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I know many people have no idea what an incredible responsibility your calling is. You have always maintained the highest integrity in all that you do. There is no doubt that the Divine called you to this task for this very reason. Thank you for blessing our lives. S.C.

Thank you once again Penelope, for being the pioneer for us all. I believe we would each be struggling mightily to establish ourselves and this work were it not for your being our pathfinder. St. Francis is an important guide in spirit for my work, but you are the main being who brought this work possible for us all on the earth plane for this time. This is a powerful gift you have given the animals, their people, and all of us who now walk in your initial footsteps. Please know that I honor you and what you have created for so many. May you be given ten times all you have given us all. T.W.

You give so many of us so much to be truly grateful for. I acknowledge your devotion of life itself through your support of so many kingdoms. My humble appreciation is but a drop in a magnificent wave of gratitude from so many. S.C.

Look at the flow of animal communication which you pioneered! You have established a living legacy that will live on forever. J.H.



Rare MP3 recordings of live tele-seminars with priceless information
from the "Grandmother of Interspecies Communication"

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The latest addition         How to Know if Telepathic Communication
with Animals is Real

At last, this burning question is now
fully answered here by the teacher of teachers

This insightful, lively seminar addresses a key question asked by many people. How to know if telepathic communication with animals is real has always been an important focus of Penelopeís teaching. It is crucial to have a reality test for what you receive when you communicate with animals, so you donít just think you are making it up, or you confuse your own thoughts with animalsí communications.

The interview begins with how Penelope became a pioneer animal communication educator in the 1970s and her intention for the work. Topics then include:

  • How people wake up to their spiritual nature through their connection with animals and how animals can enlighten humans. 

  • How telepathy works; how we telepathically sense as babies. Telepathy is a universal language, a pre-language, and is behind all language. 

  • How telepathic understanding gives us what is behind words and deepens our understanding of what we and other beings are really feeling. How telepathic communication is different than linear, analytic thinking, or trying to figure things out. It involves a whole body, mind, spirit connection rather than simply recycling thoughts or preconceptions. 

  • How telepathic communication comes across and how to recognize it. How to begin to telepathically communicate, allowing it in, and telling whether it is your own projection or is what the animal communicated. 

  • How animals respond when you get their true communication and understand them. How you feel when you receive and understand a true communication. 

  • Checking whether your communication is real from different angles. Qualities of true telepathic communication. What to watch for to discern the difference between projecting and truly receiving. What state to be in to connect and receive. The foundation of good animal communication ability. 

  • The difference between those who get animal communication deeply and clearly and those who mix communication with human thoughts and projections. Signs you are projecting and didnít get the true communication. 

  • How to be vigilant about your own projections and agendas and grow spiritually with the telepathic connection.          

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Animal Communication Roots and Application

 Interviewed by Val Heart  January 2007Penelope-Smith-cat-communication-Ollie

Relish the pleasure of listening to Founding Pioneer Animal Communicator, Penelope Smith, speak with her trademark clarity, precision, liveliness, and wisdom. Absorb the experience of a master teacher in this historic 2 Ĺ hour seminar in which she describes: 

         The history, development, and future vision of animal communication around the world.

         Penelope Smith's personal animal communication history and how she became an animal communicator.

         The transformational power of animal communication and what people learn from animals.

         Why animal communication is important for our wholeness and planetary-wide evolution.

         How to improve your telepathic reception with animals to get a broader scope and more accuracy.

         How to tell the difference between receiving true communication from animals and your own thoughts or mental projections.

         Learning how to pay attention, listen, and be in the receptive mode.

         How telepathic communication works.

         How to apply essential principles to learn how to communicate with animals.


Penelope and Ollie photo by Art Rosch

Answering listeners' questions:

         How to strengthen your bond with your animal friends.

         How to make practices animals may not like, such as giving medicine, easier for them and us as caregivers.

         Solving catsí litter box issues.

         Veterinariansí openness to animal communication.

         How to know if animals have been with you before.

         How horses feel about working in New York Cityís Central Park.

         How to communicate with nature spirits and understand their purpose.

         How to handle rescued dogs fighting or other animals who are out of control.

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Animal communication and the spiritual beliefs that have come with it, have brought me to a place I feel I have always been meant to be. The only way I can describe my life was like a tiger being born in a zoo; he would have no idea what he longs for, and he knows he belongs elsewhere, but canít figure out where. Then one day he is released out into an African jungle, and it all makes sense. He knows this is what was always in his heart, he is home. Because of you, Iím home.


Master Animal Teachers and Dimensional Travel - Parts 1 and 2
 Master Wizard Sherman

A 2-part seminar with Penelope Smith
February 23 and March 30, 2011
 in Lynn McKenzie's Animal Communication, Intuition and Healing MasterMind Series

Part 1 - Master animal teachers are individuals of other species who have extraordinary presence, a potent grasp of higher and deeper realities beyond physical reality, a wisdom, serenity, and love that can be strongly seen and felt by others, and who live in a way that demonstrates levels of higher evolution possible for us all.

Penelope Smith, master animal communication teacher, relates experiences she has had of master animal teachers, such as dolphins, whales, birds, and cats, consciously traveling through dimensions. Particularly intriguing is a recent experience with orange tabby cat, Oliver, who was sent to her by her former orange tabby cat, Master Wizard Sherman. Their collaboration in an adventure of remarkable traveling, physically and otherwise, brings science fiction down to earth. 

In this tele-seminar, Master Sherman made a moving appearance, transmitting a pyramid of golden energy to the whole group to accelerate our ability to travel through dimensions. The cellular ripples were extraordinary, to say the least. Sherman indicated he wanted to further teach us about dimensional travel, answer our questions, and do exercises to further our ability, so we went on to part 2.

Always lovely to hear your voice and feel your and the Master Wizard's energy. Of course you are both Master Wizards and I feel blessed to know you. Thanks again from all of us and we look forward to part two. I just realized I had a healing, and everything around me looks a little transparent, wow!

I was on the conference call with Penelope last night and something really amazing happened during the call. I was listening to the call on speaker phone and my cat, Laura was sitting on my lap listening with me quite intently. Of course, Laura isn't just any cat; she was my Great Pyranees, Bertha, in her last lifetime who always loved cats. Bertha was a pure white dog but we always marveled at her ability to literally disappear into the darkness of the night. We used to tease around and say that Bertha was a magician who could appear and disappear at will.

At that time I knew nothing of animal communication and certainly not dimensional travel. I have only started animal communication in the last year or so and still consider myself a beginner. Some days a lot more comes through to me than other days. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard my cat Laura, tell me that when she was Bertha she was popping in and out of a portal on our land when she was disappearing in front of us. I proceeded to have a wonderful conversation with her, the best one ever. I think being on the conference call was giving me a real telepathic boost and making me much more open so a big thank you to Sherman! I know that my cat is a shaman energy being as is one of my horses. This particular horse has been trying to get me to walk our land slowly and thoughtfully, one square foot at a time but I never seem to find the time. I'll bet this is why he wants me to do this. I'll have to try to ask him about this.

So....thanks for doing the conference call. Obviously, I got a lot out of it. I can't wait to listen to the recording again and see what else comes up. S.A.

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Part 2 - In the first half, Penelope discusses how we are now able to move forward in our evolution to connect with each other in a unified way as abundant energy is continually being released on the planet for our spiritual growth. Answering participantsí questions, Penelope explains the nature of portals found on the Earth that access other realities and how to find and feel them, how the veils between dimensions have dropped so that instead of multi-dimensional reality with separations, we now have all-dimensional reality and we can perceive and travel dimensions in a new way.

Other questions elicit information about how the telepathic connection goes beyond linear time and space concepts into understanding a greater reality; how animals are activated to express more of their spiritual missions now that many humans are more receptive; how we can continue to access spiritual realities and ground ourselves in our spiritual center through our daily life challenges.

Guided by Penelope and Sherman, the journey in the second half leads us to experience dimensional travel as an expansive, grounded, all dimensional, all life connection in our unified oceanic atmosphere of being.

This is cutting edge evolutionary material not available in this way anywhere else. Spiritual adventurers, donít miss this opportunity!

Evolutionary Leaps with our Animal Friends A Compassionate Life

A two-hour seminar conversation with Penelope Smith & Dr. Laurie Moore
January 31, 2011

Penelope Smith has been called the “Grandmother of Interspecies Communication,” spreading the good news about our ability to communicate with all species as an animal communication specialist since 1971. She is the author of the classic books on the subject, Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit and founding editor of Species Link magazine.




Dr. Laurie Moore has helped people around the globe to discover new depths of universal love, create dream realities, transform self-defeating habits, and find evolved ways of communicating with all species. Her private practice sessions are available by phone. Learn of her seminars, TV show and books at www.animiracles.com.


An interviewed seminar with Penelope Smith

Dr. Laurie Moore’s Surrender and Creation Series  May 2010

Dr. Laurie Moore interviews revered, founding animal communication specialist and spiritual teacher, Penelope Smith, about her philosophy and way of life.

Smith expresses how to live a compassionate life filled with joy and grace by appreciating the teachings that come with every event and being in our lives. Playfulness, kindness, acceptance, appreciation, humor, and laughter fill her theme of living in a natural outflow of love and compassion in action. Smith shares how to live authentically in the divine comedy of life on Earth.

In the course of the interview, Dr. Moore and Smith flow into a playful banter and exchange their mutual discoveries about life, growth, and animal wisdom to express a level of synergy of understanding that is electric.


Meeting Penelope has changed my life and returned me to the happiness I had as a child, connected and in love with all creation. Penelopeís great gift as a teacher is to point the way, not to impose some formula. The Great Mystery is pointed to, a path is shown, but how one walks it is unique and she wisely lets you grow into your power and connection to that Mystery. Her guidance is so sure and true; yet, she does not indulge in ego, either hers or mine. This is a great and very rare gift.

Beyond imaginings of space and deep in the blessing of this time.....


In this historic talk with two well-versed spiritual teachers who emphasize interspecies connection as an integral part of spiritual growth, we are invited to receive all aspects of ourselves and Nature as valuable partners in our evolution.

Where fixing, changing, and analyzing self and others was once a positive solution to the call for change, this practice does not serve us well in this age of rapid spiritual evolution. We are encouraged, instead, to celebrate every thought, feeling, and energy we experience in self and "other" as a call to love and compassion, with the example of other species’ positive approach to living as an inspiration. 

The speakers show us how, as we remain present and in humble appreciation of every thought, sensation, or awareness that arises within us, we become open to the fountain of divine being found underneath whatever is manifesting on the surface.

We can utilize the grace of animals, plants, and all of Nature as ushers into humility, gratitude, kindness, authenticity, love, joy, profound states of being, and the playfulness of living. Some simple ways of seeing and gently riding wave upon wave of consciousness take us into states of deep fulfillment with the universe, ourselves, and the ONE HEART. 

Receive nourishment and grace, drop out of superficial illusions, and learn practical steps of flowing through states of fear, disconnected thought, and being caught in the events of the time. We venture into new locations of bliss in motion by marrying all that we are, all that we once judged, and all we are coming to be!


I wanted to let you both know how very much I enjoyed the whole gathering, and to thank both you and Penelope for answering my question so thoroughly and with so much depth and attention! (I was blown away with gratitude, frankly) In short, your answers helped me solidify the directions my intuition has been pointing me toward for quite awhile now, so it was very nice to hear it clarified that I am, indeed, on the "right track."
        You both "present" in such a warm and detailed fashion, it's a joy listening to what each of you shares. I also appreciate each of your "softer sell" approaches - a breath of fresh air in the current climate of most tele-talks. I'll also be checking out your course, in case I can fit it in somehow. I look forward to re-listening to the entire evening again, and sharing all the great information with friends and family.

animals-in-spirit-Penelope-Smith-bookAnimals in Spirit

A seminar with Penelope Smith
 Lynn McKenzie's Animal Communication, Intuition, and Healing Mastermind Series  May 2008

Based on the book, Animals in Spirit

Topics include:      
     How animals feel about the death and dying process;
     How we can better receive information from animals on the other side;
     The timing of death;
     Contacting animals about the circumstances of their death;
     Animals’ lives as a spiritual journey with a purpose;

Length of lifetimes; the soul's plan;
     Receiving animals’ spiritual gifts when they die;
     How animal reincarnate; spirit combinations; soul groups

The Telepathic Journey:
Opening to the Whole 


Grand Opening Seminar by Penelope Smith
Animal Communicator Forum  September 2009

This classic seminar by a revered animal communication master teacher is not to be missed!

Smith’s clarity and wisdom shine through as she discusses her discoveries about the whole process of opening to telepathic communication and the stages of growth that people travel on this journey from separateness to oneness.

Recognizing these stages and what to expect on this journey can encourage you to carry on when you stumble and applaud as you progress.

Telepathic reception is a connection through both the heart (feelings) and the mind (thoughts. Smith explains how, as you continue to open, soften, feel, and receive more through your heart and whole body, you get more of the full range of telepathic communication from animals, including the animal’s feelings, emotions, and physical sensations.

Also included are answers to questions from listeners about dolphins and whales, where to start with animal communication, and getting in touch with lost animals.


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Penelope, thank you for teaching me the steps, I'm more clearly hearing my own music! C.L.


How to Know if Telepathic Communication with Animals is Real
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Animal Communication Roots
and Application

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Master Animal Teachers and Dimensional Travel - part 1
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 Master Animal Teachers and Dimensional Travel - part 2
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Evolutionary Leaps
with our Animal Friends

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A Compassionate Life
 89 minute seminar
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Animals in Spirit
60 minute seminar
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The Telepathic Journey: Opening to the Whole
 58 minute seminar was 
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