rescued dachshund in Canada. Request absent healing for her frenzied aggression. She will attack & bite when she encounters anybody new. There are no health issues.

4/18/10 Hello again from Nova Scotia. Thank you so very much for the intervention to assist my adopted dog! The healing power of prayer has worked, yet again. Lola's personality underwent very rapid, positive changes which have become her new way of being in the world. She frolics when taken into the fields, rolls round on the grass, and comes frequently to seek out pats and cuddles with me...all totally new behaviours since I approached you for assistance. She will walk round the town and not become aggressive when seeing another person or dog, and will wait calmly until the former "perceived threat" has disappeared.

In the house, she announces visitors, but will now pay attention to the "sit-allow" command and then "good hello", which results in her having a sniff and then disappearing into her room and allowing the visit to occur without attempting to bite my company. It took a bit of convincing to get anyone to try a meet and greet with the "new Lola." She had formerly struck terror into virtually all of my friends, but happily there were a few trusting souls who accepted that prayer can work miracles.

The goodness shown by your members on behalf of a rescue dog shall always be remembered. Thank you so very much and you are in my prayers. Dorothy & Lola


8/13/09 Ellie, 3 y/o mostly black mixed German shepherd/border collie female dog, lost May 15, in Louisville, KY. Prayers for her health and safety as angels protect and guide her home.
/27/10 Thank all of you so much for your prayers! A lady who found Ellie called me December 23. Ellie had a couple broken teeth, a tear on one ear, and is about twice as hyper as when she left, but she’s HOME! Ellie will be micro-chipped. We’re working on some aggressiveness issues (so would like your continued prayers). She may have had to be aggressive at times to take care of herself the 7 months she was gone, especially taking into account the broken teeth and torn ear. Ellie’s safe, healthy home-coming is truly a miracle! Brenda

1/25/10 Thank you so much for all of your prayers for our boy Dawson, the 12 year old black lab with prostate cancer. He was diagnosed on December 27, 2009, and after a couple of rough spots, has been doing so well it is hard to believe he has cancer. He is living large at the moment, and we are cherishing every day. Barbara Shamblin

11/23/09 Asha, 5 y/o grey domestic short hair cat with opalescent eyes is missing. Prayers for safe return home in Ithaca, NY, whatever is for her highest good.

12/4/09 Asha returned of her own accord this evening. She's skinny but doesn't seem to be any worse for wear. Thank you for adding her to the prayer list. Janey Bosch

11/18/09 Magic, 2 y/o shiny black female slightly feral cat, escaped our backyard enclosure in Herkimer, NY Nov 5. Pray for her safety and that she knows we love her and would like her to rejoin her mom, Midnight, and Tiki.

11/30/09 SHE'S BACK!!!!! Thanks to you and everyone who prayed for my Magic. she was gone, with no sign of her, for 23 days, then Saturday morning, she walked down the upstairs hallway like nothing had happened! She must have climbed the enclosure fence and jumped down. She has lost some weight and had a small tick, but otherwise is fine! Again, thanks so much. My family is intact again! With love and gratitude, Barb Wilson


6/24/09 Caroline, cow missing from Poplar Spring farm animal sanctuary in Maryland. That she be found and is safe, well, and at peace.

Received 6/25/09 CAROLINE IS BACK!!!! A miracle has just happened, and Caroline just showed up with the rest of the cows. As far as we can tell in the dark she is uninjured and seems fine. She was gone for an entire week, it's like she was just beamed in from outer space. Very weird, but we are so thankful that she is okay. Or maybe the people who stole her decided to bring her back. Wow, way to go with the prayer circle, this is truly an amazing miracle! Terry


3/27/09 Boris (the Lhasa Apso) that was attacked in Omaha, NE is healing miraculously; his deep and severe puncture wound is closing up fast and he is back to his feisty old self. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you to your website for all the outpouring of thoughts and prayers for him. It definitely helped him recover so quickly. I am so very grateful and appreciative. Kathryn McCord


3/27/09 Amara left for one month to be able to heal. Combined with the healing that you sent to her and together with her animal friends in Spirit  really helped her not only to survive but to actually heal wounds that the vet didn't know what to do with! When she came back, she had a new light in her eyes, with a will to live and with such a great strength. The rest of the story goes like this:

               To be able to look at my beloved Amara with all her open wounds, no tail and instead of it, a hole from where you can see her spinal cord and her tiny hind legs, with the bottom part completely dry and nearly coming away is not at all easy as you can surely understand! But whenever I look at her in her eyes, a whole new world opens. She is so inspiring and I ask myself how can she be so strong after everything she went through?    Yesterday, two vets, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, first told me that there wasn't much I could do to save her. I didn't feel that from her, but was shocked from their words anyway! Then, both had the same "change" of mind, after spending a little moment with her and said that they could amputate her legs and they both told me that their change of mind was because they thought she needed a chance after everything she did to survive and eventually manage to come home. I certainly felt her wish to survive and didn't want to euthanize her, even though it hurt to think of her not being able to have a normal cat life again. How can I decide for someone else? So I told her that she was to decide and that I would accept any choice she made.

                I obviously didn't like the idea of the operation, but I just felt I had no other way out, if I wanted to save her. Spirit was at work and without knowing, I was guided. So we all agreed to do the operation. Unfortunately, it turned out that they could not operate until Tuesday. I didn't think it was right to keep her like that for 4 days. So I politely told my vets that I would ask another vet that I know, in Milan (45 minutes from here) if he could perform the operation sooner. They understood and told me to let them know, as they also believed that no vet would do such a major operation in a day's notice. I called my other vet in Milan and he said that he would cancel all other appointments and we organized the operation for the next day at 2pm. (today)

                During the night before the planned operation, I actually felt calm about the whole situation and I really could not figure out why. Also, I asked my angels and guides to help Amara and I knew you were sending love and healing and that gave me hope. This morning when I woke up, I still felt calm. I told Amara about the operation but I got the feeling that she wasn't listening at all! So I told her the story again and again. (I have to learn to believe in myself and in what I get !). We left at 1pm to be sure to get there on time.  Amara slept during the whole journey; she usually cries her head off if I take her someplace in the car!
                The vet was shocked about what he saw. But he was even more shocked when I told him that she ran away from home for a month and that all the healing that occurred was because of her. Then he looked at her legs and said: I can't do it, I'm sorry. I was starting to panic but then he went on and said: “This might shock you, but I feel I have to tell you that Mother Nature is doing a better job than I could ever do.” He told me that the dead parts would fall off, but that in the meantime flesh was growing in between, creating a "cushion", basically getting ready for when the part will actually fall off. So there was no need for the operation, because by operating he would have to take the whole leg off, but by leaving it to Mother Nature, she would still get to keep part of her legs. He kept apologizing for saying such a "strange thing" (he said) but he didn't know that for me that meant so much more: another miracle. He also told me that because of the way she was able to heal, he would let her finish off her great work, because he couldn't possibly do any better than her. (This is a very conventional vet ! I couldn't believe his words).

                So yes, Amara brought home another miracle. It's incredible and so inspiring ,too. Spirit guided me to a vet that was connected enough to be able to tell me something that he wouldn't normally say. It's obviously not by chance that the other two vets "didn't have time until Tuesday". And probably we were all so calm, because we unconsciously knew that Spirit was taking care of everything. I guess I still have to work on myself trusting my inner guidance and recognizing it! On the other hand I'm sure Amara knew.

                Sweet Amara is home now, she ate and then she decided that she wanted to sleep on top of the "cat house" that I have (2 meters high!) I had to save her half way into the jump, but it makes my heart sing to see her trying to do everything that she usually did. I believe she will heal in a way that will allow her to move around again. Now I know why I got the card with "miraculous healing" when I picked a card for Amara two weeks ago.

                Thank you soooooo much for all your help, love and healing and for being my friends during this difficult, yet "learning" time for me!   Monique & Amara



Thank you so much for adding Uncle Nubi and me to the healing circle list. Uncle's transition out of body was brief, beautiful, and at a time of his choosing. I know that the prayers of the group helped me accept his death. With gratitude, Diana

Callie cat's little paw is completely healed from getting it caught in that rabbit trap. Thanks everyone for your prayers.
Elisabeth Biscuso


Thanks so much to all of you, Benny the cat with melanoma of the eye from MN seems to be doing fine, It has been 2 months since his diagnosis and he is doing better than ever! Your efforts are paying off!  Lisa Schmitz


Our beloved Newfoundland dog, Phinn, has moved on to the non-material realms. Your prayers and kind energies certainly moved him along painlessly on his journey, which was, mercifully, very short. He was alert and receiving love and physical comfort to the very end; and the decision to join the spirit world was his. Much love to you all, and thanks for everything you've done to help support Phinney and us.
Alex, Rob, Nemo and Jules



I so appreciate the ACCAW and the prayer list. Everything I requested in my prayer for my cat Amos and myself was honored and I know that the meditations and loving energy sent from you and the other members had a huge effect on our journey. Michele Bustamante



Thank everyone for prayers for Doug and Michelle. Prayers were sent so they could conceive if it was for their highest good. It was, they have a little girl, Macy, the love of their lives. Linda Epstein



Requests for prayers and spiritual healing for groups of any species, situations, or areas of the Earth

To have a group, situation, or area of the Earth included in this circle, please send a description of the situation and general geographical location to Please put ACCAW prayer circle in the subject line.



Sun The end of slaughter of 20,000 dolphins and whales a year in Taiji, Japan and enlightenment of all beings involved.

That the proposed law to prohibit wild dolphin and human interaction be reframed to enhance the benevolent connection of all species and individuals.


For the protection and well-being of the group of Southern Resident killer whales in danger of extinction off the US Pacific Coast near Seattle.


Help for the whales who are targeted to be killed by the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctic waters.


May the messages of the new light paradigms the Hawaii dolphins share be felt, heard, seen, understood and allowed to come into complete aliveness in all beings of the world. May this light become all that is. May the hearts of many open to accept that all can be this light of Divine design in complete ecstatic joy because here where we exist it is so. We send this to all of you.


May all humans become attuned to the whales’ message and open their hearts to universal peace and forgiveness. May both physical and psychic wounds of human/cetacean be healed for good of oceanic beings everywhere.


To protect the endangered North Atlantic right whales from extinction through the Navy’s plan to build a warfare training range next to the whales' only known calving grounds. 3/10


End of commercial whaling.

Mon Asking cats and dogs for help with the problem of domestic animal overpopulation in the United States. We ask all of them who wish to do so, to be willing cut down on reproduction, whether they are spayed and neutered or not. 

For the well-being of all shelter/rescue/homeless animals.

  To eliminate live animal labs in favor of humane alternatives.

Expanded awakening of all allopathic veterinarians to the severe consequences of over-vaccination. Veterinarians taking back their power in fully caretaking the animals with love.


Liberation and well-being of dogs bred for dog fighting rings, and the enlightenment of those involved.


For Rottweiler and pit bull breed dogs to be seen as they truly are, not the way the media projects them to be as a whole. 

  Help for Greyhounds Only rescue to find homes for 1,000 greyhounds off the track, Lake Geneva, WI.
  For the welfare of all the animals and caregivers at All Creatures Great and Small shelter, Hendersonville, NC.
  For animal rescue in Philadelphia to have the support it needs to function well.
  For Multnomah County Animal Control, Portland, OR, so that abandoned or stray animals may find caring and compassion, and citizens of Multnomah County may find this agency a source of compassionate advocacy.

For animals and their caregivers at Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. Healing and joyous release of the strong and survivable, and a gentle letting go with minimal pain and suffering for those souls destined to move on.


For the welfare of the diseased and neglected dogs in townships of South Africa.


For the safety and well-being of all stray animals in Craivoa, Romania.

  For the safety and well-being of the stray cats in the old county buildings of Rancho Los Amigos west of Los Angeles Imperial Hwy.

The Animali Farm horse rescue, Alberta, Canada. Prayers to find homes for horses rescued mainly from PMU farms.


Prayers and love for animals who are neglected or abused on the Big Island of Hawaii, especially for the dogs near Two Step beach who are tied up or in a cage in the hot sun.


Shelter in Puerto Rico for animals abandoned in the street. Prayers for help for the animals.


For all the dogs that feel lonely, neglected and have little shelter to help them cope with the cold. That they may be loved and cared for.

  That humane societies be humane. Pray for children and animals returned to bad owners or not even investigated as well.
  For Spanish greyhounds, 60,000 or so per year, who suffer tragically at the hands of those who train them harshly, torture them mercilessly for sport, and kill them at will. Prayers, as well, for the perpetrators who must have suffered to have come to this state of being.

Despite great efforts on the part of many individuals and NGO's in Romania and abroad, the Romanian dog crisis has escalated. A new law has given public shelters the authority to euthanize all dogs after a period of 14 days. Euthanasia in Romania is not  humane and dignified. This law has also sparked an increasing number of civilians taking matters into their own hands to kill dogs. Please pray for the dogs and the people who rescue them.


For all of the wild beings (deer, bear, cougar, wolves, and others) who are being hunted needlessly by humans for sport. For the protection and healthy survival of the animals and the awakening of the humans.


Cessation of aerial gunning of Alaskan wolves.


To end the mass slaughter of harp seals in Canada’s yearly seal hunt.


For the sport hunting of farm raised buffalo to stop.


For the internet hunting "sport" to be banned and become illegal.


The end of local fishermen on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean using live puppies and cats as bait for sharks.

  Healing to the tigers and lions at Zion Wildlife Park, New Zealand. Craig Busch, the founder who has hand reared many of these animals lost control of the Park because of financial difficulties. The animals are pining for Craig; a keeper has been killed by a white tiger, who was shot. The animals are depressed. For their healing and the healing of the situation. 6/09

Love and strength to our wild horses, who are chased, abused, and imprisoned by the BLM. Pray for a solution and justice for these beautiful, proud, majestic survivors.


For Chimpanzees used in research and abused for entertainment and in the pet trade. May they be happy, free, and live fully their role in the web of life.


For Montana wolves, who soon (if new Montana bill passes) face strangulation in snares, their bodies used as bait for continued massacre. 4/12

  For the animals abandoned (no food and water) and dying excruciating deaths at a Gaza Strip zoo. The zoo staff cannot reach the animals because of the fighting in the region. 2/15

The end of the violence surrounding the Chinese Fur Trade in a way that will support the families that depend on the trade for their livelihood, and that will see the end of the suffering and pain of the animals involved.   


The end of trapping or holding animals captive and killing them for fur.


The end of bear farms in China and for the loving rehabilitation of all the bears currently caged and abused on these farms. End to the use of "bear balm" worldwide.

  Awakening to protect domestic animal rights in China and prevent mass killing and cruelty to dogs and other species.

For the assistance of Indonesian primates housed in cages too small for them to stand.


Help for elephants who are chained by people and unable to live a natural life. 

  To bring back harmony to Komodo Island, Indonesia where the Komodo dragons have begun to attack villagers. May 2009.

For successful transfer of the Malawi Elephant Herd to Majete Wildlife Reserve, for spiritual guidance for the humans involved, and Universal Healing in all situations where human and non-human habitats conflict. 6/09


Support and new homes for the orangutans in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) kept in squalor, chained up on pallets over open sewers choked with human waste. 9/09


For the Asian street dogs who are homeless, frightened, and hungry that God will give them comfort.

  For profound awakening of conscience in hearts of those who would hunt dogs or cats for Yulin “Meat Festival” in GuangXi, China so they immediately cease such activities. May Light and Love prevail to bring Healing to all beings and restore respect for life. 6/14
Thur For the protection and welfare of elephants in South Africa’s Kruger National Park from being culled (killed) for population control.

Protection for Yellowstone's wild free roaming buffalo in and around national park boundaries.

  Honoring wild geese at Lake Merritt, California and other places where they seek to rest, forage, and live.

Balance with the emerald ash borer beetle making it's way into Wisconsin that has killed 20 million ash trees in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana since first tracked in 2002. For the beetles to moderate their tree eating, for the trees to maintain the sacred space, and that humans see that cutting down 40% of healthy or weakened street trees in Madison, WI is not required.

  That the natural balance be restored to alleviate the causes for the worldwide honeybee decline.

For healing of all the elements creating White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) crisis; millions of bats, including several endangered species, are at stake.


For harmony between people and the African lions being poisoned by African cattle herders.


That animals who cross roads be given the knowledge of when it is safe to do so.


That animals be protected from senseless hunting.

  Prayers for a profound awakening by those who would poach elephants and rhinos in the wild, such that poachers no longer have desire to engage in commercial killing. May these hunters' consciousness be raised and hearts opened to compassion. Let our collective prayers keep those magnificent creatures safe from harm and free to roam in peace.

For the bears that are maintained in a very poor condition in Bandung Zoo, Indonesia. I pray that they are released and rehabilitated/rehomed soon. 1/17


Well-being for the chickens and turkeys of the world now mistreated as food animals. End of suffering of animals in slaughterhouses and factory farms.


To establish a mandate for factory farm reform nationwide and raise consciousness of farmers and consumers alike.


That schooling horses throughout the world are treated with love, respect, and integrity for all their hard work.


To keep dog eating legally abolished in the Philippines.


For the farm animals of the UK (particularly cattle, pigs and sheep) who are being slaughtered due to the threat of Foot & Mouth Disease. It is curable. Healing for the distressing way in which they are dealt and the enlightenment of the people connected to them.


For dogs, cats, pigs and chickens who are exploited as commodities in Korea, we send Love and healing energy. For the human perpetrators, we send the Light of compassion and reason to dispel ignorance. May light & love resonate within these peoples' hearts and inspire them to end the suffering of animals.


To enlighten people who drop turkeys from planes in Arkansas turkey days celebration to end this practice.


To change human hearts to depart from the barbaric treatment of the bulls in the Pamplona Bull Run (begins July 7) and to honor these animals in a new way. 


For the Irish horses abandoned and starving in the financial crisis. Blessings of a quality life and well-being for all involved.


For the factory farm animals that are being treated inhumanely. That big corporations stop the mass slaughter of animal production for profit and start seeing animals as worthy of our love, respect, and care.  


May all the ailments and injuries that occur in the work horses and other work animals of the police be relieved. May the horses be viewed as spiritual beings with respect for their dignity and rights.


The end of poverty and suffering of all beings in suburban Paris and in other European countries. A shift towards greater awareness, peace, happiness, and good health for all beings involved.

  For healing of China's government human and animal rights violations. May enlightenment pervade the Chinese spirit, replacing hurtful dogma and politically motivated violence.

That Walmart evolve into a socially responsible company. 


For the enlightenment of all species with Grace so all suffering in all realms is ended. To transform human hatred to awakened consciousness and unconditional love for self and pouring into love and celebration of all species with clarity and wisdom.


Bless and strengthen with deep gratitude and love all elementals, devas, nature spirits that help life move gracefully and with gentleness toward Oneness awareness. 


For authentic unconditional love, joy, compassion, and discerning wisdom to dissolve all false programming to heal all karmic entanglements with true grace for all of life, dissolving the sources of hatred, fear, and violence. May we realize with true courage and strength and gracefully shift into a new harmonious reality.


To bring peace and harmony to all involved in the persecution and torture of people practicing Falun Gong (ancient practice for reaching enlightenment) in China.


That all the animal kingdoms will decide to stay on Earth and humanity will seek peace and reconciliation with all beings, and we find ways to help the animals survive and prosper.






Wed The well being and reunion of all the animals and humans affected by Hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes in the Gulf Coast. Help for the homeless cats and dogs, roaming or sheltered, needing food, water, and care in New Orleans. Optimizing the amount of ice in the Earth’s polar regions (now shrinking from global warming) for the survival and well-being of polar bears in the Arctic and all living beings.
  Cleaning up the toxic waters from the hurricane areas for the health of all species.

Gulf Oil disaster April 2010. For stoppage of the leak and cleanup to minimize damage to all species in the affected area. Healing and enlightenment for everyone involved.



Protection for the whales and other marine life off coastal North Carolina from proposed U.S. Navy testing for lethal mid-frequency sonar. Protection from human-made ocean noise for all creatures.

Thur For the animals and humans affected by earthquakes. For the well being of the ocean waters, whales and all oceanic creatures.

For the hearts and souls of the birds that are either dying from the avian flu or are being culled in the millions by humans. For the well being of all individuals and species affected.

That the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) find a better way to prevent forest fires than to apply massive amounts of toxic herbicides to public lands in 17 Western states.


For the well being of gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park experiencing an epidemic causing many wolf pups to die.

For the restoration of Caribbean coral reefs dying from the white plague.

Fri That the source of current unusual viruses be dissolved and healed.

To properly remove the support poles originally placed to support young tree trunks in San Francisco before the metal further damages the now older trees. May communication and harmony flow among all those involved.


For the welfare of all those affected by the massive earthquake in Haiti January 2010.


For the protection of Salt Cay island, Turks and Caicos, B.W.I. from irresponsible development. To save the oceanic habitat of humpback whales, endangered marine animals, and reefs from increased noise, boat traffic, chemicals, dredging.

  For all the beings (plants, trees, insects, mineral, animals, humans...) impacted by Hurricane Sandy Oct 2012.

Prayer for rain and environmental balance for all species in areas of drought: Oklahoma, Kansas, West and South Texas, and other parts of the U.S.



Please send love, light and healing support to the following:

The Alberta Tar Sands and related watersheds and the beings relying on them ‎for life


The waters and beings affected by the over fishing of the the Grand Banks in Canada‎, as well as Jamaica, Cuba, Spain, Azores, and Portugal, and any other place that relies on water beings for food and income. 


The earth and beings of Korea and Vietnam that are still affected by 'Agent Orange'‎, used in U.S. warfare, as well as other country regions still infected by chemical warfare


The areas across Canada, from Alberta to the Grand Banks, at risk from the laying of an oil/gas line from one to another. 


The bees of the world and the plants that they love, and the earth from‎ which they grow, and the air in which they breathe. Please add prayers of gratitude and support to their organic and bio keepers and compassion to the other keepers. 


The regions of California hosting monocultures of almond trees, disturbing nature's balance, and to the bees shipped in yearly and lost to propagate them. Compassion to the growers so that they might begin to add biodiverse fields to support local bee life. 


The earth and waters of Guelph, Ontario, Canada ‎and area, as it undergoes rapid development of environmentally sensitive ground. Guelph rests on an intersection of ley lines, is the juncture point for two large rivers and is very close to the ground water tables. 


animal-welfare-prayer-circleThe weekly group focus time for all members of ACCAW who are participating in the Prayer and Healing Circle Fountain of Energy is Wednesday at Noon for all healing requests on both lists. Individuals who have requested healings could focus with the circle at that time to be more aware of and participate in the healing energy that is being concentrated around them. Besides the weekly focus time, ACCAW members also include the requested healings in their daily prayers.


The monthly group focus time for special concentration on group and Earth healing is the 1st day of the month at Noon or whenever you can focus that day.  You can choose any or all of the issues or the ones marked for that day of the week.


*For those who wish to join a daily group focus on specific issues in the group and Earth healing lists, each is assigned  a day of the week to have special attention.

Hold the vision of wholeness and divine harmony for each situation.


Nedda Wittels, animal communicator from Connecticut, suggests: Since time is an illusion, anyone who can't make the actual time can send healing backward or forward in time with the intention of connecting with the group. Your healing energy would still be included and be just as effective as if you were doing it at that exact time. Also, healing can be sent from your higher self or I AM Presence (just ask that aspect of yourself to do so) at the "official" time or on an ongoing basis.                  

Morgine Jurdan asked Bimini dolphin friends how we could make our prayers the most powerful for all these animals, situations, people and the planet. They communicated:

     “Make it your intention to send love and healing for the highest and best good to each and every issue on that page, whether or not you read it directly. You mind scans the page and does see it all at once, like photo reading. You know everything that is before you instantly without having to stop and read through each line. Make the intention that you are joined together with everyone in the prayer circle. Your intention is that your prayers are connected with all others in the circle for the most power and energy they can possibly provide for the highest service of all animals, all people, all situations. Your intentions are the most powerful thing you have to work with. Group Mind occurs simply because you desire it to. People are often connected in thought and spirit around the world now. Just make the Intention to be connected to all those in your circle for the purpose of prayers for the highest and best good of all those involved, for the highest and most powerful energy you can provide among you and allow God/Spirit to take care of the rest.”



Volunteer Animal Communication Service

 for Rescue and Shelter Organizations

(by alphabetical order of state)
State Country (if not U.S.) Experience in giving animal communication sessions Preferred methods of contact


 Availability of service
(Please respect limits)


Nancy Windheart Arizona Animal Communication and Reiki for Animals; practicing and teaching professionally since 2007
(928) 499-1969


A free class, Animal Communication Tools for Shelter and Rescue Workers,( I have a select group of highly qualified advanced students who are available for pro-bono and reduced-fee consultations to whom I regularly refer requests for assistance. I also offer classes, talks, and workshops through my Rescue Partnership Program.


Teresa Wagner

California Professionally since 1991, with specialties in flower essences, trauma, grief, and shelter animals.

I currently provide a few hours every week of pro bono sessions with local rescue groups and a shelter. I am not able to regularly take on additional pro bono cases. However, in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency involving animals, I would definitely be available to help (with any species). Also, my website has a section on compassion fatigue that shelter and rescue employees and volunteers might find supportive: with practical strategies for coping and healing, and a listing of two teleclasses designed for more in-depth help: Coping with and Healing Overwhelming Feelings Inherent in Activism and Animal Welfare Work and Preventing and Healing Compassion Fatigue (for animal communicators and healers). These classes can be discounted for those working in the field and for whom the full price may be out of reach.



California 24 years (707) 583-2348 voicemail
On call, all species. Distance Reiki, physical/spiritual healing/ceremony. 8 hours/mo pro bono, any shelter/rescue project, animals or workers. Low fee beyond 8 hrs. Euthanasia/adoption prep; any issue. Immediate assist if possible. Teach/coach communication or Bach Flower Essences in person or by phone. Reiki I-III, in-person. Special fees for above mentioned folks; will travel to teach any group.

Lisa Shaw

Florida 25+ years   
 (954) 254-8405
Available for free communication sessions and Reiki healing for shelter animals in need  Distance sessions available anytime.  Will travel to lecture, teach, and do animal readings as fund raisers for humane organization and rescue groups..

Carol Schultz


since 2000

Contact via e-mail or phone to schedule an appointment; offering services at reduced rates to rescues and shelters; up to one hour of pro bono work via phone per week.

Alexandra Ottaway Massachusetts since 2012 413-301-3007


I offer Animal Communication free to guardians with rescue animals. Others are welcome to pay $1 per minute which goes to or occasionally to a shelter of your choice. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights are good, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon is my best time. I started practicing in 2001 and by late 2012 I did my first full-fledged reading/healing. You can find out more at and on my blog I'd like at least 24 hours notice before our session, which we'd do by phone, Skype, Face-Time or in-person if you are around Northampton MA.

Linda Gress New Jersey Founder of All About Them Giant Breed Rescue.

Animal Communication professionally since 2001. Working in Shelters,  Rescues, Rehabs & Sanctuaries since 1985.

(609) 529-7046

or e-mail

On call, all species. Communication sessions, healing, grief counseling or any issues, no charge for shelters, rescues, rehabs and sanctuaries. For volunteers of a rescue, shelter, rehab and sanctuary requesting a session for their furry family members, mentoring, lectures and events, we are available and require a donation to All About Them Giant Breed Rescue.

Gayle Nastasi New York

Professional animal consultations since 1999
Please email or use the contact form on the website to schedule.

Free rescue consultations for STOLA, Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc., and (local organizations) NY Wildlife Rescue and Northeast Llama Rescue and Barnyard Sanctuary, and the Animal Shelter of the Schoharie Valley. Rescue discount of 20% for all other certified animal rescue non-profits. Free healing meditation sessions (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch). No missing animals, please.

Carla B. Hara




Oregon 1 1/2 years student, in group sessions and individual readings (starting  professional animal communicating business 2017)

 541-846-8484 (I prefer to be contacted by email)


1-2 hours per week through email volunteering animal communication for all Greyhound Rescue groups. I am also open and willing to help out with all rescue groups, shelters and with disasters on a national and global level.


Shirley Scott  


Oregon over 16 years of animal readings

 email or 541-577-3051 8 am to 5 pm Pacific time zone.

Runs her own rescue and will work with other shelters 3 hours a week for behavior issues.  

Morgine Jurdan Washington 20+ years


Free Animal Communication classes for Humane Society organizations, shelters and official Rescue Organizations, and Wildlife Rescue organizations for their staff members only. Free communication sessions for people whose animals have died in natural disasters, fires and such, so that they can have closure. I will do one short session communicating with an animal lost in a natural disaster conveying thoughts and feelings to the animal from their person. (No attempt to locate. Just the comfort and peace of the animal receiving their communication at that time and knowing their person cares, and advice on what else the person could do.)



What are your successful actions in working with
animal rescue and animal welfare issues?


Teresa Wagner on some things that make communication with rescue groups work more smoothly 

There are many myths and misunderstandings about why and how animals end up in shelters. Overpopulation and sheltering of companion animals in the U.S. is a complex social problem. Many animal lovers don't have a clue how their behaviors impact animals ending up in shelters or being euthanized. It is good for us to help educate others and support each other as we work with the pain of shelter or rescue animals (their pain and ours!).

I started working with animals in-person in shelters in 1992. Shelters are places filled with emotional confusion and suffering. I was terribly overwhelmed during my first visit. I was there to interview employees, not animals, for compassion fatigue training that the shelter system hired me to do for their workers. At that time, I didn't even know that North America has such an overpopulation epidemic of cats and dogs, and that millions are euthanized. It was quite an education.

In general, the worker bee tier of shelter workers typically is low paid and because of this tends not to have higher education or exposure to sophisticated emotional training. Yet most of them hang in there doing this incredibly hard work because they love the animals. The shelter workers inspired me to keep going past my pain and I knew I had to learn to deal with it.

Later it was the whales who helped teach me how to deal with the emotional pain from seeing and feeling animals' suffering. What they taught me is that if I am to help anyone who is suffering, I need to put my own reactions in the background while I am tending to others' suffering. Then, I could tend to my own painful reaction later.

While this sounds so simple, it changed my life. I find that when I tend to suffering in this order, by the time I get to my own, it is truly diminished. All that love and compassion running through me to the animals, calms and helps heal me, too. It is this intention that helps me the most. It is not forgetting my own pain. It is simply a willingness to accept that suffering exists in the moment I see it, and to learn to shower it with great love, not with my horror at what has happened, and then to shower my own remaining pain with loving kindness.

I volunteered at that shelter for a number of years a few times a month, often in the euthanasia room. I had been hired to help the workers with their traumatic stress. I didn't think I could possibly understand their trauma without experiencing everything they experienced firsthand. This changed my life and my views and understanding of the euthanasia process and who is and who is not responsible for it. I still work in shelters.

In addition to the intention the whales taught me, I always use Flower Essence Society’s Glassy Hyacinth flower essence, which helps the intention of getting to and staying with the compassion, not the horror. Some of the writings and meditations of Steven Levine also help me with this (Living with Dying). He does a great job of helping one learn to offer loving kindness to suffering without getting lost in it, and yet to never succumb to being repelled by it or inappropriately try to be a hero to fix it.

I am a strong emotional empath and feel the feelings of others at a very deep level. My first psychic teacher taught me how to protect myself with intention and light, so when I feel and express empathy at a deep soul level, I do not take in the pain of others. I have found that since practicing this, I still grieve and get angry at the people who cause so many animals to end up in shelters, but I can be with the animals in the state of love. It also helps to have talked to many spirit beings who show me how much they are around these animals. I know that no animal is alone.

All of this helped me in working with Hurricane Katrina animals. Only once did I melt down. I was in the grocery store and saw Katrina animals on the front of a magazine. Before I knew what hit me, I started sobbing. I left my cart and went back to my car. I cried for awhile, and then asked my whale and other guides for help. I went through the process of getting calm, connecting with the animals on the cover, and was able to simply be with them in their suffering, showering them gently with love and healing energy for a time. Then I felt better. I still fall apart sometimes.

My own healing around this issue remains with releasing and healing more of my anger toward people who, directly or indirectly, do things that create a surplus of animals that end up in shelters and euthanasia rooms. I sure wish I could wave a magic wand and make the whole issue be healed with every companion animal in the world in a loving home for their entire lives. Meanwhile, without such a wand, I try to heal my own heart so I am better able to serve these magnificent, wonderful animals who did nothing to deserve ending up in a shelter.


Lauren McCall on rescue work with Hurricane Katrina animals 

I'm so pleased ACCAW (Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare) is coming together. I have just come back from the Oregon Humane Society. We have over eighty Hurricane Katrina dogs there and a handful of cats from the region. I spent several hours briefly connecting with about half the dogs (I have to go back and finish the other half). My objective was to reassure them that they would be loved and taken care of at the shelter and that we were looking for their people back home. In the event we dog-communication-animal-communicationcan't find their families (or the families can't find their dogs on the web site), we would place them in wonderful, loving homes. Emotionally I held up pretty well, though there were a lot of sad stories. I'd say 90% of the animals were not spayed or neutered, quite a few had suffered from long term abuse and/or malnutrition, and almost all of the animals have dangerous parasites like heart or whip worms. Though many missed their people, several were excited that this was a new start for them.

I had to remind myself towards the end of my session (after connecting with many dogs) how important it is for us not to pity them. Instead, I honored each being for who they are. I validated that for whatever reason, this is where they were meant to be right now and that if they didn't already know why, they would in the fullness of time. I was able to pick up some specific requests about what they might need in the short term ("a soft bed for my old bones") or in the longer term ("I have always dreamed of living somewhere where I could roll in the grass") when we are looking at placing them in homes.

I feel blessed to be able to do this work. As animal communicators we try to help people and their animal companions every day. Today, I was struck by how much we can do on a larger scale, while still connecting with beings as individuals.      

Polka Dot photo by Robin Nichols


Leneah Forest on animal welfare activism:

The comments and suggestions I will share are a result of activism in many areas and ages of my life. Some are the result of “success” on any level and some are the result of having to think about what I would have done differently.


1.       My heart calls me to a project from a loving impetus, so I am working from that place of love. This not only feels good but allows me to attract more of the same.


2.       I have a goal, yet am not attached to its attainment. I only know that I do what I do because I am called to help bring this along and see where this journey takes me as well.


3.       I have an overall goal but I focus on small steps as goals in and of themselves. I try to keep myself in balance and stay nourished, which is not to say that I don't overextend myself for finite periods of time when it seems necessary.


4.       In working for change, I focus on educating the public first and foremost. As a writer I use that skill and assemble at least a few like minded people who want to give the issue some attention.


5.       I do enough research, get documentation, including photos where appropriate, to put together some materials as well as finding other sources to recommend. In cases where photos are heart rending, I would recommend a few different packets. One could ask: “Would you rather not see anything graphic?” If so, then give something else that has a greater chance of being read.


6.       We may choose a name as an organization, which seems to be helpful out in the world.


7.       We write up a mission statement for ourselves, in part to double check that we do have the same agenda.


8.       I attempt to locate any sympathetic lawmakers and any potential celebrity spokespeople. They have been few and far between but are part of the checklist.


9.       I attempt to locate sympathetic employed or freelance journalists who write for any sort of animal publications and gradually form relationships. I check for any local talk shows with animal loving hostesses/hosts.


10.    If I am proposing an action for people to take, I make it as easy as possible for them to do. When I worked for support of the labeling GMO products bill, I provided a form letter with room for personal comments, the list of legislators for each district and then I addressed, stamped and mailed every signed letter, just to make certain that they were mailed and in a timely fashion. A lot of educational material was available for those who had little or no prior knowledge.


11.    I ask lots of people to do one easy thing


In the case of the ACCAW discussion group member who wanted to do something about ending cruelty to animals in the Chinese fur trade and didn’t quite know where to begin, this is what I suggest:

After I had my materials and organizational name, I would begin an educational campaign in my local area. I am a great believer in individuals changing not only their own consciousness, but being the fluid that ultimately can soak the blotting paper of government and big business. The latter are so used to ignoring us that I rarely spend a disproportionate amount of time working those venues. However, I recommend giving them some attention.

Will your government issue an official statement deploring this industry? Will any level of your government do this? Will local stores sign a promise not to carry those products?

I'd take a shot at big business by getting the names of the executives at the large chain pet supply stores, such as PetSmart and Petco. Begin by sending letters synopsizing the issue, including photos if you have them, and going on to say something like, “I realize that it is difficult to avoid purchasing stock made in China but imagine how shocked and unhappy your clientele will be to learn that in supporting China economically one is helping promote the status quo which includes this horrific practice and industry.” I'm guessing that their client bases are comprised of over 85% cat and dog guardians.

Notice I am not proposing a boycott nor am I saying that I will organize one against this chain but I am inferring that their clients will be learning this information and will have a reaction. I would continue by asking if there is a way in which Petco, for example, would like to work with my organization to help end this industry. Be prepared with some suggestions, such as letters to or meetings with Chinese officials (have names and contact information ready) explaining that the Chinese dog and cat fur industry may make it difficult for them to continue selling products made in China since the pet supply stores exist to serve dog and cat lovers who are naturally upset by this industry. Would they take steps to end this industry and replace it with another one, perhaps some wonderful new carrying crates or kennels for dogs and cats or some product that does not involve the use of dogs and cats as anything other than consumers of said product? Perhaps the large chains could propose an item which they see a need for the Chinese to produce and retrain those who were earning their living in the fur industry.

The people trying to earn a living by capturing the dog and cat loving consumer dollar might take notice. Also, are there any humane organizations which would sign a mission statement which could then be part of info packets for corporations and humans alike? That would be the start of an approach and some actions to take.

Another action I do for education on animal welfare issues is to rotate my e-mail signature line through a variety of choices including pointing the way to sites that educate and offer ways to change behavior to benefit non-human or human animals. It is an easy addition and another pebble in the lake. If you find sites that seem good and are relevant to your purpose, you might consider appending them with some brief explanatory or encouraging statement. Here’s an example:


Simply by changing some of your shopping habits you can stop supporting a cruel industry:


Janet Dobbs with a note on the fur trade issue:

In the late 1990's or early 2000's a co-worker of mine broke the story in the Washington Post about the horrible treatment and slaughter of dogs in either China or Korea and the fact that the dog fur is used in many American garments like the winter parkas that have fur trimmed hoods. He was sickened by the video of the dogs’ treatment. That story led to various investigative stories on network and local TV. One thing that was accomplished was that coats and other garments were taken out of many stores with a promise to never buy that kind of product again. I do not know if these stores have gone back to buying these products again, but at least for awhile some things changed.                              


Patti Henningsen responds to a comment of an animal communicator in ACCAW discussion group, who stated:


My heart became lighter as I spoke with the occasional animal who appeared to need rescuing from a bad situation, only to have them ask to be left where they were. They had a purpose for being there and it was not complete. I was utterly amazed at these creatures who so willingly were there for the highest good of another.


I have a different slant on rescuing animals that became apparent to me while rehabilitating abused rabbits. Rabbits are a highly abused species who are used as, pets, food, and fur.

I have an animal communication practicanimal-communication-rabbit-bunnye in western Maryland and I am also a long-time rabbit rescuer. I live in a prison town comprised of either ex-convicts or those in the business of rehabilitating ex-cons, or those who are in the business of making new convicts, such as law enforcement agencies. A few months ago, I took in some rabbits from a horrible backyard breeder situation in West Virginia. When I met Hillary, one of the bunnies who I rescued, I realized that she was like an ex-con. She was completely institutionalized like many ex-cons who have spent many years in prison, and they are terrified of change. I believe for this same reason, some of you may hear an animal in need denying any want of a better future. We are not all born with the spirit of rebellion burning in our souls.

Hillary was found sitting on several months' worth of feces in a milk crate barely bigger than her body. Hillary did not know this was a bad thing because it is all she had ever known. When I first fostered her, she would never come out of her litter box except to drink. She didn't even know how to hop or walk. Hillary had found a way to cope with this: to shrink into her box and attempt to become invisible.

Finally, I decided she would never be adopted unless she discovered how things were supposed to be. So I paired her with a boy from a similar situation but who had different problems. Both rabbits had depended on rain water for their moisture. When I gave him a water bowl, he would just drink a gallon a day in anticipation of a long wait for the next rain drink. Without rain, he depended on the dew gathering on his milk crate. This is a condition I call hoarding water, which I've seen in some rabbits who have suffered the same kind of neglect.

Now Hillary is in love and hopping about happily and snuggling with her new friend. Her eyes shine like never before. Her soul is blossoming. Thank goodness I dragged her out of her shell in which she very much wanted to stay. The fact that she wanted to stay there only shows that coping mechanisms can cause the abused to not only cope with but to become entrenched in their misery. They should be removed from it and shown the joys and pleasures of life. It is a wondrous thing to see.

Sometimes people and animals don't know that there are horizons beyond the ones they see from the prisons of their perception. One taste of freedom and happiness, whether by gentle coercion or by accident, and they will never look back.

It is often not okay to accept someone's request to remain in a hellish situation. Too many women stay with men who end up killing them for the same reason. They need the intervention of those who know that life is truly beautiful and want to show them this.                         Bunny photo by Carole Devereux

I am new to the rescue/shelter community. As I read some of the prayer requests I was very upset. The pictures that formed in my head were too much for me. How can sensitive people like us protect ourselves when facing situations that are too much for us to take in?                   Janet Dobbs


Gayle Nastasi  One thing which works for me is to take the upset energy and try to ground it, and to ask the Earth to turn it into a positive use. Then I'll use visualizations and create a new situation for those people and animals in my mind, envisioning how things will be when the healing is complete and freedom won. Focusing on the good that might be helps me to deal with the pain of the current situation.


Karen Taylor  Prior to discovering that I could communicate with animals I worked at the local Humane Society for about four years. I was in charge of the cats and during that time witnessed many forms of cruelty to animals that came through the doors from the community. Unless you have been in that environment, you have no idea what goes on behind the doors of an animal shelter and I will not share it with you here.

                I had been completely in love with animals my entire life and thought that working at an animal shelter would be the best thing that could ever happen to me. It was but there was a price. Reality hit me smack in the face right from the start.

                Fortunately, I was able to get through it with the complete knowing that all was in Divine Order, and I had to trust that. I will not say it was an easy task and I will not say that I didn't get angry with what I saw, but as I discovered my communicating abilities and was able to get the perspective from these animals that I worked with almost every day, my reassurance came from them.

                Most of them understood why they were there, what might happen to them, if they were there to find their new family, or if they came there to make their transition from this life.

                My heart became lighter as I spoke with the occasional animal who appeared to need rescuing from a bad situation, only to have them ask to be left where they were. They had a purpose for being there and it was not complete. I was utterly amazed at these creatures who so willingly were there for the highest good of another. I am still amazed and grateful for my experiences at that shelter.


Penelope Smith In my experience when facing the horrors of the world or the dark side of humanity (within all humans including myself), there is a balance to be maintained. By staying in the center of our being and all being, we can realize what it is that we are meant to do in our own unique way to shine the light in this world and embrace the darkness with the light. This is a time of the darkness of humanity being exposed, so all of us can shine the light of our truth upon it, and shift from conflict into the cooperative spirit of love. Shining the light and embracing the darkness instead of judging or feeling miserable brings unity and life to all involved to the degree that they are ready, willing, and able to feel and go to that peaceful centered place.

Sinking into the darkness by fixedly contemplating the brutality of life drains our life force and adds to the malaise. Uniting with our deepest goodness and that of others while focusing on the positive light and action we can bring to aspects of life to which we are drawn is uplifting and energizing. Do what you need to do to help yourself focus on uplifting your own life force and you will then be able to do the same for others.

When you see the suffering that people and animals go through or bring to the prayer list asking for healing, know that these states are transitory and are part of a game or life drama that is ending for those involved, or it wouldn't come up to have the light shine on it. I'd recommend that you stay in a prayerful state of positive heartfulness as you read each request and use the Dolphin Prayer to focus your energies.

I have focused on education and my particular mission in life to increase cocat-communicationnsciousness of the unity of life. In the last few years, my book, Animal Talk, was translated into Chinese. I have found that as soon as my book is translated into the language of a particular area, the generation of positive energy toward animals starts to swell in that country or region. Soon, requests for classes come, and soon after that animal communicators start to appear. Consciousness continues to grow about the sacredness of all life. It's a garden that begins to flourish more and more. Each of us does our part.

Take heart. See the light in all situations that you are drawn to work with. Each of us makes a difference. Do all actions from the inspiration of your own divine center.                            Ajax photo by Robin Nichols


A few ACCAW members wrote to me (Penelope) with concern about being asked for help in working with the police in a dog abuse case and the appropriateness of trying to find criminals with animal communication. Here is how I answered:


Some animal communicators do very well with cases like this and get helpful info. Law enforcement officials in some places have "psychics" on their team for leads. The sheriff in the case mentioned was asking for information, so it sounds like (and it would be easy to find out) it would be welcome as "psychic" information that might lead to arrest given other physical evidence. I have worked on cases like this and always qualify that it is what I get from the traumatized animal's point of view and may not be helpful or accurate.

You don't need to "help" on every appeal that comes through the ACCAW line. There are hundreds of us that get these e-mails. Add a prayer and love and let it go.


Denise Schultz I really appreciated your reply about working on legal cases such as this extreme abuse. I think it sets just the right tone, both for how to handle the request and how to bear the information that such a dreadful thing was done. If we each contribute in our own way to adding to the well-being of all, partly by caring for ourselves enough that no one of us needs to try to do everything that comes to our attention,

·          the most help is accomplished,

·          our personal effectiveness is maximized,

·          our psyches are well-cared for,

·          and no-one needs to be traumatized by the alert that went out. 


How this type of situation has worked for me

I have had two extremes of experience:

Some truly dreadful things do not bother me and I am able to help, in large part by being able to see a beautiful resolution of healing right now, and hold that energy, even though it is not yet here,

or, I am completely decked by even knowing what happened and unable to help, except to ground myself and release my own negative imprints about the issue, so that the injured being does not have to carry the psychic weight of my horror.   


Kindness and forgiveness for self and others

It has taken me a long time to realize that both responses are valid, and I have learned not to blame myself for the times I “cannot help.” I have seen that I help by not overdoing it, and instead applying my energy only where I feel called. 

Over time, I have learned to “read the energy” even at the beginning of a notice. I know which way I am energetically tuned, and let go immediately of those I must, and help where I feel individually called. One sure sign for me that I must let go is when I feel judgment rise up in me against the perpetrator. I know my judgment only sends the perpetrator a very toxic image that they may have to remove from their energy field in order to heal. If I can not contribute directly to the solution, I can at least avoid being part of the problem. 


Healing as a Diffuse Field

For me this goes back to my belief that healing is not directional, not from me to someone. I call in a diffuse field of healing and invite the other beings to join me there. A lot of healer burnout may come from trying to send healing to someone or something. This can block the portion of the healing field which is intended for the healers themselves. While this “healing invitation process” is my goal, I can always tell when I'm slipping. If I get sloppy or too tired, I may take a shortcut and find myself sending but not sharing the healing field. That's a sign to slow down and take better care of myself and do the rest of the job (be open to receiving healing myself). 


Dawn Hayman I appreciated your response regarding the animal cruelty. As an animal communicator at Spring Farm Cares, often on the front lines of animal cruelty cases, there are days that I start to go nuts. For me, this journey of animal communication has been about opening my heart more and more. It amazes me how much more it just keeps expanding. With that open heart, and experiencing animal cruelty almost daily, it often feels like my heart will burst with sadness and hopelessness. When I feel that, its my first clue that I need to go be with the animals and spend time with them. We have some animals here at SFC that have been through horrendous abuse. Yet they welcome each human who walks onto this farm with the same unconditional love and open heart. One of our horses once said to me, “If I can let it go, and I'm the one who lived through it, why can't you?” I remember that almost daily and I strive to achieve it. 

Animal cruelty laws vary from state to state, but they all are extremely weak. Many police agencies will not even take a complaint seriously. It’s not necessarily that they don't care about animals, but they aren't familiar with the laws, don't know what to do, and won't touch them for fear of being sued. We have watched repeatedly as case after case of animal cruelty in our area is either just shoved aside, or if prosecuted, the abuser is given a slap on the wrist and sent off. As an organization we are addressing this through our educational programs aimed at law enforcement and the judicial system. Its a slow process and very tedious.

As an animal communicator, I learned long ago that vengeance wasn't the answer. I needed to put my energy where the animals were asking me to go: to the healing side of the equation. When we hear about such horrendous animal cruelty, the first thing we all want to do is GET the person who did it. For two reasons: to prosecute them, and more than that, to prevent it from happening again. My experience is that case by case it doesn't stop them from doing it again. Three huge abuse cases I have personally been involved with went right through the prosecution and the courts and the people are right back abusing animals again, only now it is harder to prosecute them a second time.


Opening Hearts

As communicators, we can have an impact on opening hearts. The more hearts that open, the less people will be able to abuse animals. I know it seems idealistic but the animals are right. It is the only way. Having felt the helplessness, despair, and anger about these tragic cases repeatedly for the last few years, I can say that we need to channel our energy into the prayers, healings, and the work we are doing to spread the messages of the animals and all their love. It makes a huge difference. I've seen it, felt it, and experienced it first hand. Each heart opened changes the world in amazing ways. I'm not saying we shut our eyes to the animal abuse. I'm certainly not saying we shouldn't prosecute it. However, we must use our energy to aid the healing side of the story and not add to the anger and hopelessness of the abusive side.

It is my observation that people do such horrible animal abuse out of complete lack of self worth. People who feel they have no place to go, no self worth, and are filled with hopelessness often lash out at animals who are more helpless than they are. That is something we CAN do something about. The animals tell me constantly that it’s about healing the human heart and setting it free.




When Compassion Hurts  Teresa Wagner

How can we effectively help animals during the times when we hear about or see their suffering and we feel completely helpless or devastated? How do we get back to center enough to help the animals rather than becoming paralyzed in our own pain or trying to bury it knowing it will just return in some way?  There are important steps we can take to prevent being knocked over from our own pain and offer the fullness of our loving compassion to animals in peril:

1. Accept that pain and suffering exist in the world and that exposure to the trauma of animals is likely to trigger pain in us (whether that exposure involves being a first hand witness,  in direct communication with them, hearing about it, or reading about it). This acceptance is the opposite of resistance, and it is resistance to what is that deepens our suffering. Accepting what is, even as we are working to improve it, reduces the vibration of suffering, and increases the vibration of peace. So when we learn of animal suffering, if we can accept the facts of what is happening and resolve to to do something about it, we will have far more peace than if we stay immobilized in a state of shock and disbelief, anger, or pretend that suffering doesn't exist.

2. Learn to manage our own discomfort that comes from seeing or hearing about their pain. Learning to manage our pain in response others' trauma is a critical competency to develop for anyone providing either professional healing work or simply wanting to be as useful as possible when someone else is in trauma. One of the best descriptions I've ever read about this is from Robin Norwood in her book, Why Me, Why This, Why Now:

When we are able to conquer our need for immediate relief from our own discomfort 

from witnessing anothers painful condition, we can then offer Love.  

Nothing better promotes true healing than an atmosphere of this very high level of love. 

Some of the most effective strategies to help us cope with and heal our pain include: creating a support system with others who care similarly about the same issues so you can be there for one another to vent, to listen, to share and to heal together; taking the flower essences Glassy Hyacinth and Green Cross Gentian to help with issues of shock, disbelief, anger, overwhelm and a sense of defeat when witnessing cruelty; and connecting with sources of spiritual and divine support that have personal meaning for us.



3. Use energetic boundaries to protect ourselves from potential overwhelm and compassion fatigue. Without being energetically prepared and protected, we are vulnerable to being overwhelmed or depleted by others' energies. Unprepared and unprotected, we are susceptible to taking in the pain of those we help as our own pain. This depletes us and diminishes our ability to help.


Energetic Protection is the conscious, intentional protection of ourselves from taking in others' emotional or physical pain, their energy, or problems and allowing these things to become our own.

I visualize my own energetic protection as a beautiful and powerful boundary of light all around me, a veil of light representing my intention to allow only positive energy to flow in. Everything else about others--their pain, their energies, the ownership of their issues--all stop at my boundary of this energetic protection of light. I can still see, feel, understand, and perceive everything about the animal or person I am  working with, and I can still shower the others' pain or issues with great love, empathy and skillful help. All those things can pour from me, or be channeled through me, to reach and help the other. And I can clearly see and perceive all I need to understand and help the other. My own energetic protection boundary simply does not allow any negative energy from another to come in.

What energetic protection stops, and this is the whole point of it, is the pain or negative energy that belongs to another from entering us. All pain and negativity simply stops at our energetic boundary of protection. That's all. Love and good can come in. Love and healing can go out. With energetic protection, the heart stays wide open and we are empowered to be fully present with another's pain or trauma, to help with great effectiveness, and to not burn out.

4. Consciously choose the order in which we send love and healing energy to everyone involved--a process taught to me by a whale as I was having difficulty witnessing the death of a whale calf.
  This process is not about ignoring our emotional reactions to animal suffering. It's about dealing with it after first offering love and compassion to those directly impacted. The process is not about pretending suffering does not exist, that people on earth do not harm animals, or condoning what they do. The process is also not about sending love instead of helping practically. It's about sending love in addition to important activism, direct rescue efforts, making donations and other activities in which we choose to get involved. A summary of the steps are described below.

Step One:  Send to the animal or animals who have been harmed, killed or are in peril the energy of calm, of tenderness and of great love.
Be in a place of calmness yourself when you do this.

Step Two: Send to those closest to the animals who have been harmed the energy of calm, compassionate  support, acknowledgement of the trauma or their loss (when one has occurred), and great love. Examples of those closest to the animals harmed may be other animals or people who are their family or other animals or people who love them, who may be scared, grieving or distraught. When a trauma or loss is occurring, those closest to to the ones who have been harmed are the primary grievers, caregivers or loved ones--not us. Their reaction to what has happened takes precedence over our reaction to what has happened. We are the secondary grievers. We should also never, ever expect the people or animals in these primary roles to take care of us and our reactions. We need to take care of ourselves and go elsewhere for support as needed.

Step Three: Send abundant love to the hearts of the perpetrators of the harm, for it is only from a place of love that those who perpetrate harm against others have a chance to change internally. It's hard, very hard, to feel love for and send love to those who harm and kill animals. I think of it as sending love to their soul on a deeply spiritual level and *not* in any way condoning their behavior and not connecting with them at a personality level. Sometimes even that is hard for me to do directly, so I ask the angels and spiritual guides I work with to send that love to them for me.

Step Four: Send lovingkindness and compassion to yourself, filling your own heart with healing energy for any grief, upset or pain you may have. Honor your own feelings, however strong, dark, confusing or contradictory they may be at any moment. Ask for help from those you trust to understand, those on earth and in Spirit, to help you fully express and release any pain. Reach out and ask for ongoing support, love, and care from those you pray to, and from those who are your support system on earth.

Using these steps and processes has allowed my level of compassion to mature and has increased my ability to help the animals I love so much. My whale guide who helped me learn most of this described it best:  "It's about transforming our overwhelming, natural energy of grief and anger in response to harm, into powerful support for the actual animals who are harmed, for their loved ones, those who have caused the harm, and ourselves."

It's about showering suffering with Love. Everyone's suffering.

Know that by sending calming and healing energy and love to all of these parties, you have just taken powerful action to serve animals, and that you have added more love and peace to the world.

And while the above order of sending love may be ideal, sometimes a particular act of horror toward animals so thoroughly throws us out of balance that we must tend to our own meltdown of shock, outrage, or devastating heartbreak first. We need to be in a place of calm and centeredness ourselves to be able to send love and healing to the others. Sometimes we need to care for ourselves first so we neither deny or get stuck in our own pain, and that's ok. Doing so, we can get back to the love--for everyone.

5. Do something practical, on the ground, to alleviate the root cause
of an animal suffering issue you care about. One of the most respectful things we can do for animals who suffer is to become educated, stay informed, and inform others about the issues of concern to us. Read articles, sign petitions, follow Facebook pages and Twitter messages that cover the issues of concern to you, make lifestyle choices that do not harm animals, boycott companies that harm animals. These individual decisions and actions may be the most holy work we can do.

Choosing to be part of the solution is very empowering and can lessen our own overwhelm that the problems exist. When we're part of "fixing it," however small our role may be, it means we have risen above the passivity of being an overwhelmed onlooker and have become part of sacred activism to make the world a better place for animals.

Love heals on the emotional and spiritual level. Action heals on the grounded physical level. Action in the outer world and sending love, healing energy, and prayer from the inner world both create change. These are not mutually exclusive strategies, they merely employ different energies. To resolve the complex issues of cruelty to animals they are both needed. In addition to sending love, take a stand. Stand up for the animals you love and feel the power of your compassion spreading to change the world for animals.

Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others,
or strikes out against injustice, he or she sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.
And crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring,
those ripples build a current that can sweep down
the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.
Robert Kennedy

May these ideas help you as you love and serve the animals of the earth. May our own hearts be both open and protected as we send compassion and love to animals in peril, and as we are involved in grounded, sacred activism to change their circumstances. May the hearts of all people who don't yet see the souls of animals be opened to see them and treat them with the love, kindness, protection and respect they deserve. 

May love prevail.

Jill Saifer

There are so many reasons to get upset. Everything we see, read, hear and feel is a good enough reason to question if we were the right souls born at the wrong time. In fact, we may often feel so overwhelmed and helpless that we just don’t know what to do with ourselves. And mostly, we don’t even know where to begin to change what we are seeing and hearing but intuitively we know we can.

What I have learned, and I feel is of GREAT importance, is that we are actually hindering the process of the world we intend to create. By focusing on the feeling of helplessness and sadness for the state of the world, humanity and all nonhuman beings, we are further enforcing the issue. Mother Earth and all of her creations; plant, mineral and animal are extremely sensitive to each and every vibration we are sending out. Even humans are equally as sensitive on a more subtle level. Remember, thoughts become things so the more we dwell on the fear and overwhelming sense of impending doom, the more we are adding to the weight of it all.

The good news is that there is something very simple and very strong that we can all do that will tremendously help our fellow beings and our home; Mother Earth. By taking 5 minutes out of your day, whether first thing in the morning, last thing at night or even on a lunch break, do the following:







By performing these five steps at least once per day (remember, it only takes five minutes!) you will be, on a global scale, raising the vibration of our planet. Our animal brothers and sisters, our home and her natural beauty - they can all feel our vibrations. Do we want them to feel our cynicism? Or do we want them to feel our compassion, our solidarity, our unconditional love? We are all one. We are all composed of the same matter, we all have consciousness. As the only beings with the ability to take a stand against those destructive forces of ego and greed, it is our duty. And we must do so, with love, not with anger or resentment. Please join me in coming together for the peace and harmony of all living beings.


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